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Many people make jokes about attorneys and have misconstrued ideas about them. Perhaps you have not met Mr.... more
Riverside  Nicholas Michal Wajda

Nicholas Wajda

Riverside, CA Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Avvo rating 7.5
Michael and his senior attorney Sofya are amazing! They really go above and beyond to support and fight for... more
Riverside  Michael Jay Berger

Michael Berger

Riverside, CA Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Avvo rating 10.0
she was so unprepared for trial in a juvenile matter that it cost me. my parental rights were taken away. All... more
Riverside  Catherine Ann Schwartz

Catherine Schwartz

Riverside, CA Civil Rights
Avvo rating 10.0
Mr.Barba has truly saved my life. I was faced with a very difficult case, with a long prison term attached to... more
Riverside  Manuel Jess Barba

Manuel Barba

Riverside, CA DUI & DWI
Avvo rating 10.0
Aggressive Representation! I am currently a client for Attorney Kathleen G. Alvarado for Child Custody.... more
Riverside  Kathleen Gayle Alvarado

Kathleen Alvarado

Riverside, CA Criminal Defense
Avvo rating Attention
Some cases require the experience and expertise of a professional like Mr. Shapiro. When those cases arise... more
Riverside  William David Shapiro

William Shapiro

Riverside, CA Defective and Dangerous Products
Avvo rating 10.0
Peter Marc Schaeffer was a delight to have as my representation. I am very pleased with the outcome of my... more
Riverside  Peter Marc Schaeffer

Peter Schaeffer

Riverside, CA Workers Compensation
Avvo rating 10.0
Atty Fred Thiagarajah is amazing! I need some important documentation in a very short time for my brother and... more
Riverside  Niranjan Fred Thiagarajah

Niranjan Thiagarajah

Carlsbad, CA DUI & DWI
Avvo rating 10.0


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In the late 1800’s, a modified orange tree from Brazil that was able to produce fruit without seeds was brought to Riverside, California. Within 12 years, the navel orange grew to be the main crop in Riverside and neighboring cities.

To further the economy, local fruit growers decided to pick their fruit together and market it under one brand. The process included grading the oranges to make sure the quality was consistent. The plan grew into a major fruit exchange in the southern part of the state, and is now known as Sunkist.

By 1895, Riverside was California’s richest city because of the invention of railroad cars with refrigeration, and new and refined irrigation opportunities.

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