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John Alan Ams

John Ams’s client reviews

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by CHRISTAL


  • Would Not Recommend For Criminal Case

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Nick

    I was appointed Mr. Ams for A Felony an Misdemeanor case as in both he reached a plea agreement to reduce a m2 to a m4 30days jail fine as well as a f2 with little to no evidence to a f4 which I agreed to myself under thought of my atty will fight for me cause I am not your run of the mill criminal an have not ever been in the court proceedings before would get me help with my deal to ensure I don't wind up in prison an how to avoid it well what made me say I do not recommend atty Ams is at sentencing he did not explain to me what lie ahead in the road I tried to speak to him about a possible judicial release and if or how much would it be to file 1 for me I had my family call him about filing a judicial release an he did not return their call no razzle dazzle from mr Ams seems like his plate gets a little too full at times well I am a better an wiser person today no thanks to him could of gotten prison in Prose fashion but hey he may good in family court

    John Alan Ams’s response: “This client was charged with felonious assault (a second degree felony), which could have landed him in prison for two to ten years. The evidence included a witness statement and photographs of the injuries. This client agreed to a plea bargain to a significantly reduced charge (a fourth degree felony) which carried a maximum of 18 months (ultimately he only received a year, which is explained below). A month prior to sentencing, I presented a drug assessment to the Court to give the judge an incentive to place this client in a treatment program instead of jail. The judge did not follow this recommendation because this client, while on bond for this case, committed a new misdemeanor charge, and instead gave this client a year in prison. Committing a new crime while on bond for a pending felony charge was not going to get this client a judicial release. I had conversations with this client's sister about this. The misdemeanor charges were of the second degree and fourth degree. The second degree charge was dismissed. This client received thirty days on the fourth degree charge, which he was going to serve anyway for violating his bond on the felony case.”
  • Glad to have met Atty. Ams

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    My marriage had fallen apart and I was afraid I might not get to be with my children. I was overwhelmed and afraid. I found John completely by chance. I'm grateful that I did. He was very upfront about the challenges we were facing. He represented me during many hearings and I felt reassured by his competence. He met my fear with calm, my discration with focus, my grief with hope. My divorce was ugly and non-amicable so I'm fortunate to have found a great attorney. I would hire him again and most surely recommend him.

  • For The Love Of The Children!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dottie

    I found myself in a very unusual situation when my niece and her husband got into some trouble and ended up in Jail. They have two very adorable children and we are a very close family. It has been said from day one of the children’s birth that if anything happen to their parents that My husband and I would receive custody of the children, this was understood throughout the family and without dispute so there was never any need for paper work. However when placed in the babysitter care until I could get to them (the next day) the babysitter decided the children would be better off with her and her family because we are from Texas and she did not want the kids to leave Ohio. She filed for custody of the children and it made no since to me or my Family. Our thought! We were horrified and confused! How could this happen? The way we understand it was the babysitter told the court that the children did not know us and well that was all it took and the battle was on. I found myself in the middle of a big custody battle with someone who was not even biologically related to the kids.
    By word of mouth I learned of Mr. John Ams and to tell the truth at first sight he came across as just a little Arrogate. So I thought! But I soon I learned that what I seen as arrogance was nothing more than Coffiandance. He was there when I needed him; he answered all my e-mails and phone calls. If I did catch him in court or out of the office, I left a message and he called back the same day. He even gave me his personal cell number because of the time difference between Ohio and Texas. He helped guide me when my heart was tied up with worries over the children, he calmed me and reassured when I needed it. I will never forget his quote to me “This is a Marathon not a Sprint” and yes because of all the love involved he did have to remind me of this several time. I was ready to quit my job, sell my home and move to Ohio, we were talking 6 months to a year of a very long custody battle, 6 months to a year of not having the kids with us, 6 months to a year of the children not understanding why we have not come to get them. It was one of the most emotional rollercoaster rides I have ever been on. But thanks to Mr. Ams it only took about 6 wk and two visits to Ohio and well we will just say the children are doing very well, we are all very happy and living together in Texas. Thanks to Mr. John Ams. “I can now sleep at night” with a peaceful heart.

    Thanks Mr. Ams

  • Mixed Breed Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew

    I have a very low opinion of the American Judicial System, law enforcement and judges. It seems that they become consumed with their egos and power, rather than justice.

    I came to Attorney Ams after my divorce attorney asked the judge to be dismissed from my case with approximately a month before the trial. Very little if any preparation was done. I was in a horrible bind and Attorney Ams was gracious enough to take on my case.

    As I said, my previous experience with lawyers and attorney's have been where little work was actually done and "The game" was played.

    After working with Attorney Ams, I have formed the following opinion of him. That he is a Mixed Breed Attorney:
    Part Bulldog
    Part Pit Bull
    Hard Working
    Extremely knowledgeable

    I was actually beginning to believe that Attorney Ams didn't sleep. He would respond to my e-mails any hours of the day, he would call me on the weekends working on my case. In my 26 years of working, I have never seen anyone in any profession with such work ethic and truly earning his money. He is not only an outstanding attorney, but after working with him, I actually consider him a friend.

    I would highly recommend Attorney Ams. Speak to him honestly, respectfully and give him all the information and he will move the world for you.

  • not so great

    1.0 star

    Posted by Benjamin

    When given this Guy i first contacted him with my case he seamed like he realy wanted to help and fight the case i felt plesently suprized but as it got closer to the hearing and then durring the case he didnt event want me to explain my case to him all he did was go off what the court gave him and said that such details didnt realy make a difference ( i beg to differ as those details make things legal or not.) He would not even go ask for a different ple deal because and i quote "this is probably the best your going to get, you could try and fight it but it wont matter." To me thats about the worst you can get for an attorney, one that doesnt want to try. he may be good if you pay him enough but for someone that he gets pointed to he's just going to file your paperwork.

    John Alan Ams’s response: “Furthermore, this client recently contacted me, months after writing this review, and asked for my help with a probation violation.”
  • Exceptional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carla

    Attorney John Ams is extremely knowledgeable. He is kind and fights for his clients. While keeping me well informed, it was my decision to take this case to trial, which he won effortlessly. Attorney Ams not only was more than prepared for this case. I would strongly recommend him for any legal matter. His clients are his priority.

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carrie

    John was very responsive, returned all calls and e-mails with in 24 hrs (usually immediately unless he was in court). He kept me well informed during the duration of my case. His demeanor and court etiquette during trial were exactly what I would expect from a professional. I would recommend this attorney and would hire him in the future if need be.