When a custody matter came up over my son. I began interviewing attorneys to handle the manner on my behalf. After speaking with a half dozen attorneys it became clear to me that South Jersey had a very weak crop of family attorneys. This was unti I came in touch with Eric Spevek and Melissa Mignona of Adinolfi and Spevek.

To me when it came to my son, I was not willing to deal with someone that could not give me 100% confidence I was in the best persons hands for the job. Eric blew me away, his staff took more then a personal interest in my case, they blew me away, and he blew me away. He is a true professional, he is a true expert, and he is the only person I would ever consider or recommend to handle a family matter for me or a loved one.

Do yourself a favor, if you need a family attorney, call Eric!

A Very Happy,

Anthony C. from Voorhees