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Montgomery J. Delaney

Montgomery Delaney’s reviews

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  • The best lawyer and man in the legal profession

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gina

    Mr. Delaney represented my then 19 year old daughter. He is an excellent lawyer. My daughter was in a lot of trouble and Montgomery not only was an excellent lawyer, he is a superb human being. Montgomery cares about the life's of his clients. He took my daughter under his wing and kept giving her good advice that will stay with her all her life. He spent hours talking with her and guiding her. My daughter was raised in a domestic violence home until she was 14 years old. She was missing a good father figure. Mr. Delaney went out of his way to nurture and guide my daughter with understanding and genuine caring. He not only resolved my daughters case in an outstanding way, he left her with an more positive outlook that she never had.
    Mr. Delaney fought hard for my daughter, he never gave up, because he truly cared about her.
    I have never met an attorney like him. He has the human factor that is lacking in the legal profession. I am honored to have met this extraordinary man.

  • Job Well Done! Thank You Mr. Delaney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anne Marie

    I had a very bad car accident and suffered both physical and emotional injury. Montgomery Delaney handled my case meticulously and I am very pleased with the results. I hope I never need a lawyer again but if I do, I would definitely use Montgomery Delaney.

  • The Attorney that keeps on Fighting!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dean

    I would Highly recommend Montgomery J. Delaney to anyone looking for great legal council. If you want an attorney who will fight tooth and nail for you in the courtroom he is definitely the man to take on your case. This man will not give up! Montey took on a civil/personal Injury suit for me which very well could have been the toughest case in his career. This was a case that most attorneys would not look at due to the amount of work involved and who we were fighting but Montgomery being a Marine brought me into battle. He kept me informed every step of the way, down a long road at the fault of the defense always trying to stop us. Every wall they put up Montgomery knocked down. During trial he had a medical issue that landed him in the hospital. He checked himself out against Doctors orders just so he could make it to trial the next day and keep fighting for me. That alone speaks volumes about his perseverance and dedication to his career and clients. Montgomery, I thank you very much for fighting for me. You're a big man with an even bigger heart!


  • Endorsement of Montgomery J. Delaney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    I am a 67 year old man that fortunately never had the experience of hiring a lawyer up until now. I have heard horror stories but I must say my experience with Mr. Delaney has made a difficult situation for my wife and I much more managable. Mr. Delaney's professional manner is a very special blend of concern for the rights and feelings of his clients and his ability and eagerness to listen to us and provide us with the feeling that our case is his most important and warrants his complete attention. It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Montgomery Delaney as a highly involved attorney whose integrity and honesty is above reproach.

  • Catch Him If You Can

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Monty in 2012 after I fell and broke my shoulder at a public school. I had confidence in him to do a good job based on our discussions. As time went by my case seemed to be getting less priority. It was handed off to an associate or intern who is no longer with the firm. If fact, there is no longer any support staff with the firm either.

    In February 2013 I called about a minor accident I was involved in and discovered the partnership was in the process of dissolving. This explained a lot for me, so I decided to get a new lawyer. She had a difficult time getting my case files from Mr. Delaney, which makes me wonder if I have lost valuable information in the transfer. I wish he would have been upfront and done the right thing with me.

  • personal injury

    5.0 stars

    Posted by frank

    A great big heart felt thank you is in order here.Montey was very professional and i could not have choosen a more qualified lawfirm for a difficult case.And over the many years i was kept well informed throughout my case.Montey you are are truly a master at your craft and, it was my pleasure to have dealt with you and all at your lawfirm Thanks so very much.......frank.

  • I highly recommend "Montey"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    Montey kept me informed every step of the way with my case. Very knowledgeable, and if he didn't know an answer right away, he found out and gave me an answer

  • Thank you for a job well done.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leon

    I was very pleased with Mr Delaney service ,Because he understood my problem well.Courteous to all ,Very knowledgeable of the legal system , efficient in details.
    His entire approach was very profesional, He was able to bring my case to the level of justice it deserved.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by walter

    Retaining the services of Mr. M. Delaney, of "Laub & Delaney" was certainly the correct decision one could make. The leadership of Mr. Laub and Mr. Delaney certainly showed in directing my case to its favorable conclusion. Turning from victim to plaintiff , in the legal process, is a challenge. The Staff , as well as all the professional people i.e., lawyers, doctors, para-legals,engineers, financial consultants, focus groups, etc, should be commended for their skilled contribution. I definitely got the sense of a-team effort; Definitely prepared. Watching these people working within the legal system restored my faith in how the system is suppose to work. In closing, seeing my wife giving Mr. Delaney a big hug outside the courthouse says it all. My family is back on track.

  • It is in the lion's den that he masters his domain.Montgomery J.Delaney.True warrior,master strategist.Noble to the cause.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    I came to Mr. Delaney with a mess of a case.I was not being represented well,if at all ,by another attorney and decided that it was time to find some one who would handle my matters on a more personal and professional level.I needed my truth told and heard by the opposition.I needed the opposition to acknowledge thier fault and render a just compensation for their neglegence and my pain and suffering.

    After more than a few interviews with different attorneys,I sat across from some one who didn't sound like any one I had spoken to before.
    That person was Montgomery Delaney. He listened and heard that I was in trouble and needed a strong voice to make sense of what had truely become,in my opinion, a lost cause. After hearing the specifics of my case Mr. Delaney and his staff worked dilligently to prepare my case.
    Throughout the process Mr.Delaney let me know that I wasn't just some client.He let me know that we were a team. He stayed loyal like family.He was my big brother. Like a man that came to defend his family .Like a nobleman.
    Other than my father ,Iv'e never been in the presence of such great command ,wisdom and intelligence.
    Mr.Delaney ,you are truly my living hero.
    I can't thank you enough. David Petillo