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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    I'd recommend Ryan and his firm to anyone in a offshore accident

    I worked as a roustabout for the largest offshore driller in the US. In October 2013, my crew and I were changing out a 500 pound disel hose.

    The crane operator was lifting the hose off the deck to move it to the aft side of the rig when the coupling broke. The hose was 80 feet in the air and it ended up landing on my head. I was knocked unconscious for at least 3 or 4 hours. The crane operator and the rest of my crew didn't think I survived.

    I woke up on the medi-vac helicopter with pounding headaches, blurry vision and a bloody nose. My neck and back were throbbing and in pain all over. But the company was more concerned with writing off the accident as a minor injury so they wouldn't have to tell the coast guard and mess up the company' safety record.

    The company hired a claims rep to take my statement even though I couldn't remember anything, then sent me to a company doctor who just looked at me for less than 2 minutes and told me I was clear to work

    I found Ryan because I knew, at that point, the company was going to focus on protecting themselves and not on me and my family. When I would call the company, they would give me the run around and never call back.

    Ryan and his staff got me to the best neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedics and neuropsychologists who ended up performing a fusion surgery on my neck and lower back.

    I was only 42 but I knew that with these injuries, my career offshore was over.

    Ryan got the case ready for trial from the beginning and made the company turn over all the documents that confirmed they weren't following company safety rules and that the company hadn't inspected or changed out the coupling that caused hose to fall in over a year.

    The company eventually agreed to go to mediation. I was ready to settle, but Ryan convinced me to turn it down because it wasn't enough to take care of me and my two little girls in the future.

    I took Ryan's advice and less than a month later we settled the case with both defendants for 4 times more than the companies offered a month earlier at mediation! The settlement allowed me to set up trusts for my two daughters, put money aside for my mom and fix up my mom's house

    All my medical expenses in the past and future are covered and my family and I never have to worry about how we're going to pay for the future and all the medical bills again.

    Ryan and his team were always there for me whenever I had questions, was having a bad day, or just needed advice on how to try and get my life back.

    Ryan became like family, not just my lawyer. he made sure I got to all my doctors, that I had money to pay bills and get presents for my girls at Christmas and on their birthdays, and was always there when we needed him.

    Don't look anywhere else. If you were hurt offshore or in any other serious accident, Ryan and his team at Zehl & Associates are your people.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Allen

    Thank you Fitts Zehl

    Ryan and his team helped me settle a case after I was burned working as a cook offshore. My company tried to blame me and refused to even cover my medical bills. Ryan handled my case and proved that it was my company's fault.

    Less than 6 months later, Ryan got the company to settle for all my medical bills, all my lost income, my pain and suffering, and a lot more than I ever thought was possible.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Margaret

    Margaret Davis

    The team worked very hard to make things right for me after my accident.They were always very responsive and attentive. They helped me get to the best doctors and get the treatment I needed. They were more than ready to go to trial to fight for me when the trucking company's insurance company were not cooperative. In the end they were able to get them to increase their offer more than 10 times what they offered at mediation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Marvin

    Fitts Zehl settled my maritime case in only 8 months!

    I was a roustabout for a big oil and gas company in Louisiana and had been with the company for over 9 years. In April, 2012, I was doing a crew change and was dropped over 20 feet from the transfer basket and crane.

    I shattered my left ankle and ruptured a disk in my lower back. The company sent me to one of their doctors who did surgery on my ankle. The doctor told me my back was just sprained and that I should take tylenol. Less than 2 months later, I was still in physical therapy and in severe pain, but the doctor cleared me back to work. I tried to tell the OIM and human resources that I wasn't ready to work but they didn't listen.

    A friend told me I needed a lawyer and referred me to Ryan's firm. I could tell they knew what they were doing when we first met. The first thing they did was get me to a REAL doctor, who said that I definitely wasn't ready to go back to work and that if I had gone back, I may not ever recover.

    I went through 5 more months of PT and started to get my strength back. The company had only been paying me $35 a day and said that that was all that I could recover.

    Ryan told me that what the company was paying was required and that I was able to recover much more, like all my medical expenses, lost wages, and for my pain and not being able to get around and do the things that I used to do.

    After Ryan filed my case in court, the company offered a lot more but Ryan turned it down, because he told me that my case was worth much more than that. I was nervous about turning it down but I trusted him.

    He was right. 2 months later he got the company to settle the case for 5 times what they were trying to pay me the first time! The settlement covered all my medical expenses, plus my lost wages and pain and suffering. I am now fully recovered, all my bills are paid, and I was able to put aside money in savings for my family.

    These are the guys you want on your side if you are ever hurt offshore or in any other type of accident.

    Thanks again!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    Truck Accident Case was Settled in 5 Months!

    I contacted Fitts Zehl and several other lawyers in Houston and Dallas after my car was rear ended by a semi on I-35 outside Dallas. The driver must have fallen asleep because he hit me going over 60 mph and caused my car to flip over.

    I didn't hire a lawyer for several months because I figured the truck company would pay for the damage to my car, which was totaled, and pay my medical bills. Was I wrong!

    I knew after talking to other lawyers that Ryan was the lawyer that I wanted to help me. I could tell he knew what he was doing and that he was going to help me recover everything I lost since the accident. Ryan told me not to worry and that they would make sure that I was taken care of.

    While the case was going on, his staff made sure that I got to the right doctors and was able to pay for my surgery and bills, since I didn't have insurance. They came to check on me at the hospital and helped me get back and forth to the doctors since I didn't have a car anymore and couldn't drive for 2 months after the surgery.

    Even though I was rear ended and was driving the speed limit, the trucking company was trying to blame me because they said that my brake lights weren't working. I couldn't believe it!

    Less than 6 months later, Ryan was able to settle out of court for an amount that I never would have imagined! The truck company paid for my car, all my medical bills, plus enough to take care of myself and my son for as long as I would ever need!

    I would recommend Ryan and his law firm to anyone who was seriously hurt in an accident!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by chris

    Great guys, really helped me out

    A great group of guys. I was hurt on an oil rig and looked around for someone to help. A couple guys I work with recomended Fitts Zehl. I didn't know what to expect since I've never gone to a trial before, but my friends were right. Fitts and Zehl both answered any questions I had quickly during the whole proces. They also got me the damages amount we asked the jury for. I felt real comfortable. I can't tell you how lucky I am to have found these guys.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Getting through the tough times

    I chose Ryan and his law-firm after my family and I were struck by a reckless driver. Ryan was really great to work with and helped us through the entire process. Nothing like this had happened to me before, and after my injury I was worried that I wouldn't be able to afford the bills. They did a great job explaining the entire process and what we could expect. Ryan and his law-firm stood by us through our trial and got our medical bills covered along with significant damages awarded in our favor. I felt like they worked really hard for me and my family.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Warren

    Automobile Accedent

    In 2008 I was involved in a serious automobile accident which was not my fault. After consulting with several law firms I found one which truly cared about my situation. Ryan offered not only expert legal advice but also a compassionate understanding of what I was going through.

    Through their hard work and diligence, the team at Fitts Zehl was able to recover a compensatory amount well above what I was expecting. It was a great comfort knowing they were on the job and had my best interests in mind. Fitts Zehl is a smart and ambitious group of lawyers who go the extra mile to recover maximum value for their clients. I continue to recommend them to friends and colleagues who are in need of representation.

    Thanks again!