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Justin N Rosas

Justin Rosas’s client reviews

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  • Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Teresa

    Hired attorney

    I would definitely recommend Justin. Not only is he a great attorney......he is a great person! I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with him in a very difficult time in my life. He takes care of business, gets the job done & cares about his clients. Thank you!!!

  • Knowledge and persistence

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dan

    I hired Justin after receiving a criminal citation from a city police officer. After my initial consultation with Justin and reviewing the police report, Justin recognized immediately that the law for which I was cited to be unconstitutional. After several conversations with the city prosecutor informing her of this, my case was dismissed in its entirety. Had it not been for Justin's knowledge and persistence in my case I might have been found guilty, received a fine, possibly served jail time and obtained a criminal record. I would most definitely recommend Justin Rosas.

  • Extremely professional and reliable.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Me and my wife were visting Oregon, when I got arrested for reckless driving because of overspeeding.
    Having never been at a police station, leave alone being arrested, me and wife were extremely anxious and stressed. However once we spoke with Justin we felt completely reassured. As soon as we signed him on he was on top of the case. He even worked with my immigration attorneys and got the charge down to a simple speeding violation which was the best possible outcome. He even got us a refund on the bail amount minus the violation fee!! He is extremely professional in his interaction and efficient in following through. He kept his informed throughout and we never had to come back to Oregon for any court dates. I highly recommend his services for your peace of mind and the best possible outcome.

  • Best Representation found in southern Oregon!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deme

    Justin Rosas IS PROVEN, RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, (from all people I know and by my family especially) LOVED. I would really honestly recommend no other period. I HAVE recommended Mr. Rosas to friends, and family alike, as well as to unknown fellow citizens in need of serious and Real council. Who would you want more than your own family representing you ? With Justin Rosas, it in Fact, IS, just exactly like having the best in the business in your corner and feeling at the same time that somehow the best happened to also be family ! This is how I have felt with Mr. Rosas on my side and just how the people I have recommended ( and came to tell me not only of their success in court ) but too have come smiling to express to me their gratitude, but also their appreciation of having someone represent them like their own Brother or Father would.
    .. If not for you , I have NO DOUBT I would not be here and able to type in this Review while with my daughter, my beautiful woman, and all my Family around me . I just wish I could represent you right like you have me and so many others for I know these here words fall short of the counsel that is The Law Offices of Justin Rosas.
    Thank you bro.

  • Extremely Grateful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracy

    My son was facing an assault charge and it seemed his public defender was going to be too busy to help our son get through this nightmare. I searched the internet one night and came across Justin's website, and read the AVVO reviews. I called Justin the next morning and within a very short period of time he returned my call. That was the beginning of our journey. Before even signing contracts, Justin went to visit our son, and retrieved prelim info from the police dept. By the time we met, Justin was involved and focused on what needed to be done. We are so grateful Justin was available to help us through this very difficult time.
    Justin not only has passion for justice; he has tremendous compassion for his client. Just a few months after this whole ordeal started, our son is NOT in prison and is finally back with his family. We believe this would not be the case had we stuck with a public defender.
    Thank you Justin, for everything.

  • intelligence with dedication

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeremiah

    Justin Rosa's is an amazing lawyer he helped me through two of my cases both within a close time frame and in all honesty I would have lost both if not for him. He is dedicated to helping you along the way with any questions or concern's you might have and is honest and up front. He handled my case's with quick action and in a timely and professional fashion, I would recommend him for anyone dealing with legal matters in his field of practice, and if not he can always direct you to a firm that does. He is an overall great lawyer who still care's more about you than the money in your pocket. I will continue to return to his firm for any legal advise or matters I may have in the future.

  • Absolutely the best protection of my freedom

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dana

    I was charged and convicted via a plea bargain in the county i live in. I was subsequently charged for the exact same charges in the neighboring county which i felt was double jeopardy and was facing 3 more felonies. This took me to a place emotionally to the point of a full on serious crying event in Justin's office on the first visit. By the time I left his office not only were my fears quelched but i felt like he truly cared and he wanted me to know I would be given the defense I deserved for my situation and he would fight for me, i knew he would and did and at the end of it all i just got my letter from him and not only did i not have to make one court appearance he did it all for me but out of all the charges they were stacking on me which could have landed me in prison i got all charges dropped pled to one misdemeanor and bench probation for 11 months. I will always be grateful for Justin and the professionalism he has as well as the personal touch tbat he used to keep me comforted that it was all going to work out fine and it did. You would be making tbe best decision ever to hire Justin if you ever have to be represented in court. Thank you Justin, you are my hero, now go for a run!

  • Stop looking and choose Justin!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sam

    If you're reading this, you're probably in need of an attorney you can trust to do everything he/she can to represent you during a very trying process for some unfortunate incident. I can't recommend Justin highly enough. He is a rare combination of smart, trustworthy, empathic, driven, and congenial.

    I asked Justin to represent me in a DUII case. Justin quickly assessed my situation, calmed me down tremendously, and begin to guide me through the process without ever being overbearing or aloof. He patiently answered every question I had and always made me feel like I had options. Even while being exceptionally busy, Justin always made time to get on the phone with me and talk through things. Once all the information was gathered, Justin guided me to the outcome I hoped for - a dismissal.

    After it's all said and done, I feel like I've made a friend in the process. He really makes you feel like he's got your back and looking out for you. Justin isn't motivated by money or showmanship, he really is driven by helping people in need and it shows. I feel like I was very fortunate to have him as my attorney, he's been simply invaluable and I am confident you'll feel the same.

  • expunging criminal charges with the assistance of Justin Rosas

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Rosas to get a misdemeanor arrest/charge expunged.

    He was knowledgeable, I was unsure of wether my charge was capable of being expunged, this is how I came across Mr. Rosas -- his answer on avvo.

    He was professional and generous with his time. He freely provided a great deal of legal advice prior to the expungement. This is why I chose him -- clients don't enjoy feeling like a payday or just another number. His actions belied the fact that he genuinely cares about helping those who need legal guidance and representation.

    He was diligent, he kept me informed throughout the entire expunction process, always letting me know what was required of me, and readily replying to any questions I had via phone/email. He also mailed formal documents to me so that I knew when the expunction process was complete.

    With my expungement behind me, thanks to Justin I finally have some peace of mind.

  • Thank You

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chad

    Hey justin,
    I greatly appreciate everything you have done with my case.
    Definitely letting others know to go to you if they have any issues, and certainly if I ever have another issue's or need any legal advice I will be contacting you.
    Thanks again for all your help.