Holding insurance companies accountable

William Coats

Case Conclusion Date:July 10, 2009

Practice Area:Personal Injury

Outcome:Secured $130,000 recovery

Description:Jim and his co-workers were in Seattle for a business trip. On their way to the hotel, a drunk driver crashed into their car. Jim suffered a fractured rib and a separated shoulder (acromioclavicular joint) among other injuries. The drunk driver was only insured for up to $25,000.00. However, because Jim was in a rental car, we were able to make an underinsured motorist (UIM) claim against the rental car insurance policy. At first the insurance company claimed the UIM policy was for only $25,000.00. However, we pointed out that because the rental car agreement allowed for $100,000.00 liability insurance, they had to offer $100,000.00 for UIM claims as well. After threatening to sue the insurance company for violation of Washington's Fair Insurance Conduct Act, they eventually agreed that there was $100,000.00 in coverage and also agreed to pay the full $100,000.00 to compensate Jim. On top of that, Jim's own insurance company agreed to pay $5,000.00 for a total recovery of $130,000.00. (Barry v. Rice (2009)

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