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Leigh Ann Bauer

Criminal defense Attorney at Anchorage, AK

4.3   20 reviews
  • Licensed for 31 years
    State AK
    Acquired 1992
    Active No misconduct found

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I decided to become a lawyer while working for my father's law firm when I was in high school. I watched my father try cases, and decided that I wanted to become a trial attorney. In 1984 I spent a year abroad, studying at the Gymnasium Mussenredder in Hamburg, Germany.

I graduated from the University at Santa Barbara in 1985 with Honors in History and German Literature. I obtained my law degree in 1991 from McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California. In 1992, I left California, and moved to Alaska. When I arrived in Alaska, I clerked for a Superior Court Judge and then worked as a public defender for approximately 5 years. I opened my own law firm and limited my practice to the areas of criminal defense, family law, and personal injury.

On June 20, 2011, I was featured as co-counsel on 48 Hours television program, CBS murder of Bonnie Craig, a 17 year-old cold case.

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Law Office of Leigh Ann Bauer
821 N. St.
Suite 202
Anchorage, AK, 99501-2167

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4.3 / 5.0
  20 customer reviews
Posted by Tracy | June 4, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Miss Bauer and her team, worked hard, and achieved the best possible outcome for me in my case.
Posted by Eddie S. | March 4, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Thank you!
I hired Ms. Bauer to represent my son on an assault charge that was made up by his lying girlfriend. She got the case dismissed and it saved his military career. She told us what to expect each step of the way. When it got dismissed we were very happy. We highly recommend her.
Posted by Christine S. | September 4, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Thank you!
I was charged with a DUI where the police took my blood without a warrant. We won our motion but the prosecutor appealed. LeighAnn fought this all the way to the Appeals Court and won. She told me to trust her that she’d fight it all the way and get it done and she did. Saved my job. I can’t thank her enough.
Posted by Tonya | December 19, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Case got reduced; saved my Job
Leigh Ann was great; she took the time to make me feel comfortable with my case. She saved my life; she got me to see that I had a drinking problem and talked to me about treatment that helped me start over sober for the first time in years. My boss told me that I was going to be let go if I was convicted and Leigh Ann got my case reduced to a reckless. Thank you Leigh Ann, choosing her was a life changer
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Posted by anonymous | December 19, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
She was awesome, she got my dui dismissed she was available when I needed help, she was professional and kept things "real" for me. I would recommend her office to anyone needing legal help.
Posted by Carmen | July 4, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
She is amazing
Leigh Ann is a very professional, knowable, caring and aggressive lawyer. She took care of my case and me, the whole way. Thanks!
Posted by Jackson | January 20, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Got case dismissed!
LeighAnn filed a motion to dismiss my case because the breath machine was jammed and I couldn't blow in it. I was charged with a refusal too. LeighAnn pulled the records on the machine and listened to the tape. I am in the military and it was a very big deal. The prosecutor folded and dismissed my case. She's great!
Posted by Scott | December 3, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
My case got dismissed!!
I can't thank Ms. Bauer enough for getting my DUI case dismissed and the DMV too. I was going to lose my military career, but she filed papers with the court, we had a hearing and the judge ruled that there was no legal reason to arrest me. I am so glad I hired her.
Posted by Kineshi | July 21, 2015
Ms. Bauer did a great job with my case--There was a problem with the stop and the tests. The officer was supposed to tell me I could have a blood test but didn't read me that paper. She did a great job getting the prosecutor to dismiss it. She also did the DMV and got my case dismissed there too. I would have lost my job if she hadn't taken my case and had it thrown out. She told me what was going on with my case let me know what was going on. She is very good at what she does because she has been doing this for a long time and is very professional.
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Posted by Adam | March 26, 2015
Kept my license
This week ms. Bauer went to court and got my driving without a license suspended charges dismissed. I had two-- state and muni. She worked my case real hard and helped me to get my driver's license back with the DMV. Once I did, she got my charges dropped. I was looking at 10 days in jail on each case. Before I got ms. Bauer as my attorney, the muni prosecutor was a real dousch and I thought I was going to jail for sure. She stepped in and pushed hard to make the charges go away. She let me know what was going on with my case and kept me posted. Now I can get a better job now that I can drive again. She's awesome!
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Posted by Chance | March 14, 2015
Great attorney.
I was looking at a 4 dui and LeighAnn got my case down to a reckless driving. I was looking at a lot of jail time. She found out that the machine I blew into at the station was broken. I'm going through a custody case over my daughter and she saved my family. I can't thank her enough. She's great. Worked real hard and got me a result that I never thought would happen in a million years.
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Posted by Tim | February 26, 2015
Got my case dismissed.
I was set up by the police in Seward in a police trap outside a bar. Leighann found an altered police report that one of the officers wrote a month later that gave them a reason to pull me over (a cracked tail light with white light that can be a reason for a pull over and not a cracked tail light that isn't). She believed me when I told her the police were not telling the truth. I'm a pilot and had everything on the line. She got my case dismissed after going to court. I can't thank her enough!
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Posted by anonymous | February 18, 2015
Thank you!!
I cannot express how much Ms. Bauer kept me from losing all the things I had worked so hard for, she was able to pin point legal issues in my case which allowed me to keep my job and my license! I would definitely recommend Leigh Ann to all of my friends and family if they every were in the same unfortunate situation..Thank you again!!
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Posted by Kris | February 16, 2015
She really did get my case dismissed! Wow, thought I was screwed.
Wow, totally thought I was screwed for life, losing my CDL for life and getting fired from job. Leigh Ann, don't know how she did it, but got my case dismissed. She was able to show I was not driving at time of arrest. Have life again
Posted by anonymous | February 15, 2015
Great Attorney
I had a great experience with Leigh Ann. She filed motions in my case and got my case reduced to a reckless driving charge. It was a great result because I got to keep my job on the slope. She worked real hard. She phoned me after each hearing and let me know what was going on with my case. Sometimes she's tell me that we were waiting on stuff but I always knew what was going on. She showed up to court and personally handled my case herself. She knows her stuff and was there when I needed her.
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Posted by anonymous | April 5, 2015
very helpful, walked me through the whole process and explained things to me in a way so that I didn't feel like an idiot. Would recommend.
Posted by anonymous | February 17, 2015
Best in the business!
I was a client of Leigh Ann Bauer and she is great at what she dose. She kept me informed on my case and told me all I needed to know. This Attorney is worth every penny. Thanks to her I can now be at peace.
Posted by anonymous | January 14, 2023
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
Challenged my knowledge of my case
I appreciate Ms. Bauer's personal phone call back to me regarding my first-time DUI (and pristine driving record of nearly 5 decades). After 30 years in clinical research regarding the accumulation of chemicals in the human body (toxicology), I know a few things--or many things--about this subject. I do not believe the result of the datamaster in question yet Ms. Bauer didn't listen and just "pulled rank" regarding her expertise with the breathylizers and their ability to distinguish between various solvents. Turns out this particular datamaster had numerous filter wheel errors in the timeframe of my arrest yet no maintenance was done (I was able to get its records). I'm certainly fine being told that a particular angle of my case would be very hard to defend, costly due to the need for expert witnesses, and there might be a better strategy. To invalidate my expertise is uncalled for. I found it rude rather than collaborative.
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Response from Leigh Bauer January 16, 2023
Hello anonymous, Many apologies for making you feel invalidated in our brief 10 minute phone conversation wherein you made it very clear you had the expertise to represent yourself. In my 30+ years’ experience as a defender and certified Datamaster instructor, I’ve never seen scientific peer reviewed studies that would refute a .350+ BRAC based solely on hand sanitizer that never entered the oral cavity. I did try to equip you with tools to help you with your case, including how to obtain records for your specific machine. You wanted me to fortify your case with unsubstantiated legal theories, free of charge. I still took the time to walk you through your theory and find other ways to help you succeed. Best of luck to you.
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Posted by Haley | March 23, 2021
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Worst Person and Lawyer I have ever met
Leigh Ann is easily the worst person and definitely the worst lawyer I have ever met. My father hired her for my second DUI in February of 2020 and it has been a nightmare to work with her since then. She acts as if doing anything her job requires is a huge hassle and makes sure you know "how much effort she is putting in", without ever actually showing proof of any of it. I will say, I was not the easiest client to work for, because I did not want to go to Seattle for "treatment" because I knew I didn't need it. Liz, her paralegal/secretary then instructed me to just go to a different program and not tell Leigh Ann about it. I did that and graduated. Received no recognitiion from Leigh Ann or the court, nor did they ever ask for any proof of it. So it was pointless. I was also on house arrest for almost all of 2020, with Leigh Ann not trying to get me off of it once, no matter how many times I asked, and ended up not receiving credit for any of it because she refused to argue my case. I ended up getting in trouble again in February of this year unfortunately, due to my mental health issues, which Leigh Ann and the entire court were more than aware of, and all I got in return was Leigh Ann compeltely quitting as my lawyer and taking all of my money with her, not ever showing me any proof of what she had actually done as my lawyer in the LAST YEAR. She did not quit due to me having issues; she quit because I asked for evidence that she had argued my case. I have several voice recordings of her screaming at me and calling me names, as well as many emails including her lack of professionalism and downright rudeness. This is not how you treat people, much less clients who are paying you. I have already started my complaint to the bar. All of this being said, based on her reviews, you can definitely tell she picks favorite clients who she actually wants to help and those that she doesn't. Which is why she receives either 5 or 1 star. So hey, if you want to waste $10,000 in hopes that you will be one she'll actually like and do her job for, go for it. But I wouldn't risk it. I now have a public defender who is doing 10 times more than she ever did and actually keeping me updated on what is going on with my case. Who would have thought that someone provided from the state would be more helpful than an attorney? It's because they actually have something to prove; she doesn't. Leigh Ann and her office don't care about you as a person or a client. Look somewhere else.
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Posted by anonymous | July 4, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Would not recommend
I was unhappy with the service I received from Leigh Ann Bauer’s office and eventually switched to a different attorney who did a much better job. I retained Leigh Ann Bauer to represent me regarding a DUI charge in 2018. The initial phone interview with Leigh Ann went well, and the online reviews of her office looked good. I paid the $3,600 flat-rate fee for DUI representation. The first sign of trouble was a slowness in responding to emails. I had a few questions about the citations that I received during the traffic stop. Several times I found myself sending additional emails to the office after waiting 3 or 4 days and not hearing anything back. The next issue I ran into was Leigh Ann’s office refusing to handle my citations. I received citations along with my DUI charge. Speeding and a couple others. Leigh Ann’s office informed me that they could not help me with those because they don’t deal with citations, only criminal charges. They suggested that I contact the city prosecutor to request that the citations be consolidated with my criminal case. I called the Fairbanks District Attorney’s office. The person I talked with there said that they could not speak with me on the matter because I had a lawyer. She also said that normally the defendant's attorney would submit the request to get a citation consolidated in with the criminal case. In the long run, during the hearing for the citations, the judge at the Nenana courthouse assigned the citations to be addressed with the criminal case, saying, “dealing with the citations separately from the criminal case would be pretty unusual”. At some point the paralegal left the company. She had been my main point of contact and the one who was familiar with me. I think it was a few weeks before a new one came in. Earlier this spring I had a phone appointment scheduled with Leigh Ann to talk about my case. She called me 4 or 5 days prior to the appointment instead. During our impromptu phone call Leigh Ann mentioned something about the prosecuting attorney bugging her regarding my case. She said the attorney has offered a deal and we need to "pull the trigger" on it soon. Leigh Ann was speaking quickly and not very thoroughly - as if I knew a lot about the case and a lot about the court system’s processes. I had to ask quite a few simple questions in order to understand what was going on. Eventually Leigh Ann suggested that I plead guilty to the DUI charge. She said the prosecuting attorney would then waive the breath test refusal. At this point I reached out to a different attorney. He explained things clearly and concisely and brought up a few options that Leigh Ann had not mentioned. Rather quickly he was able to get my charge reduced to reckless driving and his fee was quite a bit less than the $3,600 I paid to Leigh Ann’s office. Given my experience, I would not recommend using the services of Leigh Ann Bauer’s office.
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Response from Leigh Bauer July 8, 2019
I am so happy that you were able to get a reckless driving reduction. My ultimate goal is to be able to negotiate a reduced sentence for all my clients. I remember your case very well; I was in the middle of very intensive negotiations with the District Attorney’s office on your behalf. I was in the process of pushing your case to trial with the anticipation of getting a reckless driving reduction. I am so glad that your new attorney was able to benefit from my groundwork. Every attorney has a different negotiating style. I am very direct with my clients, always being honest and letting them know the worst-case/best-case scenario, especially when a client is facing multiple criminal charges. When a client is facing more than one charge and they do not want to accept the State’s offer, the District Attorney can withdraw the offer to dismiss additional counts and that decision can cause significant legal risks. It is my personal style to speak directly with my clients rather than emailing back and forth after all the discovery has been received and reviewed. This way I can address any and all questions they may have. Our office returns phone call and emails within 24 hours of receipt. You and I spent many hours on the phone discussing your case. You were very uncomfortable with pushing this case to trial or “pulling the trigger” as you stated. You are not being truthful when you state that I advised you to accept the State's offer. Your approach in handling this case was more passive than mine and in my professional opinion, would have gotten us nowhere. I am a trial lawyer and pushing cases to trial or “pulling the trigger” to signal to the District Attorney that we are serious about a charge reduction and will do whatever it takes to get one is what good trial lawyers do for their clients. This approach has benefited numerous clients and I have obtained many reduced charges and dismissals. Our office has never handled client's citations. You were told this before I was retained. The DA's will not agree to dismiss the citations either, because they handle only criminal matters and not traffic cases. I am glad that you were able to hire another attorney that matched your personality better. I wish you the best of luck.
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  • McGeorge School of Law
  • JD - Juris Doctor
  • 1991
  • University of California - Santa Barbara
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts
  • 1985


  • Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Member
  • 1992 - Present
  • Alaska Academy of Trial Lawyers
  • Member
  • 1992 - Present
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
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  • 1992 - Present
  • National College of DUI Defense
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  • 1992 - Present
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DUI and DWI Attorney | Jan 31
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"I endorse Leigh Ann Bauer without hesitation. As an Assistant District Attorney, I had the chance to work against Ms. Bauer on a number of DUI cases. During that time, I found her to be well prepared, knowledgeable, and very professional. Since leaving public service, Ms. Bauer has made herself available to me a number of times to answer questions I have had in defending DUI cases. Ms. Bauer is a great attorney."
Criminal defense Attorney | Apr 29
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Leigh Ann has a tremendous courtroom presence. She is widely admired for her advocacy skills and for her commitment to clients. Anyone in her hands is well served, and I highly recommend Leigh Ann."
DUI and DWI Attorney | Mar 24
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"I endorse this lawyer."
DUI and DWI Attorney | Aug 03
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer."
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Anchorage Criminal defense Lawyer Leigh Ann Bauer
Leigh Ann Bauer
Criminal defense Attorney
Anchorage, AK
Licensed for 31 years