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Peter Sell’s reviews

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  • Exceptional Service and Expertise

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken

    Peter is a true professional in every way. He listened carefully to the facts of our case and our concerns before providing a plan of action that would yield the best results. His investigation was thorough. He challenged the Prosecutors Office to re-evaluate the strength of its case based on inconsistencies in the testimony provided by the Police Officers involved. In the end, Peter was successful in having our case Dismiss based on his due diligence.

  • Peter Sell Helped Get My Partner Out of a Psychiatric Hospital When He Was Mistakenly Admitted Against His Will

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    I was referred to Peter Sell because of his experience when he was at the New York District Attorney's office. My partner, a law student studying for the Bar, who also has ADD, was exhausted and I thought needed hospitalization, not realizing that by calling 911 he could possibly be admitted to a Psychiatric ER Ward and then involuntarily admitted to a psych hospital. It was a total screw up but once the doctors at the ER write a "2 PC" admittance, the state takes control of your life and you lose your liberty. My partner, as a lawyer, refused to provide information to the EMTs and then to the doctors, which is his right, but this actually made matters worse. He invoked his right to request a release within 72 hours but I promised him I would do anything I could to get him out. We began working with the Mental Hygiene Legal Services, but all they tell you to do is to "comply" which would have been taking anti-psychotic and potentially harmful drugs. Once I spoke to Peter he rearranged his workload, took the case immediately, and began to work with us for a hearing that would be in 3 days (by the way, when an individual has lost their liberty in NYS, at least in Westchester, the court only meets on Friday mornings so you have exactly one chance a week to get out - how's that for respecting liberty and the civil rights of our citizens). Anyway, because of this weekly hearing schedule, we had to work fast. As I said, Peter moved his schedule around and met with my partner and I for 4 hours. He started locating expert doctors for another opinion. He found another lawyer to handle our immigration questions (my partner has a green card but is not a citizen). With Peter's help we learned that my partner could, as a last resort, assert his foreign citizenship rights and hand in his green card and leave the US forever to avoid being forced to take the hospital drugs. Peter quickly began to prepare for the Friday morning trial. As luck would have it, the hospital reversed their original diagnosis and released my partner prior to the trial. After being locked up for a week, losing precious time to study for the bar, and having the most terrifying moments of his life, my partner was free, I believe, in part, because of the hospital's knowledge of our legal actions. I still can't believe this all happened, but it could have been worse without Peter's help and involvement. He's very bright, very accomplished, and very efficient. You sense his moral compass immediately, and know that he is a man that you can put your trust in. Much much thanks, always, to Peter Sell.