Winward Associates Corp., v. M/Y Esterel & Wilson Yacht Management (USA), LLC

Keith S Brais

Case Conclusion Date:November 30, 2009

Practice Area:Admiralty / Maritime

Outcome:The Court ruled in favor of Brais & Brais' client, Winward Associates, and entered judgment in Windward's favor for the entirle amount owned.

Description:Brais & Brais represented a ship repairer and refurbisher who arrested a ship, in rem, and pursued a claim in personam for amounts due after completing repairs to a mega yacht, the M/Y Esterel. Though the work was done to the owner's specifications the yacht owner refused to pay the balance due to B&B's client, Winward Associates. A four day trial was held in the United States Districk Court for the Middle District of Florida. Defendants where represented at trial by Moore & Company.