Workers' Comp-2 bad shoulders

Stephen Laurence Hoffman

Practice Area:Workers Compensation


Description:Our client, a gentleman in his mid-60s, fell from a truck gate fracturing his wrist and injuring his right shoulder. Later, after undergoing right shoulder surgery for a massive tear of the rotator cuff, he was allowed one armed left handed work, which led to him tearing the left rotator cuff and undergoing surgical repair of that side as well. Following negotiations, a structured settlement was reached, leaving our client with a medical set aside (Medicare Set Aside) of nearly $73,000.00 to pay for any future medical costs or surgeries related to these injuries PLUS approximately $160,000.00 in fresh settlement money to compensate him for the permanent nature of his injuries. Nearing retirement, we are happy to report he is back at work in sales and still active athletically.

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