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Robert Helland

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    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I Hired Barbara Mcinvallie for a week. I thought I was going to proceed with a divorce. She told me that there was a restraining order placed on my soon to be Ex husband. I called 3 times to make sure it was in effect and that he could be served. I was told 'YES' by her twice and office staff twice. I called the police to have him served and not one, not two, but THREE officers to me nowhere was their a restraining order in place. They called south sound 911 records, the court, even my soon to be Ex's probation officer. Nothing! Another month passes and now they said I do owe them $300.00. For ..? Doesn't say on the bill. I called and The receptionist says it's basically my fault because I was "pressuring" them to hurry up and issue me the refund? I called two maybe three times about it because it seemed to be taking forever. Do not hire anyone from this law firm! You will pay double for lousy service!

    Robert Helland’s response: “I have been successfully representing individuals in high conflict divorces and other legal issues for over 30 years. This is an incorrect review. As the owner of Helland Law Group I take great pride in making sure that every client that walks through the door receives the highest level of care and satisfaction possible. I personally never represented this individual and had no contact with her. If any client believes there is an issue with the service that they received from any attorney in my office my door is always open to discuss the situation. I notice that the client has not posted her name or case number as to allow other people to review the court file, I would welcome her to do so. I have reviewed the court file from this case and a restraining order was issued keeping the reviewer’s spouse 2,500’ away from the reviewer. What the reviewer fails to state is that she signed a notice of reconciliation with her spouse 4 days after the restraining order was filed with the court. Our standard employment agreement provides that we will refund to our client all client funds not used on the client’s case at the end of the billing cycle. Unfortunately, this client refused to honor their contract with us and demanded the immediate refund of all unused funds prior to the end of the billing cycle. Our office tried to accommodate this request and returned the unused funds prior to the $291 filing fee charged by the Superior Court posting to her account. The client now refuses to pay the filing fee charged by the Court clerk.”
  • Great lawyer and staff

    5.0 stars

    Posted by tani.s3mom.aunna

    Bob Helland helped me with an overpayment of Child Support, however the judge the didnt find in my favor, but it wasnt because we lacked a thorough case. Bob always was available for questions and his staff put in lots of hours auditing my payments. His staff is also easy to talk to and work with. And on top of that, they have been exceptional with handling payments to my account. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bob Helland!! I have never had such a compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer in all the years I have had to deal with this matter. I wish I had used Mr. Helland years ago when my court nightmare began. You are choosing an EXCELLENT Lawyer and staff!!

  • Down to Earth, Knowledgable Attorney with Child Support Order

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jake

    Bob handled my case, opened my eyes to many other things that my previous lawyers didn't. Very easy to talk to and quite funny. Makes the crappy experience with Child Support easier.

  • Honest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Donald S.

    Robert has been my attorney for several years and during that time has given me excellent advice. I really appreciate his honesty and looking after my best interest by telling me what I need to hear vs what I want to hear.

  • Excellent and Experienced

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Messay

    This Law office is exceptional, very professional, prompt and very friendly. Bob Helland is very knowledgeable and experienced. I'm so glad to know that all my legal matters are handled by him.

  • Outstanding service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Robert Helland has handled legal matters for me for 20+ years. He most recently helped me with a personal injury case involving a hit and run pedestrian injury accident. Within the first week that I came to Mr. Helland with this case he located an eye witness and obtained a statement as well as the police investigation reports and filed the appropriate papers to initiate a lawsuit.

    He was very well prepared and professional in dealings with the insurance company and opposing council. He successfully negotiated an acceptable settlement to avoid the cost and time involved had the case gone to trial.

    Throughout the process I was always kept aware of the status of the progress of the proceedings and what to expect as the case neared completion. I could not have been more satisfied with the final settlement and resolution of the case.

    In addition Mr. Heeland always informed of the costs associated with the proceedings and always obtained my approval before incurring any expenses. I have obtained the services of other attorneys for various issues over the years but none more honest and up front than Robert Helland. If he feels that something is not within his field of knowledge he will tell you that and recommend someone that may be better equipped to handle your issue. His honesty and professionalism is outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Helland to my closest family and friends.

  • Helland Law Group PLLC / Mr. Robert Helland and associates

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas

    I was entering into a fairly nasty and complex divorce and a friend recommended I contact Bob for my legal representation. From my very first free counsultation right through to the final proceedings, I always felt that I was most certainly in good hands. Bob always takes the time to explain all the details in a way that you can understand, and goes out of his way to try and do his absolute best for you. You always feel as though you are sitting down with an old freind when you visit with Bob, and I usually left feeling much better after my appointments at his office. I would highly recommend Mr. Bob Helland and his Associates for all your legal representation needs. They are one of, if not the VERY BEST Law firms in Pierce county, bar none.

  • knowledgeable, approachable, speaks "lay" language

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Allen

    What I love about Bob is his knowledge and his ability to convey that knowledge to a lay person like me. Even when I couldn't quite articulate what I was trying to ask he anticipated what I was asking and gave a great answer. He called when he said he would. Did what he said he would etc. I have not had him in a court room setting but I am sure that he would represent me just as well in that environment.

  • Five Stars

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carl

    I've consulted with Robert on various matters and he's always provided excellent input and guidance based on a level-head and deep experience - I recommend him most highly.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Micheal

    ~HEY YOU~ ... ~sitting there ~ looking for an attorney ~ taking the time ~ to read reviews ~
    ...well here goes mine...

    In 1996 Robert Helland represented my custody case and I HATED how he asked the judge for a guardian ad litem and some other extra junk for me to do! I felt like I was being set up for failure with all the hoops we had to jump through....but I tell ya, Robert Helland knows his stuff!

    I realized that Bob has always had my best interests at heart, and that there's a good reason for all the legal steps we took. Judges like attorneys that get right to the LAW and no pussy footing around. I have hired Bob (and won) my Custody, Separation, Divorce, DUI, and will hire him in the future as needed. I call Bob for every little question and he (or his amazing staff) is able to address my concerns.

    Bob has even referred me to a different attorney, and I appreciate that Bob knows his limitations, looks past any financial pride and directs me to success. I recommended Robert Helland to Everyone. Aggressive, Down to earth, and Knowledgeable Attorney. I hope my review helps you, as much as Robert Helland has helped me!