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Veronica Young’s reviews

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  • Terrible advocate for my children

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    My experience with this amateur has been terrible. She claims to be a "human-lie-detector", never showed any interest whatsoever looking out for my kids best interests. Inefficient, she constantly had to be reminded by the judge how to do her own job. She was never on time submitting court-ordered documents containing life-changing information for my kids.
    This lawyer is only recommended for those have already given up on their kids and/or who find it amusing spending their hard-earned money on someone who redefines the word "incompetent".
    Other than that, she was great.

  • Not interested in children's well-being/ Fails to adhere to oath of duty

    1.0 star

    Posted by Lelan

    Ms Young was appointed by Rockland County Family Court as my children's legal counsel twice (2011 and 2013) during an extremely drawn-out and still ongoing (I had been forced to relocate to the home of a relative in Louisiana due to financial constraints in late 2009; mom and kids reside in New York- a distance of 1,463 miles between dwellings) set of custody proceedings. Under two separate presiding Judges (one of whom was thrown off the bench for misconduct), Ms Young has been charged with looking after the best interest of the children. Under the first judge, when interviewing the children she asked only extremely vague questions concerning if the children "liked" Mommy and Daddy, and appeared to never thoroughly explore how the children were actually dealing with the proceedings. When I approached her with concerns involving the quality of care they were receiving at their daycare provider (caregiver hidden away behind a closed door in a separate room with music playing so loudly that she could not hear repeated knocks on the glass patio door not ten feet away while the children were left to their own devices; my son sitting in a soiled diaper for an unknown period of time), she told me that it was "not her job to act for the benefit of either party" when I asked her to keep an eye on the situation to make sure they were being properly cared for during the day. At the latest hearing, there was a disagreement regarding whether or not the child's mother should meet me at the halfway point between Louisiana and New York that the presiding judge was deciding. After pointing out to the judge that in terms of the best interest of the children, it was unsafe for them to expect me to drive the 40-hour loop she (the judge) was recommending due to the fatigue placed on the people making the drive, Ms Young did not once interject on behalf of the children's safety and in fact, declined comment, even after the judge responded to my concerns with "figure it out, I see no reason to allow these visitations to be any easier on you than they have to be." In my opinion and experience, considering these two events, Ms Young does not have her clients' best interests at the forefront of her representation of them.

  • Shock and awe

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I am shocked by the lack of quality and professionalism of this lady. Definitely a waste of life for me.