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Spouse held accountable for lavish spending

Practice Area: Divorce & Separation

Outcome: 100% of client's assets protected

Description: In a divorce trial, our client was successful in protecting 100% of client’s assets from his spouse due to the extravagant way Wife was spending money during the divorce proceedings. The Court found that Wife had spent marital assets during the proceedings that exceeded her day to day reasonable needs and as a consequence, the Court awarded Husband 100% of his retirement assets, bank accounts, investments and equity in the marital residence. During a divorce proceeding, parties are permitted to use marital assets for their normal and reasonable day to day needs. However, lavish or extravagant spending can lead to consequences including the opposing party being awarded a greater share of the marital estate. If you believe your spouse is spending lavishly or spending marital assets without a reasonable explanation, contact The Harris Law Firm to see how can help you protect and preserve your assets.

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