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Jennie Patton

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  • Look elsewhere

    1.0 star

    Posted by Juli

    After meeting with several bankruptcy attorney's I decided to hire Jennie Patton for a chapter 7 case. I thought she was a good choice. She knew that it was going to take me some time to raise all the needed money, and she was okay with that.

    At the meeting where I signed the paperwork I expressed concern over a very aggressive law/collection firm that was threatening me. Jennie said she would contact the firm and let them know she was representing me. I never heard from that firm after that day so I assumed Jennie had talked to them. That was until I got a call from my bank notifying me that my entire account had been garnished. Every dime I had was gone. Obviously Jennie Patton had done nothing. She had noted my concern in her notes, that I recently received a copy of, but had not taken any action to protect me.

    On February 27, I contacted her law firm and asked for the money I had paid towards the bankruptcy back as it was greatly needed, and fired her as my attorney since she had done absolutely nothing. I sent numerous emails and made a couple of phone calls but to no avail. On March 21 I finally received a phone call explaining why I wasn't getting any money back.

    When I signed the paperwork I was never told about the fees and costs that would be added to my bill. I was given a lump sum to pay. For example, signing the paperwork cost 281.00. Every phone call or email was 12.50 (that was the para-legal's fee). In the end, Jennie Patton said I owed her money but she wrote it off considering my circumstance. My circumstance was that I hired an attorney to help with bankruptcy-an attorney who did nothing-and because of her inaction I lost everything.

    To this day I have never received an explanation as to why she didn't contact the aggressive law/collection firm as I requested, why she did nothing to help after I contacted her about the garnishment, why it took almost a month to be told about my account, and why it was never explained to me about the costs of doing business with her (ie...costs per email, phone call, etc.).

    There are plenty of bankruptcy attorney's to choose from. Find one who remembers that a client is still a person, not just an income source. Find one that follows through with promises. Find one that will stand by you when needed instead of ducking phone calls and emails.

    Find anyone but Jennie Patton.

  • bankruptcy case represented by Jennie Patton

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Chapter 13 client

    We are represented by Jennie Patton, in which previously I had said somethings in haste and posted a review that was not very kind. She has taken the time to meet with me and address my issues and continue forward in a very professional manner, and I respect that. She has our best interest at heart and discussed with me what she is planning to do to help us. She is going out of her way to help us, since our case was discharged and our mortgage company messed up our loan during the period that we were in the chapter 13, which was not any fault of hers. She made me feel that she did geniunely care what happens, and that means alot. I regret the posting that I made earlier.

  • Excellent Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kris

    Jenny and her team have been a god send to my husband and I following the aftermath of jobloss, coupled with bad money/realestate purchases. They were always confidential and caring when we needed it most. I never felt judged and only have received excellent service. A most professional and positive experience. I would highly recommend to anyone. Very honest and caring.
    Thank you Jennie!