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Marie White

Marie White’s Legal Guides

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  • Why can’t I get a free lawyer appointed to represent me in my family law case?

    The facts of King. Brenda and Michael King were married for about 10 years and had 3 children. During the marriage, Brenda was the primary at-home caregiver. In September 2004, the parties separated

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  • How do I serve the divorce papers?

    Personal service. Personal service means someone over age 18 (not you) handing the papers to the other party personally or leaving them at the house of his or her usual abode with some person of suit

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  • We own real estate and pensions. How do we divide these assets fairly in our divorce?

    Value your real estate & pensions before your settlement conference or trial. The court or mediator in your case must equitablly divide all of your assets, including your real estate and pension or 4

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  • Is My Child Support Too Much, Too Little, Or Just Right?

    The incomes of the parties. If you are planning to ask the court for a child support order or to modify a child support order you already have, be prepared to provide accurate information about your

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  • As a Pro Se Party, You are the Project Manager of Your Family Law Case

    The five stages of most family law cases Every family law case moves through the court system on a fairly predictable path. This is probably not obvious to you as an outsider, but bear in mind that

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  • How to Work With An Attorney If You Are Unrepresented

    Communicate Without Compromising Your Case The Opposing Attorney is not your attorney. He or she is the other party’s attorney and has an overriding duty of loyalty to that person, not to you. The s

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  • How to Represent Yourself at a Family Law Hearing

    When You Get To The Courthouse When you arrive, you will find your case on a list posted on a bulletin board near the Family Law Clerk’s Window. Find the number next to your case on that list.

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