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Vero Beach, FL Family lawyers

38 lawyers specializing in Family are available in the Vero Beach, FL area.

Compare the best Family attorneys near you and make informed decisions based on 187+ reviews and detailed attorney profiles. Click here to see related practice areas and towns nearby as well as additional resources.

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Vero Beach has 38 Family Attorneys with 187 Reviews

  • Bradley Warren Rossway

    Rossway Swan Tierney Barry Lacey & Oliver, P.L.
    2101 Indian River Boulevard, Suite 200, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 11 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 9.9  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Brad Rossway, the Firm’s Managing Partner and a founding member of the Firm. He provides counsel and expertise to the Firm’s clients. He has been a trial lawyer since 1987 and now focuses his practice solely in the area of complex matrimonial liti...
  • Jeffrey Paul Battista

    Grall Law Group
    7555 20th Street, Vero Beach, FL
    4.5 stars 19 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    For the last fifteen years, I have had the pleasure to live and work in the Treasure Coast area. We have always helped people with all types of issues and all walks of life from world famous celebrities to indigent clients in need of help. I am pr...
  • Michelle Napier

    Napier & Rollin, PLLC
    865 20th Place, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 30 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 6.7  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Michelle has experience in all stages of state-court litigation and is an excellent advocate for her clients. Michelle’s clients benefit from her winning combination of aggressive representation, broad knowledge, superior integrity and personal at...
  • Kevin M Rollin

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    Open for business

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    Napier & Rollin, PLLC
    2066 14th Ave., Suite 201, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 33 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.7  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Kevin M. Rollin is a founding partner of Napier & Rollin whose practice is focused in divoce, family law, and general civil litigation. He is adept at State Court trial practice and also handles divorce or family law appeals. In addition to being ...
  • Andrew Buren Metcalf

    Green, Metcalf & Lazan
    1245 20th Street, P.O. Box 2618, Vero Beach, FL
    4.5 stars 11 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    His firm recently received Readers' Choice Award - Best Lawyer/ Law Firm in Indian River County, Florida. Mr. Metcalf is Past-President of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  He is the only lawyer in the 19th Judicial circuit to ...
  • Kathryn Joan Hill

    Hill Law, P.A.
    1446 19th Place, Suite 200, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 6 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.3  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    It's very important to me to efficiently help clients get through what may be the worst time of their lives with the least emotional and most economical cost possible in their specific situation. Sometimes outside sources influence the ability to ...
  • Gladys Candace Laforge

    Gladys C Laforge
    2155 15th Avenue, Suite C, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 2 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.1  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “gladys was right on the money she listened and took notes and asked questions, she then gave me my options . she asked questions and listened carefully and gave me good results..”
  • Tiffany Starr

    Law Office of Tiffany Starr, P.A.
    2770 Indian River Boulevard Suite 324, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Avvo Rating: 7.0  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Tiffany Starr has been a practicing attorney for over 15 years. Ms. Starr practices in the areas of Family Law, Litigation, Business Transactional, and Corporate. Ms. Starr has been a resident of Vero Beach since 1989 and is involved with several ...
  • Susan Marie Chesnutt

    Susan M. Chesnutt
    1201 19th Place, Suite B403, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 6 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.2  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Growing up in the system I have always had a special place in my heart for families and their children.  After I graduated from UF I worked as a Child Protective Investigator for 4 years here in this community.  I became disenchanted with the syst...
  • Paige Kimberly Colton

    Paige K. Colton, P.A.
    2205 14th Ave., Suite. 207, Vero Beach, FL
    4.0 stars 7 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.5  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “Ms. Colton is honest and will work hard to win your case. She will tell you how good your chances are and never over-promises. I feel that my money was well spent, and that she's earned every dime each time she'...
  • J. Garry Rooney

    1517 20th Street, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 9 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.6  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Having worked in a variety of fields and in different countries gives me the ability and the drive to assist people with various legal issues.  With the opening of our offices in Belize, Central America, we are able to assist people with Asset Pro...
  • Elizabeth Rose McHugh

    Rooney & Rooney, P.A.
    2145 14th Ave Ste 20, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Avvo Rating: 7.4  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “I was worried about filing for divorce form my husband. I was worried that because he had studied as a paralegal, he would be able to manipulate the situation. He tried to convince me that if he contested the divorce that...
  • Norman A Green

    Green & Metcalf, Pa
    1245 20th St, Po Box 2618, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Avvo Rating: 6.0  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “Mr. Green is very aggressive and has a tough personality, but he was very helpful in getting me to understand I can not go through life being bullied. His staff was great to work with and I definitely recommend him for d...
  • Alice Julia Graves

    Graves, Hill & Colton, P.A.
    1446 19th Pl Ste 200, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Avvo Rating: 6.9  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “Julia graves... Helped me when I was lost... I would recommend Julia graves to anyone.. And I have recommended her... She stuck with me through thick and thin..even when I was having difficulty with payments.. She trusted...
  • Matthew Randall Groom

    Vero Beach, Vero Beach, FL
    4.5 stars 2 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 6.2  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “I've been working with Matt on a number of different accounts. I'm a realtor and Matt is my go to attorney for issues from Personal Injury, to Family Law, to Civil Cases. I would highly recommend Matt for these ty...
  • Robert Eugene Stone

    Stone & Stone
    2756 20th St, Vero Beach, FL
    4.5 stars 7 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.9  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Admitted to practice in 1964, Robert Stone has accomplished a vast array of achievements throughout his 50 plus years as a Vero Beach Criminal Defense Attorney. Mr. Stone was the City Prosecutor for the city of Fort Pierce, and an assistant public...
  • Liz Wilson

    Law Office of Liz Wilson, P.A.
    1850 43rd Avenue, Suite C-10, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 18 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.5  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    I have been practicing in the Vero Beach/Fort Pierce area since 1987 having grown up here.  I have experience both bringing and defending personal injury cases and matters of general civil litigation.   Since 1998. approximately 80% of our cases h...
  • Lisa Renee Hamilton

    Mckinnon & Hamilton, PLLC
    3055 Cardinal Dr Ste 302, Vero Beach, FL
    Not yet reviewed
    Family Lawyer Licensed
  • Kevin MacWilliam

    Kevin Macwilliam, P.A.
    1826 14th Ave Ste 102, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 3 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.5  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Kevin MacWilliam graduated from Vero Beach High School in 1982, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida, earned Juris Doctor degree from St. Thomas University and earned his LLM in taxation from T...
  • Stephanie Helene Glaser

    Law Offices of Glaser and Glaser, 333 17th St Ste L, Vero Beach, FL
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Avvo Rating: 6.5  
    Family Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “Very good attorney. She really seemed to care about my case and the outcome. She kept me well-informed and seemed knowledgeable about family law. I would recommend her and would use her services again.”

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