Margarita Karpov vs. Net Trucking

Peter Henry Weinberger

Case Conclusion Date:November 23, 2005

Practice Area:Car / Auto Accident

Outcome:$15,201,645.80 in compensatory and punitive damages

Description:Plaintiff Margarita Karpov was a passenger in a car driven by her husband Dmitry Karpov. As Dmitry slowed their car behind a number of vehicles that had stopped for a construction zone, an 18 wheel tractor trailer owned by Defendant Net Trucking, Inc. and driven by Co-defendant Stanislaw Gil, entered the construction zone at a high rate of speed and ploughed into the back of the vehicle directly behind the Karpov car. That collision set off a chain reaction crash involving several vehicles including the Kaprov’s car which was caught in the middle. Dmitry was killed at the scene while his wife, Margarita, suffered serious injuries. Dmitry was also survived by the couple’s infant child, Michael. Three people in other vehicles involved in the collision were also killed. . Net Trucking was found liable for allowing one of its truck drivers to drive more hours than legally allowed and for knowingly permitting the driver to alter his driving log books to cover up the violation. The Net Trucking driver that caused the crash was also under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.