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Wayne K Clark

Wayne Clark’s reviews

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  • patient and thorough

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lee

    We met attorney Clarke through the free debt counseling service at the Baltimore bankruptcy court. Although this was a pro bono consultation he was generous with him time and expertise, very thorough and knowledgeable, and made himself available for further questions by email. It's very reassuring to have his backup during this difficult process. He's great.

    Consulted attorney
  • Beyond the Pay Packet

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alfred

    “Life comes at you fast,” notes the advert. And the unexpected happens to the most careful people. That’s how my family ended up faced with bankruptcy; personal deep research and consultations proving it the only practical alternative then. Face it, pay the debts. Time was all we needed.
    Brochure from the Court gave us a list of legal consultants. Prayerfully, we chose Attorney Wayne Clark. Threatened with foreclosure and pressured by debtors, we were challenged, wary, and skeptical, to say the least. But, from day one, Attorney Wayne Clark proved himself a patient educator, meticulous researcher, and a strict lover of law motivated by a professionalism tempered with strong human relations skills. To better describe what we learned, please, see our listed observations in brief below:
    Patient educator: We began probing incessantly from minute one. He took us on smiling, patiently educating us in detail on Bankruptcy; our knowledge notwithstanding. “I wish I’d started this job earlier,” he said, when we commented on his noticeable passion. How comforting to find large gaps in our knowledge of even our well-researched chosen chapter 13. Our discovery? He loved his job and was ready for both the short and long haul should it come to that.
    Meticulous researcher: Openly honest, he took pains and the needed time to research every point. Then, he customized every action to our unique situation. He was as detail minded as frugal in his use of both data and information. To the book and the spirit, too.
    A strict law lover: In less than an hour of our first consultation, and two meetings later, we knew we had a strict law lover and anxious fighter on hand. Everything had to be pegged to a law, a statute, a precedent. So, he made us prepare very well to satisfy every whim of the court; and the Court appointed trustee representing the debtors. It was a daunting task, but his interest in our welfare kept him on top of things.
    Great Interest in client’s welfare: Fortunately, his deep interest, we found, went beyond a paying job. It was genuine. We met any time and day it was needed. He agonized over issues so we would not have to worry over anything. Professionalism tempered with a strong desire to see us succeed. It was all done through effective communication.
    Excellent Communicator: Mr. Clark linked with us by phone, email, and text. He was the fastest, most effective, and reliable communicator. He never missed a bit, answered questions deeply, with a knack for clarification. That, was one of the best communication we had ever seen in all our forty-six years of professional life. Result? We were well informed. That alone allayed our fears and anxiety.
    Well Informed: Throughout the whole process—in court or in his office—he always kept us well informed of current and next steps. In court, he knew when to appeal to our human condition, and when to apply legalities in our favor. Then, after court hearings, he shared implications and future moves. And, he ensured continued support.
    Available support: Through snow and ice, he was always available to work on our case. One time he went on a mission. Personally, and in detailed clear emails, he told us of his backup. As if by design, Mr. Bill Kehoe, esq.—the gentle, knowledgeable associate with a friendly, soothing bass-y voice—kept the process going as if Mr. Clark were still in town. Their relay was formidable.
    True Value: And the charge for all those grueling hours, challenging sessions, mind stressing issues, and taxing procedures? $3500 to $4500 at face value; as set by law. Even here, they made it affordable and also split their charge into manageable bits for easy payment.
    Poised for a final favorable judgment, we withdrew the case based on a technicality. He was right all along; resolve the issue through other means, he said. We agreed.
    We had difficulty parting company. He so impressed us we have listed his office in our good books. We surely need services like this.

    Hired attorney
  • Look no further than the firm of Wayne Clark!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Wayne and his associate Bill have been a critical part of the team guiding me through the most difficult time in my life. In addition to providing sound and up-to-date legal advice, Wayne applies a kind, patient, thoughtful and sensitive approach to his work and clients. Also of note, Wayne has pointed me in the direction of other outstanding professionals to help me through the process of selling my house and so forth. Together, we go through multiple options and decide on the best course of action. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Wayne and highly recommend his counsel for those facing a financial crisis.

  • Excellent and Kind

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sue

    Mr. Clark handled our legal needs with knowledge and kindness.
    He helped us deal with delicate legal matters in such a manner that
    we call him "our lawyer." Mr. Clark's ability to balance business with
    care for the client made us feel we could breathe a little easier.
    I have already recommended him to several people and will continue
    to do so.

  • The Best Firm with the Personal Touch of Genuine Care

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gustavo

    In searching for a Firm to cater to my Financial needs, I came across Wayne Clark's Law Firm, as the skeptical person I am, I couldn't believe the Prompt, Courteous response to my Inquiry via phone by Mr. Clark; I had to see in person; at this point I went to Mr. Clark's Office and met Wayne and Steve, their willingness to assist, to put all my concerns and worries to rest was something that I needed and was searching for in my new attorney, Wayne did exactly that , was completely thorough and exceeded my expectations
    I retained their services and throughout the process I always had their support, always available to answer a new question, their Genuine Personalized service can not be matched.

  • Opinion

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda

    Mr. Clark, his associate, Mr. Kehoe, and office staff are always polite and helpful. They always have words of encouagement when "waiting" is necessary and always welcome questions at anytime. Always knowledgeable of your (my) case. All questions are received and answered immediately with
    complete accurate knowledge of the case. I had confidence in Mr. Clark during entire process

  • LaMona Lisa Linder

    5.0 stars

    Posted by LaMona

    Under the most stressful of times for me, Mr. Clark re-assured me and helped me to keep my balance. He assisted me in resolving an almost impossible financial situation. I now have peace of mind thanks to his careful handling of my situation. I would recomend him to anyone.

  • Wayne Clark Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wayne

    Wayne Clark represented me during my mortgage foreclosure case. He is an excellent attorney and is meticulous in his case preparation. He has years of experience and he truly does his best for each client to ensure a positive outcome.

  • Wonderful Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Iris

    This attorney is absolutely fabulous. He is detailed, thorough, kind and compassionate. He did an outstanding job assisting me and I have already recommended him to others. I would definitely use his services again.

  • Melanie's Compliments

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melanie

    Mr. Clark is a fantastic,caring and professional attorney. He makes himself available to help his clients anytime and I am so grateful for all that he has done for me.