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Debra E Guston

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  • Horrible service

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I was referred to this firm to represent me in my divorce. Debra advised that her firm offered payment plans in the beginning. Well her payment plans consist of being $300-500 per month. When I went to meet with her I was wowed by her plan to assist me. She introduced her one of her employees who was a new attorney and advised that he would be "assisting" her with my divorce. After she took my deposit of $800.00 I never heard from her again. All communications came from her inexperienced attorney Kevin Clark.. He knew absolutely nothing about divorce matters but yet he was the choose none to represent me in such a nasty divorce. After the first appearance in court that's when I realized he had no experience.. We did mediation and he wanted me to agree to everything my ex-husband wanted and since my ex worked under the table he advised to not waste my time asking for anything, because it couldn't be proven.. Wasn't asking for anything crazy just to keep my child support at $100.00 a seek since that what he was paying prior. Well I ended paying my ex almost half my pension, he received joint custody and my child support was lowered to $75.00 a week. Okay now throughout all of this I asked when will I see Miss Debra Guston or will she still be representing me and I was told that I couldn't "AFFORD" her services... Huh not after I've almost paid $2000.00 now I'm being told the attorney came to and trusted to represent me I can't afford her... What a slap in the face.. So now my ex has the bull dog attorney and I'm stuck with a chihuahua to represent me.. Well my ex got everything he asked for and I got nothing and my attorney was fine with that. I feel like I should have continued to represent myself and just paid my ex attorney fees because guess what it feels like I paid for my ex-husband to have two attorneys represent him... Great job Debra Guston continue to satisfy your customers the way you're doing.. It's okay to. Please continue e to take peoples money and mislead them that you will be their attorney in the beginning and make all these promises and not stick them... No need for me to say my name because I'm certain you know exactly who this is or maybe not based off all of your other negative feedback on other sites....

  • Very poor experience

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    Deb was certainly nice on the phone and was knowledgeable but when it was time to refund our fees became mysteriously unresponsive. For months still trying to get her to issue our check.