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Eric Lynn Mayer

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  • Culture misinterpration =GOMOR

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kenya

    Mr Mayer Assisted me on a case that I was facing non-judicial punishment -GOMOR for something SHA I did not do. I knew deep down I was not gulity. The JAG lawyers wanted me to accept a GOMOR and ask for a fair filing oprion of local than OMPF. I talked to Mr Mayer who has extensive knowledge , background on military law ,cultural unbiased ,fair and we successful filled a rebattle and case was dismissed. He saved my carreer and stress that goes with the SH allegations unfair treatment. Thank you again.

  • Quality Lawyer with great professionalism.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Justin

    Eric Mayer was a Major in the U.S. Army and was assigned to my case. I was a Drill Instructor at the time. At first I was reluctant to use a Military Lawyer, but I wanted to see what they could offer before I went to look for a civilian one. In the beginning of course it was rough; I was going through some changes in my life due to the allegations against me. My marriage, job, character and integrity were being challenged beyond what you could imagine.
    A few months into my case we had an Article 32 hearing (pre trial, informal hearing). Up to this point, I was working with Eric and was not sure if I could continue with him because, with him being the Senior Defense Attorney at the time, he had many soldiers to deal with; some more important than my case. It wasn’t until after the Article 32 hearing when I knew I was not going to look for anyone else, Eric was the one. He displayed a professional attitude and phenomenal lawyer skills beyond what I was expecting to see. He attacked the prosecution team and left nothing behind. He showed the specifics, brought out the worst in the prosecution and demonstrated extensive lawyer type of skills during this time. My wife had been coming to some of my sessions with Eric and knew after a couple of meetings, that he was the one that gave me my best chance at this case.
    It wasn’t until a few months later when I had my General Court Martial. That day the fate of my life was in his hands. Hours of preparation and research on my end and his, I thought we would never be prepared in time. He was able to pull out witnesses from my past Basic Training cycles, friends from my early years in the Military and family that knew my character and my integrity as a person and a soldier.
    The time came and the Court Martial was in session. Eric displayed a professional approach and mindset towards all parties. He stated the minutiae and proof, or lack thereof and talked to the Jury. Eric didn’t persuade a jury that I was innocent, he showed them. He used his familiarity, knowledge, professional skills, and countless hours of dedication and brought us to the verdict.
    I was facing a maximum of 30 years in prison according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. About 9 months earlier, Eric told me what he thought would come out of this day. The day I walked into his office, all the way up to the day of this Court Martial, he told me the TRUTH. He stated that he thought my chances were 50/50. This showed me that he was serious and that he did not hide nor sugar coat anything. So verdict time, Eric and I stood up as the Judge announced the Jury’s pronouncement, the jury found me not guilty of all ten charges, and the court was adjourned. The judge left the court room after the jury and I gave him the biggest hug and told him thank you. You saved my marriage, my career and my life. He had no choice but to accept me as a long life friend.