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Corey Adam Leifer

Corey Leifer’s client reviews

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  • The Best Lawyer in FLORIDA that We Can Trust

    5.0 stars

    Posted by sheila

    I am so happy to find Lawyer Corey Adam Leifer, He help me, he answer my questions, he understood me, he is very awesome great Lawyer and for sure I wish people that get in any car accident should be with this lawyer, beside I was so upset with the accident he really help me in all situation. He is a great Lawyer and I wish that people could find him too, I am so happy for God to put him and use his wisdom and knowledge in my case. One of thing that I love too is the assistant that speak my language Portuguese and help me a lot. It was so amazing, and I am so happy with the attorney and I give to people his name because he is very good. Thanks a lot for the team for the Lawyer Corey and specially for the assistant who speak Portuguese that help me a lot and she is very smart too I forgot her name put she is awesome good. Thanks a lot and I really recommend everyone in South Florida that pass or is passing by a car accident call this lawyer he is very good.

  • Peace of Mind

    5.0 stars

    Posted by jessica

    When I had my accident I didn't know where to begin. I suffered injuries and my car was severely damaged. Corey did an outstanding job taking on my case and very informative. He is more than a lawyer but a trustworty friend who genuinely cares and took my case personally to make sure every aspect of this terrible inncident was taken care of. Within six months everything had been resolved I was getting medical help and worried about the bills but told me not to worry and take care of myself. Through such an event it is such a pleasure to work with someone who is smart and cares about what you experienced during a trying time.

  • Accident

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Doug

    My exsperience with this law firm was amazing. I was in a terrible accident in jan. Corey and his team got me back on my feet. They were amazing . I would recommend them to anyone. I'm back on my feet. If it weren't for them my life would have been much more diffucult. Thank again for your wonderful work. Doug

  • Helps his clients when they need direction and support

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Car Accident client

    Personable. Knowledgable. Did exactly as he promised. Made me feel comfortable.

  • Bad lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I contacted this lawyer in regards to a ticket matter. I told him I received a speeding ticket for driving just over 80 MPH. He giggled and said "you must have received a lot of tickets before". Actually no, that was my first one. I didn't appreciate his ignorance.

    Corey Adam Leifer’s response: “This is Corey Leifer. I just want everyone who is reading this review to know that this incident never happened. I have been practicing law for 17 years and I have never once laughed at a client or said anything like what is mentioned above. This review was clearly written by a competitor or someone that has nothing else to do with their time.”
  • A fantastic and honorable lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Betzymer

    Corey is a thorough, efficient, and attentive lawyer. He is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. He offered me great advice and his communication couldn't have been any better. I found Corey's fees to be completely fair and reasonable and was glad to see that he lived up to the expectations he set upon our initial consultation. I would absolutely without any hesitation recommend Corey to anyone seeking representation in personal injury. Corey will succesfully handle your case to a satisfying term. Therefore, with no reservation, I can honestly say that Corey Leifer will always represent a client in an ethical and outstanding manner, and I would recommend no one else.

  • if you need a good, trust worthy lawyer hes the best!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by robert

    Corey Lifer, was a great help to me , and my family. Hes got a gift of helping , and getting right to the promblem that i was in need of right a way.. hes a good lawyer,
    I recommend him highly to any one who is in need of his service.

    thank you Corey,

    Robert Layer
    United Realty Group