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Julie Roberson Freeman

Julie Freeman’s client reviews

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  • Experienced, dependable, and tenacious advocate who is unrelenting in the pursuit of her client's best interest.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by tyearns

    Prior to hiring Julie I was spending hundreds of hours researching case-law, all while enduring a hostile co-parenting arrangement, and sustaining a demanding career as the sole bread-winner for all parties involved. It seemed futile, whereas I was doing all of the leg-work and my previous attorneys were just an expensive formality. I was exhausted as neither the Plaintiff, my attorney, the local police department, or the courts seemed empowered to enforce my child's best interests.

    When I began this journey I was frustrated and determined not to allow anything or anyone to jeopardize my child's livelihood. I needed help with navigating the onslaught of negative allegations, parental rights violations, and administrative hoops that were levied against me as the father and Defendant. How do I ensure the best possible outcome between my child and I? What are my rights? How do I steer around the lies, obstacles, biases, and litany of stigmas that are (and were) inferred about my character from the on-set?

    I interviewed a handful of attorneys, some who seemed entirely focused on their payment demands, and others who proposed a cookie-cutter approach with little regard for the details of my case. For me the biggest determinant was whether or not my attorney was willing to leverage these details in order to pursue and defend my child's best interests. Julie was and is THAT attorney.

    I'd been writing my own certifications during the initial court appearances. During the first two years of my custody dispute I'd leveraged for the "how-to's" and guidance on how best to manage an extremely contentious co-parenting relationship. My child and I were being alienated from one-another, and during this time Julie (and team) were the primary responders. Their advice consistently revealed opportunities that my previous attorneys' never bothered to consider nor pursue. Ultimately I hired Julie's firm to represent our case, and I have never looked back since.

    Julie has been a valiant defender in support of our child with a vast knowledge of the law. She has an even greater knowledge of the social/professional landscape whereas her integrity and experience is evident in the confidence and high regard that her peers (judges, clerks, administrators, and other attorneys) exude. Out of almost 25 hearings over the past 3 years Julie has secured +90% of our expectations/demands each time, regardless of the obstacles presented. This speaks to the reasonableness of her judgment, approach, presented arguments, and certifications filed.

    Julie is authentic, credible, authoritative, and tenacious. Custody disputes are emotionally taxing, and I have asked Julie at least 1000 questions over the course of our tenure together. Julie has consistently researched, confirmed, and conveyed each answer in a palatable manner in which I was able to digest. As a result I have been able to successfully course-correct when required.

    The Plaintiff was tirelessly manipulative, and took extreme measures to complicate, delay, and extend our case. My character and even fitness as a parent were under constant attack. Throughout each turn of events Julie never lamented or sought the "convenient" compromise. She fought tooth and nail for my child's well-being, likened more to an aunt or close relative as opposed to our attorney. She is a staunch advocate and protector who is unrelenting in the pursuit of her client's best interest. She is an outstanding writer and orator, who's tactical approach, communication style, and keen attention to detail articulately cut to the chase, and dismantle any vague or otherwise less credible hearsay. She get's to the bottom-line and cuts to the bone.

    I highly recommend Julie without reservation - best decision you will ever make!

  • Exceptional Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    5 Stars does not begin to rate what a wonderful attorney and astonishing person Julie Freeman Burick has proven herself to be. I have been a client of hers since July of 2013, when she accidentally landed on my case. For almost 2 years, Julie has consistently responded to my every concern, every email and every phone call. She seems to have a photographic memory of names, dates, and important events, and most importantly she knows the law inside and out. (I've actually witnessed the judge borrow her law book and refer to her when he had a question, as she is NEVER unprepared nor is she underprepared.) I often forget that I am not her only client, as she diligently fighting for my case. She is an incredible advocate for her clients. For two years she has kept me informed on every single tiny detail that has came up during this "adventure", and when I'm burnt out, she is a great cheerleader. I am sure I can say that she knows way more about me and my children than I know myself. Julie has never come across as untrustworthy or unknowledgeable, and when she is not sure about something, she never guesses. She reads and discusses with colleagues to find the best possible answer or solution. We have been through unimaginable circumstances and events in these two years, and she stood by my side for every single one! I'm proud to call her my attorney and now I am even more proud to call her my friend. I am going to miss her greatly when we win my case!!!!!!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristy

    Divorce is an ugly thing, but I truly have to say, without Julie Freeman, I don't think I would have made it through the nightmare. From day one, I knew I was in the best hands possible. She is smart, diligent, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She took the time to explain everything to me in detail. Her courtroom performance was aggressive and she left no stone unturned. Whenever I called, she answered or got right back to me quickly. She was on top of every single issue that arose in my case. You hear horror stories all the time about divorce lawyers....I am the opposite, I can't say enough positive things about mine. Julie even took time out of her personal life for me. She worked late hours on my case and would called me in the evenings and weekends to answer any questions I had. When I was panicked, she kept me calm and reassured that everything would be was, thanks to her tenacity and wisdom of the legal system. She stopped at nothing to protect my interests and for that, I will be eternally grateful. Julie is not only my attorney, but I proudly consider her a friend for life. She truly cares about you and what happens. If I had to do it all again, there would be no question, I would only use Julie Freeman.

  • Awesome

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Julie is incredible. She is sharp, witty and right on top of everything. She has helped me secure parenting time with my daughters in every instance when all of my requests by my ex were denied. Highly highly recommended.

  • Excellent Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nadira

    I found Julie to be very professional and extremely knowledgable in her field. She had represented me for my divorce on December 12, 2013 and I can honestly say with 100% certainty that I was extremely happy with the outcome. Initially, I had made the silly decision to represent myself for my divorce and go against my ex-husband and his lawyer, but somewhere down the line I felt that it would be impossible for things to go well for me because I was so stressed out with trying to keep up with all of the paperwork. Fortunately I was able to retain Julie as my lawyer and she was just absolutely wonderful. I would recommend Julie to anyone who may be trying to seek a divorce because not only is she an assertive and talented lawyer, she is truly dedicated to what she does and takes her job very seriously.

  • Would recommend Julie

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicole

    I obtained Julie for a custody case. I have never been in this situation before and Julie really comforted me and explained exactly what was going to happen. She is extremely knowledgeable and her response time is second to none. Julie is really making my situation much easier to deal with and would absolutely recommend her to anyone

  • Best of the Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lauren

    My experience with Julie Freeman has been nothing but professional and knowledgeable. I am currently going through a nightmare of a custody trial over my daughter and Julie not only has emphathized with me since day one, but she is always available and responsive to my every need. There have even been times of extreme stress in the late night where Julie has taken the time out of her personal life to go out of her way and ensure me I am not alone in my battle. Through this experience, there is noone I would rather ensure my trust and well being with other than Julie. She is an incredible representative of the well known and appraised Adinolfi and Lieberman Law Firm. For anyone in need of incredible representation and dedication, I encourage you to quickly seek counsel in Ms. Julie Freeman.

  • Not sure who she was working for, but it was not me.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Alice

    I dislike having to post a negative review. But each time I food shop, pay bills and look at my checking account balance, I get so angry. So if one person reads this who has never been divorced before, and thinks the attorney you pay a fortune to will be on your side, will protect you, think again. I would like to point out that the attorney who originally worked my divorce was fired halfway through, and Ms. Freeman eventually took it over. She claimed to be familiar with my case, and the firm's partner, Mr. Adinofi, was also working on it. It all went downhill on settlement day. First she told me that my adult son could not be in the room with us (me and my attorney). Because I was on medication for anxiety, I felt I may him with me, for decision making, but she said no, and I assumed it was illegal, now I think she just disliked him. When settlement time came, she agreed to every demand that my husband's attorney sent into the room. When I tried to question just one demand, she raised her voice, placed her hands on the table, leaned over towards me and threatened that she would rip up the settlement and I would end up in court. Which I was trying to avoid due to lack of funds, because the attorneys already had cost me tens of thousands of dollars. As soon as she and I sat down at the table, she told me that she didn't like my adult son's comments to her, that she was working on my case when she wanted to be eating dinner with her husband. She went on to say, "your son has ruined this settlement." Soon after I became aware that her hostility towards my son had turned to me. I ended up with no home, no health insurance, only part of life insurance, little alimony, and no child support after a 30 year marriage. I finally walked out of the office telling her since I can't even comment on this, you may as well just write it up, agree to whatever YOU want and I will come back in and sign it. I walked out of the building and came back in to sign. I was not defeated by my ex, but by my attorney whom I still owe and have to pay. It felt like the worse day of my life.

    Julie Roberson Freeman’s response: “We regret your dissatisfaction and appreciate your feedback. We take our clients cases very seriously and recognize the sensitive nature of serious family law matters and the difficulty that facing such events can entail. We do our utmost to achieve timely, cost-effective resolutions while also doing our best to meet our clients identified goals given the fact, law and circumstances of their cases. You are welcome to contact us privately to discuss the matter further.”