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Meredith McKell Graff

Meredith Graff’s reviews

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  • Failed

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mark

    Failed on many accounts. Finally just had to terminate them and move the business to another firm. An example: emails that were lacking in any advise or information. Which lead to you asking questions, for which you receive billing. Invoices which do not tend to match the level of work being performed, nor are accurate reflections of payments made.

    One email from my attorney was simple as 'see below'. This was the advise I received.

    My assigned attorney did not argue well at all, even losing ground on previous court ordered decisions.

    Papers alone cannot win a case, you need an attorney that can argue the case.

    Do not recommend.

    Hired attorney
    Meredith McKell Graff’s response: “This case does not ring a bell at all. When I send an email response to an email from a client, I often write, "See below" because I am taking the time to respond in line with every comment and concern of the client. This kind of response often takes up to a half an hour to complete. If this comment is from a real client (and I have not had any clients leave my service mid-case to go to another lawyer in the past twelve months), this person did not read the email response(s) I sent where I indicated I would be commenting below [in line] under the client's comments. The philosophy of McKELL GRAFF, PLLC, which I founded thirteen years ago, is to provide personal attention to each client to greatest possible extent. It is truly a family law firm since my husband, Eugene M. Graff, joined me as partner. Gene and I go out of our way to meet our clients' needs. We spent a weekend in September in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island to visit with and say goodbye to my long time pro bono client who was dying of cancer. He died two weeks later. I offer free Reiki services to all of my clients. We believe in being there for our clients. If this is a real client, it is unfortunate that this client did not read the emails sent by me to the client. It is unfortunate that the client did not discuss the bills with me. We do not charge to discuss billing issues. We offer payment plans. We work with our clients. We have been offering sliding scale rates with our own Modest Means Program ever since the Clark County Bar got rid of its Modest Means Program 8 years ago. I am sorry this individual had an unpleasant experience with our firm.”
  • Meredith is a kind, highly effective lawyer.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lilli

    I came to Meredith after meeting her at a Second Saturday seminar. I could sense her empathy towards the divorce process and see how passionate she was about proceeding in a quick, compassionate way towards the parties involved. I was so scared to file, but Meredith gave me a sense of peace and trust in her abilities. She did not disappoint. She is so effective, yet kind and aware of the pain that divorce generates. Meredith got me through my divorce quickly and I felt good about how it all came together. I highly recommend Meredith as a lawyer. She knows her stuff and has a good heart to go with it!

  • Best attorney you'll find!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by TJ

    If you want the best attorney in town go to Mrs. Graff. She handled our step-parent adoption and we could not be happier! She's a true professional who knows the laws and shows amazing compassion for her clients. Mrs. Graff actually far exceeded our expectations going above and beyond for our family. I highly highly recommend this attorney to anyone looking for the best!

  • very good attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brooke

    Meredith was AWESOME. I used her before for my divorce 10 years ago.

  • She is really good!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Erika

    We are very happy with the results. I can not express my feelings with words. She is very professional, understanding, smart, fair, knowledgeable, and more.
    At first We hired a lawyer that was not doing his job, after so many months of battle, a lot of damage being done, the nonsense, and the money being waist. We decided to change lawyers, We came across with Meredith and her team. She took our case, in less than 2 months we got our case settle, and Yes, We got the results that we wanted. I totally recommend her services. "Excellent".
    PS: I was at Clark college and I mentioned her name to a student (future lawyer), and she said that Meredith McKell is very well known as one of the best attorneys. Good luck to you!!! and Thank you Meredith!

    Meredith McKell Graff’s response: “Thanks, Erika and Jon!”
  • Excellent Recommendation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Renee

    I sought the counsel and representation of Mrs. McKell Graff after being involved in a hostile Custody battle and a Divorce process that had been going on for sixteen months. Custody and Child Support was still not resolved, this was the most important issue in the very beginning. I found her profile in the Washington State Board of Attorney registry link. My experience with two previous attorneys was very damaging.
    I had spent more than five thousand dollars in hot shot attorney fee’s which did absolutely nothing for me or my children. It was a shocking nightmare. I still have not recovered from the damages caused by another attorney. However, I will share my overall experience with Mrs. Graff. I will qualify why I believe her work to be distinctive and the foundational concepts of her practice effective. Finally, I will illustrate why I think she has earned an Excellent Recommendation.

    My overall experience with Mrs. Graff is that she is genuine and cares. Mrs. Graff demonstrated competent skills in her ability to actively listen. She identified the points that were most important to me. She was willing to step up and take on a legal mess. There are a lot of attorneys that will not do that. She suggested the best legal strategy to bring the unresolved Custody issue to a conclusion.

    Mrs. Graff drafted and entered the Modified Parenting Plan and resolved the issue of Child Support in a balanced approach. The issue of Child Support could have easily caused further damage for me in two ways: 1 – my earnings were imputed due to the previous incompetent attorney. 2 – If Custody was not acquired (and it was not) then I could not afford to pay the imputed amount of Child Support based on my actual earnings. I honestly wish that I would have employed Mrs. Graff in the very beginning of this case.

    I found that the life experience Mrs. Graff brings to the legal profession is what sets her apart from other attorneys in a very distinctive way. The first distinction is that Mrs. Graff is able to demonstrate the principles in her Philosophy and Mission Statement. I am very articulate and I expect people to walk their talk. The statements are not just cleverly crafted ideas intended to sell her services. It accurately represents who she is and what she is about. Working in the medical field I value ethical principles, professional conduct and personal integrity. I found it refreshing that Mrs. Graff proved to be the one attorney that approached her professional duties ethically and with integrity.

    The foundational concepts of collaboration, mediation and coaching that she applies to the immensely painful process of divorce and my custody issues were very effective. This was evident when the Custody and Child Support issues were resolved. Then she gave me a swift kick of encouragement to move on with my life.

    A second distinction is Mrs. Graff went above and beyond the call of duty in the sense that she also facilitated emotional healing for me. That is a significant statement in light of the fact that I have enjoyed 24 years of continuous sobriety and live the 12 step principles. I have a lot of tools in my tool box to work through emotional issues but
    Mrs. Graff laid more tools at my feet. We shared stories, we laughed and we cried. She gave me good advice and simple direction as I embraced a new chapter in my life.
    I followed her advice and it has proven to produce sound results.

    A personal motto that I adopted a long time ago is; “Excellence Exceeds Expectation” Mrs. Graff and Heidi, her staffer did exactly that. I can wholeheartedly and confidently say that on a rating scale of 0 to10 she rates a 15 in my book. Mrs. Graff has earned the title of this review “Excellent Recommendation” and I highly recommend her services before a mess is created and damages are sustained.

  • Straight to the point

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim B

    Meredith got me the results I wanted, not the ones expected. She is very professional and full of energy 24/7. I hear of people wondering if they choosed the wrong attorney, not me. Take the time to consult with her and you will see. If you think your situation is complicated, mine consisted of a mix of domestic violence, child custody, and divorce. She did awesome. Thanks again Meredith!jim

  • Why McKell Graff is the BEST Family Law Practice in Vancouver, WA

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    I still vividly remember my ex leaving and the panic that set in when I knew I had to hire a lawyer. I was taking care of my 3 children by time was almost non existent. The firm of McKell Graff came recommended through the Vancouver Bar Association as the group that would listen to my case and help.

    Naturally the first time you ever NEED a Family Law Attorney can be a daunting task and finding the right one even more so. My frame of mind was disheveled as was my appearance but Meredith and her firm treated me in a fashion that put me in as much of a state of ease as I could possibly be in at that time of my life.

    I brought in all of the information I had collected to help in my case and her team went to work. Was I worried ? I was when I found out my ex had hired a big gun Seattle Law firm to represent her but Meredith had the confidence and found a way to instill it into me.

    When I had questions they were answered in a timely, professional manner and I ALWAYS felt like her door was open, not just to her, but to the entire staff. They were always courteous, professional and " personal " which I found to be the most important.

    I can say, with the utmost confidence, that if I ever need to go to court again I wouldn't do it without the McKell Graff team by my side or without their assistance in helping me prepare for it myself.

    The firm showed me an amazing sense of professionalism on all fronts and completely changed my attitude towards their chosen profession. I don't remember ever walking out of Meredith's office without my head held up, having the confidence I needed to face this challenge, knowing that they, from day one, had the best interests of myself and my children in mind.

    Meredith is a blessing not only to her community but to everyone she and her firm helps. She was a true David against a Goliath and not once do I remember her not having the confidence needed to go into court and represent me.

    Can I actually say anything more that would convince you to use, hands down, the best family law practice in Clark County if not the State of WA ? Her temperament towards mediation first is not only admirable, it was very much needed, but do not let this dissuade you from the fact that when needed she has an arsenal thats second to none.

    She's a great inspiration, as is her staff and there is NO ONE else I would ever use again.

    What Meredith doesn't know at this point is that her and her team have inspired me to go back to college to study being a paralegal and I hope to one day give back to our community with the same professionalism, respect, courtesy and care that she showed me.

    Bless you Meredith...the 4 lives you've touched will never be the same again and for that I am grateful far beyond these words.

  • Honest and forthright

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Judy

    I wanted a lawyer who would be willing to be flexible and coach me through the process. She didn't have her own agenda but supported me to be involved in the process to the extent I wanted.

  • Divorce Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carolyn

    I worked with Meredith from 2000 miles away, and even with that distance she made working with her seamless as if I were right next door. She was very professional, caring and compassionate, yet tough when she found the need to bring me to my senses on some issues that I wasn't seeing too clearly on. She is most definitely anti-divorce war, and strives for peace and mediation so that all parties can walk away from the divorce process in a better frame of mind without running up extraordinary legal fees or wasting valuable time. Thanks Meredith !