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Haig Koroghlian’s reviews

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  • Don't use this lawyer, you can't do worst on your own.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    Got a red light ticket and good chance to fight for it in court. This character hangs out at College point court and approach me to represent me. I had good experience with lawyer in Nassau before with success, and I know the Judge gave more respect when you have a lawyer representing you, so I made a mistake to hire him.

    A long story short, my experience with him is one sentence," You can't do worst on your own. If you hired him, just as well "Save your money and use it to pay for the fine." He will say or do nothing to defend you and court in Queen don't negotiate. His tactics is to delay appeal and hope for the cop don't show and dismiss the case.

    He is poor on communicating with you or getting back to you, might be he is too busy hanging out in court to look for his next victim. Its your money and I certainly did not get what I paid for with this joker.

  • The WORST lawyer I could have chosen

    1.0 star

    Posted by Steph

    This lawyer was truly the worst choice I could have made. I had a speeding ticket, which was admittedly very bad, and I did not expect to get off scot-free from the beginning, but I hired a lawyer on the chance that I could get cut at least some slack. A year later, I was stamped with every fine, point, and suspension that the ticket originally gave me. But my punishment isn't the reason for the poor rating; for all I know, other lawyers might have done the same faced with a ticket like this. I give this lawyer this rating because:

    - After the case, his office sent me a letter that only told me that I would have to pay the ticket fee. *I* had to call *his* office to find out that I also received 6 points on my license, would have to pay an additional $300, and that my license was suspended for 2 months.
    - When I first explained the circumstances of my ticket, he was very dismissive of anything I had to say. Thereafter, his office never kept me informed about my ticket except to tell me that the court dates were postponed. He himself did nothing to inform me about my ticket, and I would continually have to speak to his unhelpful secretaries.
    - Every time I tried to get in touch with the actual lawyer, his secretaries would say that he would call me back later that night, which he NEVER did. I was only able to get in touch with the man after I got angry with the receptionist and insisted that he take my call.
    - He gave me completely wrong information and told me the points would clear in several months, and was very vague about how many 'several' is. As I'm sure many people know, the points last 4 years - VERY different from 'several months'.

    My experience with this lawyer was completely appalling. I would not recommend this man or his office to anyone.