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Mejia - NKP continues to investigate when other law firms would have stopped short.

Case Conclusion Date: 06.23.2004

Practice Area: Car Accidents

Outcome: $25,000,000.00 - Jury Verdict (Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA)

Description: Unrelated third party slows down on I-95. Our client is behind this car and also slows down. Defendant, in a car-delivery truck, does not slow down at all and plows into our client. The truck, claiming to be an independent contractor, had a $1,000,000 policy that they tendered immediately. Most law firms would have stopped there. Two years of our investigation revealed that the trucker was really an employee of a large Orlando, Florida corporation, which had a $70 Million Dollar insurance policy. Defendant tried to blame the accident on the first car that slowed down - claiming that she must have stopped short…they thought they would be able to get away with this defense because the first car was driven by a Jamaican woman, who had already returned to Jamaica. NKP conducted its investigation and found the lady, and flew to Jamaica to take her deposition. This lady confirmed that she didn’t stop short at all.

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