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People v KJ

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: Not Guilty on all Counts

Description: Our client was a bar owner, who ejected a patron for fighting in the bar. The patron did not leave after being asked and a struggle ensued before he was finally thrown out. The patron called the police and claimed that the bar owner had struck him with a gun, threatened to shoot him, caused serious injuries including a spinal fracture, and broke his car's windshield. Each and every time the complainant entered Court, he used a walker. Our private investigator, however, was able to film the complainant without the walker, which we were able to spring on the complainant at trial during cross-examination. We also had plenty of other material up our sleeve. On the final day of trial, the jury heard closing arguments, received instructions, deliberated, returned with a verdict of not guilty on every count, all before the lunch hour began.

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