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Arthur L Raynes

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  • A true professional - fair and honest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    My interaction with Art Raynes came in a circuitous fashion. I encountered a situation with my employer that resulted in the suggestion that I consult with a lawyer and financial advisor. The financial advisor was easy. I had been working with a man I trust for a few years already. The lawyer was another matter – especially for this specific situation. Through a recommendation from my financial advisor, I contacted an attorney who advised me that he only represents corporations, not individuals. I asked him if he had any recommendations for some one representing “the other side”. He immediately gave me Art’s name, firm, and location. He commented that Art and he were on opposite sides during a recent encounter. He added that Art represented his client well, was fair, and reached a satisfactory result for that client. This was, in my mind, one of the best recommendations for an attorney I could receive.
    Art’s advice and guidance throughout the time of my situation with my employer was clear, honest, supportive, and, at times, comforting. He helped me to maintain my perspective, composure, and wits when it seemed to me that all was being violently tossed about in space. His no nonsense approach worked well for me; and, it was a pleasure to observe him employ his skills on my behalf. All of this was in evidence from my initial handshake and conversation with Art until my last conversation and handshake.
    I am pleased that this episode in my life is now in the category of a experience along with lessons learned. I am pleased to have had Art’s professionalism and empathy on my side from beginning to end. I am also pleased that I am able to offer kudos and thanks for Art Raynes and his work on my behalf. He is tops on my list if ever I am asked for a recommendation for an employment lawyer to represent an individual.
    Maybe even better than my recommendation is discovering that a recommendation for Art’s work to an individual was forthcoming from the opposition in my case…. An employee seeking fair treatment from his employer when it is being denied would be wise to consider Art Raynes early on in his search for an attorney to represent him. He will receive the very best from the very best.

  • A true professional and the best of the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Valerie

    My only regret is that I cannot give Art more than 5 stars. I just cannot say enough good things about Art and his team. He and his associates are professionals in the truest sense of the word.

    I was terminated from a job after I complained about sexual harassment by another employee. I went to another lawyer first who asked for money, wrote a couple of letters, let the insurance company manipulate him and then told me he needed more money. I was very frustrated, didn't want to give up, but didn't really trust him to do the job.

    I found Art through a search of 'Jury Verdict Review and Analysis'. I found a case that seemed similar to mine and Art was the plaintiff's lawyer. Most lawyers would not let me walk in the door or even talk to me over the phone without handing over a ton of money. Art talked to me. He listened to me carefully, looked at all my documentation and got back to me promptly. He did more in the first month than the other lawyer did in a year. He explained everything that he was doing, asked for my input, and was always direct with me. If you've ever dealt with a lawyer who takes the case but then barely seems to remember who you are, you will find Art a breath of fresh air. Art FOLLOWED UP. Constantly. My case would never have settled as quickly as it did without Art and his firm.

    First of all, Art filed the lawsuit right away (which my other lawyer neglected to do) and he did it in a way that really got the attention of the defendants. The defendants dragged their heels every step of the way and Art stayed on them like a pitbull. He deposed EVERYONE that needed to be deposed. He did not cut corners. He did not allow the defendants to push me around.

    I would also like to say that I am not the type of person who is easily impressed. If I go to a doctor I'm the type to Google a diagnosis, research a medication, get a 2nd opinion, etc. The situation I went through with my wrongful termination and harassment caused me to mistrust more people than ever. But I honestly would trust Art and his firm completely. Not only did Art get me a very nice settlement but he and his firm really gave me back my life, and I don't say that lightly. If you are lucky enough to get this man or his associates to represent you, you can sleep well knowing you have the best on your side.