My first impression of Mr. Williams was that he is very well-groomed, courteous and not bad looking. I also quickly learned that he was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the law and how to utilize that to my best interest. During each conversation I was always treated with the utmost respect and received many genuine requests regarding both my physical and emotional well being; which made me feel like he really cared for me like as a real person and I was not just another client. I greatly appreciate EVERYTHING Mr. Williams did for me in my case during these past five years. He was so thorough and organized! He was always willing to do whatever I wanted him to do. I never felt rushed to just settle my case with him!!! That was really important to me. He always helped me understand his frame of mind and his reasoning's and options that I had to choose from. I am satisfied with the outcome and am happy it is all over with but will kinda miss Mr. Williams. I consider him a very professional and trustworthy lawyer and I would refer anyone in need to him!!!