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Thomas William Hartmann

Thomas Hartmann’s reviews

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  • Middletown Townhouse Association, Inc. Review written by our Board of Trustees

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Edythe

    August 12, 2013
    Middletown Townhouse Association, Inc. located in Middletown, New Jersey is a community consisting of 241 townhomes. Our five Board of Trustees retained the services of Mr. Hartmann and proudly states "Mr. Hartmann is the most focused, action-oriented attorney we have ever known. In our business, we have used several attorneys over the last 18 years. He is unquestionably the best. He helps us on such a wide range of issues that when anything comes up, we know where to turn. He is fast and hits the mark every time. We have complete confidence in Tom Hartmann."

    Our Board of Trustees would highly recommend Mr. Hartmann services.

  • Thomas W. Hartmann: A True Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maureen

    I have known Tom Hartmann professionally for a period of one year. Mr. Hartmann was referred to me notably, for his expertise and exemplary credentials in the legal field.

    Tom gave to me, rock solid support when I failed to find it elsewhere. Tom is a tough, superb, informed
    negotiator. Tom Hartmann has helped me resolve, in an expeditious manner, multiple long-term issues. Tom Hartmann reacts quickly and concretely, obtaining results when others have failed.

    In my opinion, Tom Hartmann is an unparalleled advisor, one who I trust and respect. Tom is the best!

  • VERY expensive for inexperience

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired Mr. Hartmann to handle a contract case with my former employer. He was a general in the Air Force, and worked as General Council for A T & T. He had never been on this side of a contract. He claimed his area of expertise was negotiating the contracts, so he stated it lent itself to a unique perspective on the case. I had quotes for $ 1,500 to handle the case. He wanted $ 5,000 to start. He made 2 calls to the employer, and sent one letter. He then told me the $ 5,000 retainer was used up, and I needed to give him another $ 5,000 to continue. He is extremely expensive, and takes on work that he has no knowledge of. I was just a source of funding for him, and that was the extent of our relationship, even though I was also in the Air Force. No results, and VERY EXPENSIVE. I asked a question about one of the charges on the bill, and he wanted me out of his office. I would stay away.

  • Hire this Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas J. Eoannou, Esq.

    Tom and I were co-counsel involving an alleged 27 million dollar fraud case in Federal District Court in New Jersey. His legal and work ethic are of the caliber rarely seen in the defense bar. He is not only a legal scholar he is an absolute task master at determining a legal objective and finding a means to accomplish it. The fact that he is a former Brigadier General is obvious both in his methodical approach to resolving complicated legal matters and the exemplary ethical manner in which he practices law. I look forward to working with Tom again. I would recommend Tom highly.

  • The most effective lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chuck

    Tom is a superlative attorney, extraordinarily dedicated to his clients and driven to achieve results. He is also one of those rare attorneys that takes the time to understand the business strategy and its objectives, and with that understanding, recommends and pursues the course that is best for the business, not what merely mitigates legal risk. Working tirelessly through the minutia of contracts, intense negotiations during acquisitions, and the inevitable corporate crises, Tom is a leader and an advocate far beyond the norm. To give yourself the best legal advantage, put Tom in your corner.

  • The Very Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ron

    I have known Tom Hartmann for over 19 years. There should be a
    picture of him in the dictionary next to the word “professional.”
    He is very smart, dedicated and hard working. On my case, he literally
    worked night and day for seven days a week for several weeks at a time
    to get my massive volumes of documentation into a rational order and
    presented my case with such overwhelming logic that my employer had
    little choice but to settle my case quickly saving me what could have
    been a decade of litigation. Tom is also honest and frank. And
    while doing all that, he was also very considerate of my stressed out
    and anxious state of mind and kept reminding me to take care of myself
    and that all would be well in the end. Which it was.

  • Your case is in able hands

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Soul

    Mr. Hartmann will fight for you like no other attorney. I can personally testify that Tom pursues his client’s goals with unrelenting energy. He is persuasive; thorough; with clarity of thought and deliberate in action; is always driven to achieve at superior standard; and approaches each case, big or small, with the same intensity and intelligence. He is not intimidated by even the most formidable adversary; works harder than any other lawyer I have ever encountered, without wasting the client’s time or money; his integrity is without question. You will not find any other lawyer that comes anywhere close.

  • Dedicated, resourcefull, with results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Greg

    Tom is very resourceful in determining a strategy that will produce the optimum results. He is then excellent pursuing all options to win. Tom also has a keen insight into dealing with people that is a great asset during negotiations. Tom worked on many projects for me. All of them were successfully completed. The last was to negotiate a terms change with a vendor. Tom was able to keep the conflict from going to trial and save us over $800,000.