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Lonnie M. Player

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    Posted by Kim

    Lonnie Player

    My husband hired Mr. Player to represent us mediating with a local roofing company. My first meeting with Mr. Player was at mediation and I knew as soon as the attorney representing the opposing party entered the room that we had retained the wrong representation. I knew their Attorney well.,He was much older than Mr. Player, well respected by his peers, relaxed and friendly as I had come to know him to be. Mr. Player was oh so obviously extremely intimidated by this well seasoned Attorney as Mr. Player began to stutter, sweat and became barely audible over the sound of our file papers rattling in his trembling hands. Having dealt with just about every attorney in town due to the nature of my business, I was completely embarrassed and requested that Mr. Player leave the room. We did not stand a chance reaching a settlement that both parties would feel was fair. I opted to represent myself and ultimstely left the meeting with my gosl accomplished in the absence of Mr. Player. Mr. Player enjoyed a priveledged up
    upbringing...his family is very well respected in our community. They are wonderful people. Mr. Player is in the wrong profession as a good attorney will posess an exorbitant amount of self confidence, which Mr. Player does not. I would not hire him again. In his defense, perhaps he has grown up and has since earned the respect of his peers as a good attorney vs. being relsted to his family.