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Donald R. Holben

Donald Holben’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Holben and Associates Deserve a 4 Star Review

    My attorney was Andrew Rosenberry. He handled my divorce and custody of my two children. Andrew was honest and forthright from the beginning regarding my options for joint and sole custody along with the divorce settlement. He always advocated on my behalf. As we worked out a divorce settlement and custody agreement he would consistently inquire what I was willing to negotiate on and not willing to negotiate on. Armed with this information, he fought on my behalf and I am more than satisfied on the divorce settlement and the custody agreement. The staff at Holben and Associates was always courteous and helpful when I needed documents and relaying information to my attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Irma

    Review for Donald R. Holben

    Mr. Holben was highly recommended so I hired him to represent me in a civil lawsuit. My case is still pending. Hopefully it will be resolved soon so that I can give Mr. Holben a full review.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Just

    Pleased and confidant

    This particular case drug out because we were fighting a governmental entity, the attorneys made me feel I was important and advised me along the way. The support staff including Ms. Leslie really went out of their way to make me feel welcomed and valuable. I read somewhere that a case is successful if neither side was completely satisfied, but I feel great satisfaction from the outcome and the way I was treated even as far as concern for my out of pocket expenses. I would use and recommend this firm to anyone in need of great service. Thank you t you all!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by M. Craig

    If you hire Don Holben you won't be sorry, the other side will!

    When I went to see Donald Holben I was in trouble! An employer that I had worked for the last 18 years had put me under a supervisor that was prejudicial and ws out to fire me. No matter how many successes I had on the job this supervisor would find a reason to punish me both mentally and emotionally. Eventually he convinced senior management to fire me. Knowing that you did nothing wrong and was still an asset to the company,that you worked for so long,meant nothing to them as they are a huge company and can do anything to youthat they want, or so they thought! I told Donald my story and backed it up with emails and other records and he assured me that it was not over yet. He had my employers lawyers on the run from start to finish. I worked very closely with Dan and one of his staff attorneys, Dan, and got a very substantial settlement without spending one day in court. The attorneys for the other side would like everyone to think that they caved in just to get rid of the lawsuit but we know that it was due to Don's expert use of employment law. He kicked their butts! If we had gone to court (Dan and Don left this decision up to me) they would have lost a lot more than money, I.e reputation, business , etc. Thanks Don Holben and staff for a job well done, not only for me but for the great co-workers I left behind. They all know now who to call if this employers discriminatory behavior surfaces again.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Discrimination client

    Great team of Lawyers!

    I have never been involved in a disability discrimination case before, and was fairly uncomfortable with the idea of suing. Mr. Holben and his associates were kind, caring, and made the process as emotionally pain free as possible. I would highly recommend them in the future, and plan to contact them again myself if ever needed.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Robert

    Not Recommended

    I hired Mr. Holben for what HE said would be a very simple matter, inexpensive and quick. He dragged it on for months saying they were doing "research". Not specific about what kind of "research". While working on my case I brought him another potential case not involving me directly. He took the second case and agreed not to bill me for it till it was over. When I started questioning the amount of research on the first case and the subsequent bill he stated I should get the first case over with so they could focus on the second case, so I hung in there while they "researched". Bottom line, they ran me up a huge bill, more than 3 times what was quoted on the first case for non-specific research, when they presented the first case I saw NOTHING that indicated they needed to do any type of lengthy research. When they said they were workng on the second case they couldn't show me anything that they had done. I feel that Mr. Holben dangled the 2nd case in front of me to get me to commit more to finishing the first case and running up a much higher bill. Every time I contacted Mr. Holben or anyone else in his office they were very quick to remind me to pay more into my bill. Even when I agreed to pay a minimum amount per month they still pressured me to pay more with every contact with them. I still have no idea what specific "research" they did on the first case nor did I ever see any progress report on the second case. Mr. Holben was subsequently fired and I plan on filing a small claims action for the excessive charges. I think this guy is only interested in billable hours.