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David William Brand

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  • Best Lawyer in the world!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by RishiPadooman

    My story is a long one but ill try to keep it as short as possible. I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Basically a lady pretty much hit me at a perpendicular angle, or to better put it she "t-boned" me. I flew off the bike and my right side hit a tree. The impact was severe and left me with literally around 3 pages worth of injuries. The most severe of my injuries is that I have no use of my tight hand any more and i am in constant physical pain. Not the kind of pain you can just think of something else and it would go away.. It's the kind of pain that will cripple you. I've had about 4 spinal surgery and nothing worked.

    Words cannot describe what David has been to me. Nevertheless, i will try. First he's been a loyal, trustworthy and honorable friend. Second he's been a great lawyer from the start of my case to the end. He's kept every single promise made to me, kept me updated as things went by, made me feel confident enough to talk to him about anything regarding the case, he even answered phone calls at all kinds of ridiculous hours just to make me feel comfortable.

    I couldn't think of a better man, or lawyer for me.

    In conclusion, i am more than satisfied with everything he's done for me. He went above and beyond the call of duty with me, for that i must say he's more than a lawyer to me, he's a trusted friend i've gained for life.

  • David William Brand, My Man of the Year!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jo-Ellen

    .While working for the NYPD as a school crossing guard,I was involed in a serious accident, the accident was life altering. While in the Hospital my Family and I realizied how serious my injuries were. My son Chris had experience working with Mr. Brand through his employment. My son and others from his work convinced me Mr. Brand was the best attorney to have. While building my case Mr. Brand called me every week ,often more than once. My confidence in him doing his job never wavered. He informed me of all his activities concerning my case, involved top notch academic experts for testimony. They created illustated boards and reports detailing how and why my life would be so changed. I knew I'd the right lawyer when, afterwards the opposing attorney's and Judge approached me to tell me I had a "wonderful attorney who really had my best intrest as his first priority". I told them "I know". I have recommended him to others since and I have to say, I consider him to be my friend. David is a good man with a good soul. From a terrible situation David has relieved my financial worries because I am now disabled, and secured my future medical need. I highly recommed this skilled attorney.