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Carina Laguzzi

Carina Laguzzi’s reviews

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  • Ms. Languzzi an excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Natasha

    Ms. Languzzi is a great lawyer, who went beyond and above duty to help her client. She is a great communicator, very caring and understandable. She facilitate family members concerns and questions to very best of her ability. She keep family members informs that help keep calm during difficult times. She is honest and an awesome lawyer who words are binding and goes above and beyond her duties to help us. She comfort us and give us the necessary details that help us relax. She and Shevelle McPherson are two excellent professional lawyers that I would definately recommend to every one. They are the best. Great lawyers desire the highest accolade and respect because they are defenders for helpless and innocent people. You are the best in the business. Keep up the good work. God bless you both. Congrats on your accomplishments and hardworking ethics. You are the best.

    Hired attorney
  • A job well done!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Raheem

    Although I settled for a guilty plea for a much lesser sentence; that reasonable adjuster wouldn't have been possible without Ms. Laguzzi's assistance. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a great attorney in the near future.

  • Experienced Lawyer for those Serious about their Defense.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jose

    Carina is the epitome of professionalism in the courtroom. Her demeanor has always been kind, straightforward and frank with me about everything I was about to experience and expect. Her experience in the courts gives her an edge that many lawyers only dream of attaining after a lifetime of trials. She has been very helpful at every stage of my trial, leaving nothing to chance. Carina holds a passion for her work and it shows in her courtroom style. Unlike other lawyers that I have had experience with Carina showed me genuine compassion and offered myself and my family quality advice on my situation and its' implications for my life.

    I know that even in tough economic times one is tempted to price shop for lawyers and that may mean sacrificing experience for the sake of price. Believe me when I tell you that when it comes to criminal matters and being a defendant, you do not want to decide on price but on quality of service. When I think of quality of service in legal matters, I think of Carina. If you need someone at your side in a courtroom, Carina is in my opinion not only the best option, but one of the wisest decisions you can make!

  • Very caring person, and an EXCELLENT legal representative

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ray

    No review I write can be good enough to describe the level of excellence in which Carina performs. She puts herself in her client's shoes and treats the case as if it was herself who was the defendant, whereas in my experiences, most other attorneys simply don't care. She's very caring, well mannered, polite, cool, and most of all she is a very understanding person. And her best quality is her extensive knowledge in law, as well as her determination and persistence in the courtroom. And to my knowledge she's been on both sides of the courtroom throughout her career so she most likely has the necessary experience for any type of legal situation. I would definitely advise in the hiring of Carina's services when in need of a defense attorney.