Written by attorney Meredith McKell Graff

Reiki Energy Healing and Divorce

Besides being a lawyer, I am a Reiki Master. Rei-ki literally means "spirit directed, life-force energy." The "ki" in Reiki is the same as the 'gi" in "Gigong," or the "ki" in Akido." It is "chi" in the practice of "Fong Shui." The energy is "shared," that is, one who is attuned, or initiated in how to draw in and direct the energy, acts as a transmitter of the energy to another. It is experienced in variety of ways: warm, calm and relaxing, a slight electrical sensation or almost "buzzing," or sedative effect supporting sleep. While I do not make claims about its healing powers, I have heard stories from others. I merely tell interested recipients that it is likely to help them feel calmer, more peaceful, balanced and centered, and whatever was disressing to them will find a solution in the days following the receipt of Reiki.

Reiki was discovered at the beginning of the last century in Japan by introspective and spiritual Mikao Usui, who found that he had been gifted with the ability to draw healing energy into his body, which sought egress through the palms of his hands, which he placed slightly above or lightly upon his recipient. Sometimes, he sat across from his recipient and held his hands up, palms open, to send the Reiki Energy to the person who wished to receive it. He passed it on to one student, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, who used it in conjunction with his medical practice prior to the Second World War. Dr. Hayashi only attuned three students, one of whom was a Japanese American woman from Kauai, Hawaii, who has been the progenitor of most of the Western world's Reiki practitioners and teachers since her own attunement.

What this has to do with the practice of law is that some areas of law can be very stressful and even traumatic for persons caught up in those kinds of cases. Family law is a highly adversarial area of law, which seems to attract some of the most disagreeable people in the bar. Other stressful areas of law are elder law--trying to help an elderly family member, who may or may not want the help, parents in juvenile dependency matters where their legal parental rights are at stake, personal injury cases where death, dismemberment, disfigurement, and other losses can change someone's or a family's lives forever.

People are not very good at getting help for what ails their "hearts." Sure, if they have "heart trouble," they will go to a physician lickety split. But if their hearts are filled with grief, sorrow, shock, and sadness, people cringe at the suggestion of a "mental health counselor," which seems to imply that they are "nuts," "not right in the head, " unhinged." Instead, my office has a "Reiki Room." It contains a standard massage table that is covered with a electrical Bio-Mat traded to me by a former client in exchange for his legal fees owed. I don't understand how the Bio-Mat's Negative Ions work, or how its thousands of gem-grade amethysts cause one who turns it on and lies down on it to slip so quickly into a very deep sleep that is incredibly restful. On top of the Bio-Mat is a warm, wool blanket, folded once for thickness, and a sheet. At the foot of the table is a green and yellow hand stitched quilt made for me by my grandmother 37 years ago. On a shelf, peaceful music flows from a CD player and an overflowing water pot provides the sensation of floating next to a small waterfall. Essential oils in mixtures entitled, "Forgiveness," "Harmony," "Joy," "Gratitude," along with single notes of Lavender, Spruce, Sage, White Angelica, and Thyme can be infused to provide another sensation for relaxation.

I offer the use of the Bio-Mat to all my clients. There is no charge to schedule an hour on the Bio-Mat. All clients are welcome to their first Reiki session at no charge. After that, there is a small charge but nothing close to an attorney's hourly rates. I find the opportunity to offer peaceful methods to resolve legal conflict, and supported by a respite room that is an oasis of calm and healing brings me the kinds of clients I want to work with. I truly believe those we encounter are mirrors to us to teach us something we need to learn. As Richard Bach said, "We are all learners, doers, and teachers," reminding and being reminded, and demonstrating what we already know. The energy we send out comes back to us. In our work, it is our work energy that brings us clients with the same energy.

Having a Reiki Room in my divorce law practice not only gives me an opportunity to share healing Reiki energy, practice what I preach, but it keeps me on my path of peaceful resolution by reminding me, by its very place in the heart of my office suite, that there is more to what we do than just draft documents, argue motions, advise clients. We can be a rock in their ponds, and be the catalyst for far-reaching effects in their lives, long after the legal matter is over. The ripples flow outward in an eternal spiral of energy, not unlike the spirals of galaxies or the DNA spirals within our tiniest elements, and *how* we do our work may ultimately be more important than *what* we did. Who we are is a 24/7 proposition. I am a Reiki Lawyer. I want to not only be the best lawyer *I* can be, but I want to embody the Reiki principles in all areas of my life:

"Just for Today: I will not anger.

"Just for Today: I will do my work honestly.

"Just for Today: I will not worry.

"Just for Today: I will live the attitude of gratitude.

"Just for Today: I will show love and respect to every living thing."

(Mikao Usui)

Additional resources provided by the author

International Center for Reiki Training: (William Rand) International House of Reiki: (Franz & Bronwen Stiene) Books by William Rand, Frank Arjava Petter, Diane Stein, Pamela Miles, Walter Lubeck Podcasts by Franz & Bronwen Stiene

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