On two occassions I have been in situations that put me at risk. In both instances, the twists and turns of societal thinking alongside legal precedents were beyond my ability to navigate and made it look doubtful that I would be able to defend my rights and protect myself, while maintaining my integrity.

In the first situation, even close lifelong friends told me my concern was beyond societal concerns of integrity. They all believed that what I saw as an outright necessity of character and integrity would be a losing battle. The very first time I spoke with Ashlely, she stated before I even got to that point in my story that, "It's a matter of right and wrong. I can see why you feel the way you do." I was stunned and caught off guard that finally, someone understood. Ashlely counseled me in the legal aspects of my situation and guided me through the situation where I was able to fulfill the requirements of the law and maintain my integrity.

In the second situation, I was assaulted by a neighbor who had been in trouble before but the manager had defended them. When I was also assaulted by the same person the manager felt compelled to defend them again or it might look like the manager had made a mistake by not evicting the guilty tenant the first time they assaulted someone.

Things were very bad. The manager became as verbally aggressive toward me as the tenant was physically aggressive. Ashley provided legal counsel and guidance. She helped me navigate the nuances of the system and at one point when it looked like there might be nothing I could do to protect myself except flee and be forced to pay out the balance of the lease, Ashley decided it was time to contact one of the attorneys who had helped write the law that was now keeping me trapped in an increasingly dangerous situation.

I am pleased to say that I was released from my lease with a full refund of the damage deposit. I am also pleased to say that I have not lost or even compromised my personal values. I think I am most pleased to say that, with all the bad press and distrust of the American legal community, I actually feel positive about our legal system. There really are well-informed, seasoned attorneys with integrity.