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Christopher R. Sundstrom

Christopher Sundstrom’s reviews

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  • Quickly resolved 5 year old outstanding warrant.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sean

    Having untreated psychiatric issues early on in adulthood led me to get into some legal trouble, some of which I had entirely forgotten about.

    When I went to apply for a job and did a background check, they notified me I had an active warrant that was 5 years old due to being charged with reckless burning. Needing to resolve the matter quickly to get the job, I sought out a local lawyer who had experience with the municipal court that issued the charge.

    My first consultation with Chris on the telephone gave me confidence that he would be able to resolve the matter, so I decided to retain him.

    He was familiar with the prosecuting attorney and judge, and he was confident he could work with them to reach a resolution. He went to my first court date with me and got the warrant quashed immediately. I was able to take the paperwork from this to my employer, who then proceeded to hire me. Chris then had a pretrial hearing with the prosecuting attorney a week or so later and reached an agreement with him to dismiss the case. After one more court date the charge was dismissed and the matter was resolved.

    I would recommend Chris without reservation for anyone needing a lawyer.

    Hired attorney
  • Only in it for the money.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Rhonda

    I hired Mr. Sundstrom to handle my divorce. I paid him thousands of dollars from my retirement account so I could obtain a settlement from ex-husband after 37 years of marriage. When I was starting to make some progress in my case, my ex-husband hired a new lawyer who was ruthless. Mr. Sundstrom lost interest in my case at that point, and when I ran out of money, he quit. I was forced to end the settlement on my own and I lost almost everything. I made mistakes by not standing up to him, I told him many times I wanted to end it, but he kept saying wait. I thought I was waiting for the accountant, but he was waiting for my money to run out. I had to wait months for Mr. Sundstrom's accountant to make a report on our businesses and in the end it was not a true report. I would like to warn those who are looking for an attorney to NOT look in the yellow pages. Do your research, and read reviews. Look for a lawyer who cares about his client and winning the case, not how much money he can get. My friends and family cannot believe what happened with my divorce. I now qualify for food stamps and my ex-husband is laughing every trip he makes to the bank.

  • Child Support

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Last year I engaged Mr. Sundstrom to give me advice when my exhusband made an unreasonable request for full custody. Chris was referred to me by a trustworthy friend and I had researched other lawyers as well before deciding to go with his services.

    My exhusband ended up not pursuing the full custody request, but he did pursue an adjustment to child support which Chris represented me on. It was an atypical financial situation which required considerable requests for information to support my exhusband's statements. Throughout the case, Chris was sensable and honest in his approach and he continually found ways to limit he and his staff's hours. He was honest with me about not being an expert in financial or tax law, his reputation and sensable approach with the courts and the opposing counsel resulted in a better than anticipated outcome.

    I would definitely recommend Chris as an advocate for his clients!

  • Good attorney for divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mr. Sundstrom was recommended to me by a friend who's wife used him for their divorce. We are finally all but done and I have been very happy with all aspects of how everything has been handled. Of course would have liked it to be less expensive.
    Mr. Sundstrom and his staff have been very professional throughout the duration of the case.

  • He fights for Dads!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dave D

    A great rep with judges, as a no-nonsense lawyer. Presents a solid, concise case of facts that judges appreciate when the opposition slings the mud. I'd send any friend or family member to Chris. I could not have hoped to find a better guy to fight for my daughter and I.

  • Attorney Sundstrom

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mr Sundstrom represented me in my divorce proceedings, and while costing on the high end, handled my case so well that the outcome was better than expected/hoped for. He initial evaluation was spot on, advising me it would be a difficult and lenghty case, and did let me know it would be expensive. His work was excellent, and his staff seemed to be very knowledgeable.