Rusty Miller v. Hayward, Tilton, & Rolapp

Ray Edwin Gallo

Case Conclusion Date:May 27, 2004

Practice Area:Litigation

Outcome:Full $650,000 verdict for Plaintiff (our client)

Description:This was an action by a tennis professional, the owner of a tennis club, against his insurance brokers. The tennis clubhouse burned and the insurnace was insufficient to cover the losses. Plaintiff sued for negligence, alleging the brokers failed to discharge their responsibilities in recommending appropriate coverage limits. The brokers alleged the case had no merit and alleged the Plaintiff was resopnsible for any errors amde. AIG, the brokers' insurers, offered only $115,000 to settle it. Gallo tried the case very effectively and the the jury returned a $650,000 verdict for the Plaintiff.

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