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W. Wade W Scott

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  • Unparalleled

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Todd

    My dealings with Wade Scott was a welcome and positive experience during an otherwise difficult period in my life. His knowledge, work ethic and dedication are top notch. All the bases of my issue were expertly covered and allowed me to focus on the other matters at hand without having to worry about legal issues at hand. He adds a personal touch that can only be achieved through genuine compassion for his clients. Wade Scott stands above all others in his field.

  • Knowledgeable and Compassionate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra

    Wade Scott is a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney who works for the best interest and protection of his clients. I have nothing but respect for him and his abilities. I would recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with an elder family member or friend.

  • Compassionate! Extremely Knowledgeable! Professional!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laura

    It involved a situation that had to come together very quickly. He pulled in key individuals that were required to make everything happen and made sure everything was ready to go in time. More importantly, everything was done with a high level of professionalism equally matched by his compassion and knowledge of the law.

  • Look no further

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Power Of Attorney client

    Wade Scott gives you the assurance that all the bases and angles are covered. Exceptional work ethic, dedication and knowledge make him unparalleled in his field. Wade assisted me through a difficult time in which legal matters were not my first concern and he made certain they didn't need to be.

  • What an exceptional effort!! And an exceptionally dedicated attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pamela

    If i tell you that a 1000lb weight has been lifted from my shoulders by the exceptional effort, commitment, and support of Wade Scott, it is not an exaggeration. If anything, it understates what he has accomplished for my family and me, because it is so difficult to adequately describe the sheer volume and the difficulty of the work that he has done for us in the last 15 days.

    I first met Mr. Scott several months ago, when he and I, along with my financial adviser, met to discuss estate planning and trusts. I felt very comfortable with his experience and expertise in the area, as well as his knowledgeable but easy communication style, and his willingness to coordinate efforts with my financial adviser. I retained him to work with me, and looked forward to his counsel. Neither of us ever expected what would happen next.

    On March 15, at 3:30pm, my doctor, a trusted clinician and friend of 28 years, called me only hours after he had ordered a scan in response to health symptoms I had been experiencing. I don't know what hurt more...the words he spoke, or the heartbreak I heard in his voice. The scan showed very significant and widespread disease. It was a Friday, and he wanted me in the hospital by Sunday afternoon.

    Incredibly shocked and scared, my mind went to the living trust, the estate planning, and the protection of my family that wasn't yet done, and I had no idea how much time I now had available. The first two calls were not to relatives or friends, they were to Wade Scott and my financial adviser, asking if they could possibly accommodate a meeting with me the next day, Saturday. I was completely devastated by the idea of not being able to protect my family in time. Wade graciously agreed to change his schedule, abandon his weekend, and work with me. He and my equally dedicated financial adviser spent 3+ hours with me Saturday. He left and immediately started drafting documents that were essential for me to have at the hospital. He returned at 9am Sunday morning, reviewed the drafts, then finalized and returned with them, and executed them before noon. No one could have done more, and yet that was just the start.

    As I was undergoing many tests for the next few days, Mr. Scott continued to work on drafting my trust and estate planning documents, which were certainly not 'boilerplate' or basic in any way. I had a number of goals which added to the complexity of the effort, and I felt I was on a very limited time frame. I let him know that I was gravely anxious to get the plans completed and executed prior to March 31. Many attorneys would have ended the conversation there, or insisted that I modify my expectations. Wade Scott simply became more compassionate and more dedicated to my cause than any client could have ever expected.

    He drafted, emailed, revised documents almost daily, and offered to make the 90min trip to the hospital to review them with me and my trustees. When a sudden snowstorm interrupted, a teleconference was arranged to keep the efforts moving forward. As I prepared for treatment, Wade kept working to my deadline without complaint.

    I returned home late on March 27. My financial adviser met me that evening, and directed final questions, requests and changes to Wade by email and phone conferences. Wade was at my home by noon on Friday, then returned to his office to work on the drafts, again, and was back at my home at 8pm with final drafts for our review.

    Wade Scott left my home today, March 30, just after 2pm. My living trust, my will, and all the ancillary documents necessary to meet my estate planning goals and protect my family have been completed and executed. I am relieved of an unbearable weight, thanks to his unending efforts, commitment, and compassion. It was a herculean effort. There are no words to thank him for what he has given me and my family. I hope he will continue to be their trusted adviser for many years

  • I can't imagine better guidance - Wade Scott helped my mother and my children

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bonnie

    As a member of the so-called sandwich generation, I have an elderly, widowed mother and children nearing adulthood.
    Wade Scott set up a trust for my mother that protected her money. He came to her house initially, and she later went to his office.
    It meant a lot to her to have a trusted attorney who listened and crafted a document that filled her needs. As her daughter, I know that Wade Scott provided a solid foundation for her future.
    For myself and my husband, Wade Scott provided the living documents we all tend to forget - living wils, powers of attorney - and helped us avoid pitfalls in drawing up what we thought was a "simple will."
    For example, he made us aware that our wish to leave a sum of money to a family member on Medicaid - while well-intentioned - would have had the effect of endangering this person's continuing eligibility for aid. Wade averted that disaster.
    He also went over things that may take a while to understand. It is okay to change your mind during the process of designing a will - Wade Scott told us that at the beginning - and yes, we did change our ideas more than once.

    His office is lovely, with some of the best views you will ever see from the third story of a building. I feel much more secure about the future of my children and my mother than I did before starting this process with Wade. Experience, character, and knowledge mean something, and Wade Scott has them in abundance.
    And he put a smile on my mother's face - an elder law attorney can get no higher recommendation than that! Thank you, Wade.