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G. Geoffrey Gibbs

G. Gibbs’s reviews

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  • Geoffrey Gibbs did Great!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brittney

    Geoffrey Gibbs worked very hard on my case with minimal effort on my part. The way he handled himself in court really shows his experience in his field. He was awesome! Thank you for all your dedication to my case!

    Hired attorney
  • Top notch attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diane

    Needed assistance with Estate Planning. Found Mr. Gibbs to be very professional and very knowledgeable where law was concerned. Someone that I truly felt had my concerns as his priority. Exemplary attorney!!

    Hired attorney
  • The best experience I've ever had

    5.0 stars

    Posted by carocaste2000

    I just hired Mr. Gibbs, this has been my best decision I've make for my daughter and myself!
    No only he is so attentive, educated, knowledgeable, accurate, since the very beginning he knew exactly what to do!
    He also ask me for an amazing very reasonable retainer, he has give me peace of mind since the moment I walked in his office!

    Thank you, thank you Mr. Gibbs!

  • Schedule your initial consult with Mr. Gibbs!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Mr. Gibbs within minutes of our initial consultation, made a remarkable impression on me which distinctly separated him from his peers in the field of family law. Sure, you can conduct research on individual attorneys through their respective websites or even on Avvo or listen to the recommendations of friends, family and even other attorneys (all of which I discovered were positive with regards to Mr. Gibbs), but the true acid test in my modest opinion is in the initial consultation with any attorney. You have to judge for yourself.
    In my unfortunate experience with some attorneys, I have found myself to be treated like the usual dime a dozen case, subject to what usually feels like a scare presentation to invoke the purchase of legal services only to end significantly short of expectations. And I have had to sit with several attorneys....
    In Mr. Gibbs' case however, I was delighted to be greeted, he promptly cut to the chase of my visit and had my questions answered quickly, efficiently and directly. He demonstrated a thorough understanding of relevant statutes and laws as applicable to my scenario and went above and beyond my expectation in his assistance with his solutions. His service is easily described as 1st class.
    I can obviously see why Mr. Gibbs is a valuable asset to the elite team of professionals of Anderson Hunter.
    Thank you Mr. Gibbs, your service and professionalism as an Attorney is highly appreciated!

  • QDRO work

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cheryl

    From the minute I walked in, I felt listened to and comfortable. Seven years ago, I divorced. At that time I was awarded full rights to my former spouse's pension (which he said did not exist). I was not made aware that I needed a QDRO to access this right. I needed to obtain my former spouse's signature on a QDRO but he was adamantly refusing to cooperate. Mr. Gibbs was very courteous and knowledgeable. He reviewed my case history and explained everything in layman terms. In less than a week's time, he had a motion drafted, and a courtdate set. In the motion, he referenced RCWs and prior case rulings. His experience as a trial lawyer was evident. Mr Gibbs and his assistant Kerry got resolution to my case in less time than I imagined possible.

    Knowing what I know now, I highly recommend Mr Gibbs. I am truly thankful to have hired them. I truly wish I had him in my corner 7 years ago.

  • Best and most focused attorney in Snohomish County, Washington!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bev H

    Mr. Gibbs handled my brothers divorce (a marriage of over 25 years!) with great efficiency, character, determination, persistence, patience, and his wealth of 30 some years of experience. I can say this as I watched from the sidelines - impressed more and more with each Court date, mediation and especially with the day long Trial! Mediation failed when Mr. Gibbs refused to allow my brother, his client, to accept terms that were unfair. It seemed that the mediator was simply trying to achieve a settlement despite the fact that it was all going in the favor of the Respondent. After a long day of trying to fairly mediate, Mr. Gibbs finally stood up, proclaimed that he could do "better than this" in Court and he sure did! You will not find a more professional attorney that will unequivocally stand up for you and fight for your rights than Mr. Geoff Gibbs. I hope he never have to hire him again - but should the need arise we will not hesitate to call him! You will not be disappointed....

  • G. Geoffrey Gibbs gets Results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JB

    Mr. Gibbs gets results. Of all of the legal actions taken to date in my pending divorce litigation, Mr. Gibbs has provided a very favorable outcome each time. The only proof of competence that I accept is accomplishment and G. Geoffry Gibbs delivers this in spades. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for competence and professionalism in representation during a family law dispute. Gibbs is very competent and knowledgeable as well as patient. He is also an honorable man...

    Family law matters involve the worst of human behavior. People that once vowed to love each other for all eternity, turn on each other and use the court system to implement their revenge. It does not have to be this way for you! I have vowed to take the high road in my divorce, and I have an attorney in Mr. Gibbs that has demonstrated his willingness and ability to support me in this regard. Consider this: the more contention and unresolved dispute that occurs in your divorce, the more money your counsel will receive. How remarkable it is that Mr. Gibbs has demonstrated again and again that he is willing to fight for a reduction in contention and dispute! He has worked for me to resolve things as much as possible out of the court system in order to save his client money.

    At one point you were in love with your adversary. If you wish to honor the covenant you made with your soon to be X while protecting yourself from false-accusations, mis-representation and the rest of the nonsense that seems to accompany divorce, THEN please give Mr. G. Geoffrey Gibbs a call. He is a fair man, who has helped me honor my promises to my wife and my God while fighting for me and protecting me from the divorce craziness. I have every reason to believe he will do the same for you.