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Carol Bailey

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  • Excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Carol was excellent in handling all areas of my contentious divorce. She tells it like it is, she is tough when she needs to be and very fair in her billing practices. On top of that she is even a very nice person :)

    Bottom line is you don't want her on the other side.

    Hired attorney
  • More than satisfied client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Although this was a horrific chapter in my life, I feel that it was optimized through my interaction with Carol and her team. I have three children and needed someone who would help me see what was best for my kids while simultaneously watching out for what was best for me in the long run. Carol asked tough questions and listened carefully while she helped me work out what I needed to do. I guess that every person going through this feels unique. I feel that my case required a lot of attention. I depended on Carol and her staff to watch my blind side -- which was every side for me, given my naivety. Carol supported me throughout the ordeal. When I did not feel like there was a solution, Carol offered some creative avenues to explore. There were many occasions where I needed help immediately. If Carol did not take the call from her cell phone right then (which she did a number of times), I relied on her capable colleagues both in person and over the phone. Carol is incredibly busy and pulled in many directions, but she always got right back to me (even if she was teaching at the UW). Carol was a legal counselor AND a personal counselor. Furthermore, our relationship did not end when my divorce was final. She has followed up several times (no charge of course) to be sure I was coping with this new and difficult transition. My divorce got very ugly in my opinon, but I always felt like I was in good hands wit Carol. Carol also knows the best forensic people in town among others. When we needed consultants, they were eager to help her regardless of their busy schedules. I could tell that there was a mutual respect in this small community. I am six months out from the FINAL date and I am grateful for the hand-holding I received. When we hit surprises in my case, she got on the phone and consulted with other attorneys or researched deeply to determine what the best and most probable solution would be. She is extremely well-connected.

  • Divorce and conflict resolution

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mathis L. Dunn, Jr.

    Carol-is extremely knowledgeable, kind and responsive. She was always available for consultation and advice when I need her. Her careful handling of my divorce left me with a positve attutide, a clear path to my new future and a renewed respect for the legal profession. I find it diffcult to believe that there are other as trustworthy, forthright and knowledgeable. I sure there might be but I was lucky to have met Carol Bailey. In my view, she is simply the best.

  • Exceptional Collaborative Family Law Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff Durrell

    I was very fortunate to find Carol Bailey. She is dynamic, knowledgeable and extremely professional. As her client, Carol always listened to my needs and quickly became someone I could trust. Communication is her strong suit and I genuinely appreciated her commitment to educating me on what to expect next. Legal proceedings are often stressful and trying, yet Carol has the ability to help her clients feel confident and informed. I highly recommend her services.

  • A Lifechanger

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christie

    I interviewed 6 other top Seattle attorneys before chosing to work with Ms. Bailey. I chose remarkably wisely. She was the only one to see my circumstances as distinctive, and my story unique. The other attorneys gave me little hope of having a life after the divorce was final.

    Ms. Bailey worked extremely hard on my complicated case. She took extraordinary time to understand my complex income and circumstances. The payoff: When we went to court, she was PREPARED.

    Obviously, divorce is an emotional time. Ms. Bailey took time to explain each hearing, and what to expect, and what the varied outcomes might be. We worked together to develope a strategy, and worked that strategy. Her legal knowledge and willingness to work hard made a lifetime difference in the quality of life I am living now-- one year after the divorce is final.

    As I mentioned in titling my comments, Ms. Bailey and her firm were a "lifechanger" for me. She was a warrior.

    In all of our worlds, there are people who we would prefer not to mix with, people we can hire and get a satisfactory (legally standard) outcome, and then the top tier of people-- the top 1 percent-- who are in the position (and have the knowledge, skills and passion), to help you empower your life. Ms. Bailey is one of those top-tier-people. I highly recommend her. She is the single attorney I would have by my side during the tramatic journey of divorce.