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Philip Alan Eichorn

Philip Eichorn’s client reviews

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  • Excellent Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hector

    I have a complex case because when I talked to a few Attorneys about my case they don’t know how to handle it; however, one honest Attorney recommends me Attorney Philip Eichorn. I met Attorney Philip Eichorn and he was directly to my options and he was really explicit about my situation. I felt really conformable with him and he answers in details all my questions. My experience with Philip Eichron was fantastic and I felt like I was talking to a family member. I just became a US CITIZEN and I want to THANKS Attorney Philip Eichron and all his STAFF.
    Thanks a lot for all your help !!!
    H. E.

  • Very Experienced

    5.0 stars

    Posted by dave

    Me and my wife recently got married and needed advice and direction for how to proceed. We called the firm based on his reviews. Attorney Christina Turovskiy was assigned to our case which was handled flawlessly, she did an excellent job. The interactions we had with Mr Eichorn and his firm were very positive. My wife received the green card today and we owe it to Christina and Mr Eichorn's firm.

  • Immigration law specialist

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My husband and I decided to get a lawyer's help with the process of getting my permanent resident status. My husband was the one who chose Phillip to be our lawyer. It was about 1 and a half years ago. And from my point of view I am 100% sure it was a VERY good decision.
    From the very beginning we had a million questions about the process, forms, accuracy of each step, other documents that were required from us. We got prompt and clear answers to each question. Distance, time of the day, additional explanations were never an issue. At the beginning the process seemed long, but with Phillips assistance I received my Green Card within 3 months.
    I would highly recommend Phillip to everyone who takes their immigration status seriously and wants to live in US legally. The price for his work is absolutely reasonable.
    Phillip is very professional, knowledgeable, and he was always doing his best for me as his client.

  • Philip helped my husband that was deported to El Salvador

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Philip was the only attorney out of all of the Cleveland immigration lawyers that told me that anything could be done when my husband was deported to El Salvador. I spoke with 8 other attorneys and some of them were said to be the best in the region but couldn't even answer my questions, let alone confirm that they could do anything to help. By the way, my husband will be on his way home in May when everyone told me that it was nearly impossible to get him back. Thanks to Phil, we will finally be able to have a safe and normal life together.

    When I met with Philip and his team, I felt comfortable and I could tell he really cared and had passion for sincerely helping his clients, he was extremely honest and realistic which I appreciated very much. He was also extremely fair priced and explained everything in laymen's terms to help me decipher all the legal jargon.

    He knew every little detail of my case and never left me in the dark. He is very personable and confident and I personally feel that he is the best immigration attorney in the area and he also has clients in other locations of the nation. I recently recommended a friend of mine from Russia to him to help with his immigration issues. I know he will be able to help him.

  • Hire him!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    Philip has created a name for himself and a team that he can rely on. I've had every possible complication and set back possible with my wife and her immigration process. He has been patient with me as I try to manage being in school full time and work as much as possible. I am grateful for his and his teams continued patience and give him my highest recommendation to anyone considering to hire him.

  • Greencard through marriage

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicole

    Great lawyer, very knowledgeable, questions were answered to our full satisfaction and in a timely manner, it was a pleasure to work with him. Interview went very well and smooth. No problems occurred while preparing everything for the interview and while being at the interview.

  • Bad Advise

    1.0 star

    Posted by Yasir

    i am LPR and been charged for AGGRAVATED ASSAULT by state after that STATE offered me domestic violence for plea bargain and then i get the advised from him and he advised me to get the AGGRAVATED ASSAULT instead of DV because that is not the deport-able offense. i get plead on that and after 6 month i been detained for the deportation and till now struggling in court to withdraw my plea.

    Philip Alan Eichorn’s response: “Hi Yasir First and foremost, I'm very upset to hear you're having issues with your immigration status. I’ve performed a review of our files and found your case. You have not been accurate with your submission to Avvo. You were not just charged with Aggravated Assault and Domestic Violence but also with Kidnapping, Felonious Assault. On March 11, 2010 you came to our office and asked for some general advice regarding the immigration consequences of your criminal case. We discussed the different possibilities and I encouraged you to retain us for a full analysis of the immigration consequences of your criminal case, advice and counsel with your criminal defense lawyer and to represent you in removal proceedings. You declined to hire us. According to Court Records, on March 24, 2010, you plead guilty to Aggravated Assault and all other charges were dropped. Our office was in no way your representative and was never in contact with your criminal defense attorney. In fact, until you posted this review, we haven’t heard from you. In general, Aggravated Assault can be found to be a crime of violence, an aggravated felony and can cause removal via deportation. Domestic violence generally causes removal via deportation. In fact, all of the charges you were facing carried deportation consequences as well as issues with admission to the U.S. upon return from international travel. They also can lead to detention while in removal proceedings and denial of a naturalization application. Again, based on court records, it appears you may have traveled outside the U.S. while on probation. This was a violation of your probation and as well subjected you to a different set of immigration circumstances. An LPR traveling internationally with a criminal conviction subjects you to a different set of laws as you’re considered a returning resident seeking a new admission. Thus, the consequences regarding deportation would not attach as you would be charged as an arriving alien and subject to the grounds of inadmissibility not deportability. It appears from your review, you failed to mention the reason for your detention. I can only surmise why you are now in Removal proceedings as I am not your attorney. There are many ways a foreign national with a criminal history may have removal concerns and this was not the first time in which you requested a withdrawal of your guilty plea. While I can certainly understand your frustration Yasir, I was never hired to advise you as to all of your criminal and immigration matters on a continuing basis. If you would like, I would be willing to assist you after a review of all the facts that have come to light since 2010. I certainly wish you the best should you not wish to contact me.”
  • Overall Rating: 10 STARS instead of 5

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    My case was considered one of the unique immigration cases out there. However, ever since I found Attorney Eichorn on the internet, everything was gradually better. I could say he is one of the best thing ever happened in my life.

    I was in the highest state of despair and was facing deportation order in early 2010. I applied political asylum in 2001, got denied, filed an appeal, and got denied. It continued to the 3rd circuit and got denied. I had been working with two different law firms back in 2001-2006. The latest attorney I worked with might have screwed up my case. My husband was literally eligible to sponsor me, yet my attorney did not do anything about it. I was even uninformed when I received deportation order.

    Mr. Eichorn is a very straightforward person. Prior to hire him, he provided his idea how to cope the situation, how to handle in any case the worst scenario happened. As time went by, he succeeded handle my complex case one step by one step. He is very intelligent and well experienced. With his knowledge and skill, he successfully convinced the ICE officer to allow me to stay in the US; the judge to reopen my previous case and to finally close it so I could go to the next process of gaining my status. Almost 13 years since my arrival in the US, I eventually received my Permanent Resident Card. Thanks to him.

    I found him a very trustworthy lawyer to work with, he is fair with the money I had to spend for his service. He is not a person who will take advantage from client’s situation. He is very outstanding in both personality and profession. I believe his passion to help others will bring more positive results in his profession too.

    I highly recommend Mr. Eichorn to anyone in need of immigration legal service. He is the proof a trustworthy lawyer still exists.

  • Competence, integrity and honesty!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JP

    Mr. Eichorn and his staff have proven to be extremely professional and competent. We retained his firm to handle my mom's naturalization case, which was wrought with very unusual complications. Mr. Eichorn covered all eventualities and worst case scenarios, and tackled every issue with diligence and success. The firm walked us though all the steps with patience, integrity and even provided moral support. When my mom went to the interview, it became evident that he was very well known, respected and liked at the USCIS office. Mr. Eichorn's, indisputable competence, sense of humor and his staff's patience and professionalism makes the process of dealing with the US Immigration authorities a lot less stressful! We feel that his fees were very reasonable considering the amount of work his firm poured into my mom's case, which resulted in her obtaining US Citizenship. We recommend Mr. Eichorn and his firm 100%!

  • A++++++ Experience and Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lyle

    Phil Eichorn assisted our family through the immigration process of adopting my step-daughter and the naturalization of my wife. Phil's knowledge of the process and his relationships with the immigration personnel helped everything go smoothly without any unexpected delays. Phil also helped my wife prepare for her citizenship interview and without his help, she would have encountered some possible preparation issues on the questions that would be asked. Phil personally accompanied both my wife and my daughter during their interviews and his presence was a big plus in the eyes of the immigration interviewer. We would highly recommend Phil to anyone requiring immigration expertise.