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Gerald Trainor Roden

Gerald Roden’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Better than expected Result

    I was so glad that someone referred me to Gerry Roden. I had documented the details of my arrest the day after it occurred. Gerry took the information and was able to get my case dismissed before it was even filed. I had favorable circumstances, but it took a skilled lawyer to make proper use of it. Gerry was the right one, and I highly recommend his services.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by Luke

    First time DUI

    First off, it needs to be stated that I was guilty of DUI. So take my DUI conviction with a grain of salt. However, hiring Mr. Roden proved to be an unnecessary expense (and a very costly one at that). I hired him because he was the first flyer I received, and his cost was less than many other lawyers I researched. He was approachable and eager when we first met, but that is where the positives stop. He became unresponsive and difficult to reach, and when I got fed up with him not keeping me up to date he treated me as if I was inconveniencing him by calling repeatedly. He sent motions to the court with the wrong name on them (obviously copy and pasted), never was familiar with my case when we talked, and was LATE TO COURT! While in court, he resembled a grandiose stage actor, repeatedly objecting to things the judge said he couldn't even object to. It was plain to see his attitude was irritating the judge and state's attorney to no end, which horrified me in court. In the very end, I received the mandatory minimums only due to the fact I entered treatment on my own volition. It did not seem as if any tactic or wording Mr. Roden utilized held any sway whatsoever with the judge. I was told several times by those familiar with the judicial system that I would have faced those exact penalties for a first time offense with or without a lawyer.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dr. William

    Educated, and Trustworthy

    I challenge you to find a lawyer who will take time out of his or her busy day to talk to someone about their issue! Mr. Roden is an exceptional example for all lawyers and I can not recommend him enough. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and caring.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Lee

    worst experience ever.

    He did absolutely nothing for me. I never knew any information about my case until less than 24 hours til I had to be in court . He called me by other people's names. He never followed up on anything with me. He treated me like I worked for him when I paid him good money to work for me. I would have rather gave my money to a charity because he literally did absolutely nothing for me. It honestly seemed as though no other lawyers or the prosecutor had any respect for him which did not look good. He left me nasty grams in my email. I emailed him after work one Friday evening before Thanksgiving not expecting a response until the next week or next time he was in the office and he took it upon himself to write me the most unprofessional email I ever read. To sum it up he is a scatter brain and I would not recommend him to anyone ever for any reason.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by mandy

    gerry roden

    Gerry was so enthusiastic and sympathetic and passionate in general about what he does. I called for my boyfriends DUI and immediately laid out his expectations for our case. He had longstanding relationships with most of the judges in st Lucie county including ours which was such an advantage. He worked with us on payment and immediately contacted us with any new information he had. We won our case and I would definitely hire Gerry again or recommend him to anyone, he knows what he's doing. Great lawyer.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joshua


    Gerald T Roden handled a 5-year old, felony, bad check case for me that also contained a warrant for my arrest. I live in New Jersey and was hoping that I would not have to incur not only travel expenses, but expenses that had to do with this charge, fines, and most importantly jail time. I spoke with numerous attorneys before hiring Mr. Roden and their prices were extravagant. Mr. Roden's price was very reasonable for what I was facing, so I decided to put my trust and faith in him. Not only did he clear the felony charge for me by corresponding with the state attorney, he was able to have all charges dropped and my warrant dissolved. I am very happy that I decided to trust Mr. Roden's experience. Every single time I emailed him he replied to me promptly, usually within minutes. I never had a problem reaching him or being updated as to what was happening with my case. I highly recommend Gerald T. Roden for representation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Job well done!

    How fast do you need a resolution? If the answer is I need it tomorrow, then Jerry Roden is the lawyer you want to call. I called his office on a Sunday, for a mis-hap that occurred that previous night. He was swift in returning my call, and quick to respond to a need that I had the following day in court. He is knowledgeable in most areas of law, but what we needed was criminal defense. We had a child that was involved in an injury and placed in a situation that imposed a threat. My husband was arrested and faced with charges including felony. Jerry was quick to review the situation, talking to all parties involved; including my husband who was incarcerated. He was able to prepare my husband to make his first court appearance the very next day. He then carried through to resolve our matters in a careful, precise way - again taking time to talk to us, and keeping us informed on exactly what was happening and when. I'm thrifty and I was very pleased with how Jerry used his time on my case. Although I wasn't in on the details of his negotiations this quick resolution for us resulted in our case charges being dropped.

    If you need an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer, who is down to earth and swift to respond, I would absolutely recommend Jerry. We were in this for the first time, and had very little idea as to what to do. He stayed in close contact through email, answering every question I had in a timely manner, Jerry was careful in getting the story straight, and used his excellent writing skills to relay this information to the proper individuals who could review and eventually bring our case to an excellent outcome – and in very little time. I found Jerry by website and networking with acquaintances from past. Just click to see what I mean:

    I would absolutely hire Mr. Roden again and have total confidence in his ability and skills. I just wanted to say thank you for your services. You have helped save me a lot of time, money and stress by assisting me through this process!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nancy

    Responsive,abreast of things and knowledgeable

    Mr. Roden was very knowledgeable, responsive and kept me informed every step of the way. I had a felony charge and Mr. Roden was successful in getting my case dismissed. I truly appreciate his services and the manner in which he handled my case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles

    Outstanding performance

    Mr. Roden was very motivated and aggressive in getting answers and taking action on the case I hired him for. He was very communicative with me and thorough with the details and continued actions. I was very pleased with his performance as an attorney and highly recommend him to my close friends and family. Folks out there, you heard the horror stories about a lot of attorney's talk, talk, talk and want your money and then once you give the money, no action and you hardly hear from her/him and your left in limbo. Not for Mr. Roden, he is quick and thorough and will never leave you in the dark. If you want action and good results call Mr. Roden.

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI client

    Dui Lawyer

    Easy to talk to and very up front and Attentive to your situation, He will inform you how everything works and will do all the leg work in a timely and orderly fashion,while keeping you informed along the way. The money he saved me in fines and a reduced charge was well worth the initial expense.