The "iron man" title was actually coined by my colleague and research consultant Dr. Bill Chitwood of whom determined it was the only proper title for Mr. Fidlow after observing his talents and knowledge throughout our various endeavors. Afterwards, the title just stuck, and he has consistently lived up to it!

Without giving names or particulars, Bennett went to bat against major player and well known entertainment attorney of whom was representing an A lister involved in a television production with our company. The opposing side became so aggravated with Bennett's overwhelming professionalism and consistency that the principle attorney took himself out of the game!! The end result of it all was Bennett defending our rights and interests far beyond our expectations to get exactly what we deserved.

Reasons why I recommend Bennett:

1. Bennett has a way of being friendly and calm but absolutely dead serious at the same time. If he needs to get serious with your opposition they will feel it within their spine.

2. Bennett is technologically savvy. He persistently keeps his clients up to date via email on the latest developments with your open issues. No waiting days to get that call... or talking to a secretary begging for 2 minutes a week later to find out where your most important issues stand.

3. Bennett is fair when it comes to those invoices you typically dread. Lets be honest, some attorneys will charge you to death! My experience with Bennett is that you will absolutely get what you pay for, and more often than not a little extra as well.

4. He really knows entertainment!! Some entertainment lawyers have resumes that only consist of working exclusively in a firm, but Bennett has true "boots on the ground" and "combat" experience within the inter-workings of the major companies in the entertainment sector!

5. His contracts. When he gets through drafting your tailored made agreement... this may seem childish, but you will be more proud of a few pieces of paper than you ever imagined.

In summary, Bennett and his firm will remain my first and only choice for counsel indefinitely. Retain Bennett or one of his partners now and discover the world of VIP legal services.