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Delney North Hilen

Delney Hilen’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Melinda Lambert


    Delney Hilen assisted me during the most difficult time in my life with superb results. She is the pinnacle of a trustworthy and ethical attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda

    Delney North Hilen - A Quick Study

    An exceptional trial lawyer's greatest asset is the ability to comprehend what is being stated in the courtroom, put it into a context to use to the client's advantage, and to do so within a split second while under the pressure of the moment. Delney North Hilen is extremely adept at this and during my divorce trial was able to turn the tables, numerous times, on the opposing side's key issues giving the Judge the ability to see why those key issues were not valid. The opposing side's "star" witness left the witness stand red-faced after his testimony was shredded by the facts Delney was able to rapidly deliver, having gathered the exhibits as he spoke.

    Leading up to the trial, Delney knew what issues to pursue, what issues not to pursue, what experts to involve, and her depositions were strategically handled. Her ability to pull information from adversarial witnesses, placing them in jeopardy, again while under pressure, is masterful.

    Delney will step in and take total control for her clients who have no idea where to begin, as she did with my friend's mother. The woman thought the community was worth $4,000,000, but Delney and her team discovered it was actually $25,000,000. On the other hand, if her client has all the facts, is willing to produce the documentation and assist in the preparation for depositions, mediation, arbitration or trial, Delney will work with the client thereby allowing the client to become a team member.

    Delney is warm and endearing. Her smile and humor are cheering even during the darkest of times. While empathetic, she will not allow you to go backwards, but will always make sure you are moving ahead and toward a beneficial resolution at the earliest it can be achieved. She did this for me, she did it for my friend's mother, and odds are she will do it for you.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bruce Moen

    Exceptional lawyer

    Delney represented me recently and I am very pleased. As background, I am also a lawyer. I regularly represent lawyers and have been represented as a professional fiduciary by some of the finest lawyers in Seattle on everything from transactional work to litigation. When I needed personal representation, I was referred to Delney by a colleague. She exceeded all of my expectations. I would use her again in a heartbeat.