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Frank W. McDermott

Frank McDermott’s client reviews

     3.5 stars 6 total

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  • Excellent lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex

    Hired attorney

    I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone what a great job Frank did for me. He spent over a year dealing with my DUI case and did a masterful job dealing with all aspects of my case. I would strongly recommend Frank to anyone who finds themselves in a predicament where they are in need of legal representation. Frank is differently a FIVE star Attorney.

  • Elite Criminal Defense Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    I would recommend Frank McDermott without reservation. Frank's ethics are beyond reproach and it is clear that all the judges and other lawyers operating in the criminal justice system know and respect this. Moreover, Frank is a strong advocate for his clients - exercising his superior knowledge, work ethic, and creativity to obtain the best outcome for you. If you run into criminal trouble, you want Frank by your side. Period.

  • Excelent!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Damon

    Mr McDermott handled my DUI recently. I couldn't be happier with his service on this matter. He answered all my email and phone requests usually within minutes. He worked every angle possible to get the best outcome for me and I feel he truly earned his fee. I hope to never need his services again but I wouldn't hesitate to call him should the need arise. All in all a top notch lawyer who genuinely cares about his clients.

  • Pleased Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maria

    I am extremely satisfied with the exemplary job Frank has done on my case. He is very well informed of all the procedures and made it a priority to ensure that I have felt confident and at easy throughout the entire proceedings. He covered all the possible bases with me and then investigated things that he thought could be negotiated. I know my case would not have gone nearly as smoothly if I had not had him and his assistant by my side. He was always easy to reach and prompt to respond. A person's success has to do with their hard work and efforts, not their lineage. The individual who is fortunate enough to gain the thorough aid of Frank's firm must also play their part and carry their weight. He is not a magician who can wave a hand and make everything disappear, and he is not a hypnotist who can mesmerize the judge into forgetting the paperwork that stands before him. But, Mr. McDermott is a student of the law. Someone, who even though they have already learned and accomplished so much, does not stop asking questions or look at something from a different fresh perspective. However, this does require some cooperation from the client. If he asks for cooperation or documentation, it is pertinent that you comply, because he is fighting for the best outcome for you. Frank has absolutely earned his place in the community as one of the top lawyers. He knows not just his own area of St. Petersburg, but was able to fight for me in a case in Tampa that to me appeared very dim. Mr. McDermott seemed very confident and was always reassuring in a very father-like manner. Someone who you feel secure with by your side. When it came to the day of my trial I went into that courtroom with confidence and was unafraid for whatever lay ahead. For me, that feeling of being ready was well worth the money alone. Frank went above and beyond and explained all the legal jargon that I am not accustomed to. He even took time to break everything down for those who were with me who were not native English speakers. He then walked with me around Tampa and showed me exactly where need to be, and when. Ensuring that I never was mistaken or felt unsure of what I needed to do or when it needed to be accomplished by. I am very pleased with the work his firm has done for me and my family. The outcome could have been quite negative for me, a person who simply made a mistake. Frank understands that. He does not sit there and judge you, many people I have been forced to interact with have made me feel that I was a lesser person or tainted because of what I have been through. Sometimes people make mistakes, and it is so reassuring to have someone stand behind you who is truly fighting in your interest for the most favorable outcome. Frank has continued to stand by my side even after the case. If I ever have a question about anything related to my case I have been able to call his firm and get a timely and informative response. There are no smoke or mirrors, everything is given to you straight up so that there are no surprises. I am very please that I invested in Frank's firm. I know my case would not have worked out the way it did. Any lawyer is an investment, but it is nice to know that with this law firm you are investing in a better future. When dealing with the law, things can always get worse, why not go the most stress free route and watch things get better?
    Pleased Client

  • go with the PD

    1.0 star

    Posted by Frank

    I used Frank's dad before he died, I thought Frank would represent me as his father Joe did. Frank could've cared less, he just wanted my money. He wanted me to take the first plea they offered. I refused, got very good results because I held out, and I'll bet he thinks he did a terrific job. Save your money. The only reason Frank has a job is because of his daddy. Stay far, far, away from this guy.

    Frank W. McDermott’s response: “I am sorry you were unhappy with Mr. McDermott's representation. McDermott Law Firm strives hard to provide zealous representation to all clients. It appears as though there was a favorable result in the case. I atribute that to Mr. McDermott's skills and abilities as well as his reputation. Even when a client provides helpful information, it is the lawyer that presents this information in an orderly fashion and applies expert legal knowledge to the case. Frank W. McDermott, Esq. President McDermott Law Firm, P.A.”
  • save your money, get a PD

    1.0 star

    Posted by WilliamGrimes

    I retained this lawyer for two cases, they failed to investigate information on victim's medical records that would have proven I was innocent, a first time offender, I spent 18 months in prison for battery, i'm 68, very bad representation. They also lost the other case, and all my money. I wound up with an PD

    Frank W. McDermott’s response: “We are sorry you feel this way. McDermott Law Firm continues to provide zealous representation in all cases. Mr. McDermott's knowledge of the law as well as his experience in matters involving Criminal Defense allows him to provide such representation. We work hard to achieve the best result in EVERY CASE within the bounds of the law and all ethical concerns. Although Mr. McDermott did not personally represent this individual, he invites the individual to call and voice any concerns. Frank W. McDermott, Esq. President, McDermott Law Firm, P.A.”