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Paul Seligmann’s reviews

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  • Paul Seligmann is great!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amisha

    Paul worked tirelessly on my case. He is extremely knowledgable and experienced, and knew just what to do when my ex-husband's attorney started playing dirty. I would recommend him highly, and trust him explicitly. During the year that we worked together, I knew that if I had any questions, he was always available. If I had concerns, he addressed them immediately. He took incredible care with my case and I am extremely grateful.

    Hired attorney
  • There is a reason you pay for experience

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I would highly recommend Paul for divorce proceedings and related family law. He was careful in how he approached each step in the process surrounding my divorce to try to build rapport with the opposing council while ensuring I was protected and receiving the best outcome possible. Paul's wisdom is priceless - he helped me with the outcome I desired (and with what my children needed) while providing insights and information so that I could be involved in the decisions. He maintains regular communication and is very accessible. Paul is extremely thorough - and you do pay for this level of detail. He does not use paralegals, so his work can add up quickly. He is very honest about his billing and forthcoming about the projections on his costs. I would highly recommend Paul if you have a complicated case, a situation where you have a lot at stake, or you desire more support and detail throughout your process.

  • Excellent representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JT

    Paul represented me in my divorce. He is plugged into the community of divorce attorneys and offered insights into what we were up against. This alone added significant value to the final outcome. Paul is personable, respectful, speaks in plain English, and was diligent in providing me copies of all communications between the parties. We had issues of unvested stock awards, not inconsequential property, plus children, and i found Paul to be a great counsel on all of these aspects. I would be pleased to recommend Paul to my friends.


    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    When I realized my marriage was unsustainable, I was referred to Paul from someone who had a great outcome during a similarly-difficult time. From our first meeting, it was apparent that Paul was going to be more than a reservoir of law facts. Attorney, therapist, coach, editor, Paul always kept the cardinal issues in focus. It's easy to tell a client what they may want to hear or sugar-coat less pleasant news. Paul was always very candid and realistic, but offered both strategies and tactics that ultimately made a potentially horrendous situation much less so. Emotions can jeopardize a favorable settlement. Paul's demeanor and practice standard can perhaps best be summarized by the dictum: "Don't get mad, don't get even, get what you want."
    I consider myself very fortunate to have met and worked with Paul during a critical period in the dissolution of my marriage. I feel even more fortunate that I never needed his (very favorably-reviewed) services in the court room!

  • Paul is a lawyer you want sitting with you at the table

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Last February, I received a child support adjustment motion filed by my ex-wife that seemed unfair. I knew right away from the content of the papers served me that I couldn’t negotiate these waters without legal counsel. Although Mr. Seligmann was the third attorney that I contacted, I could tell from our initial phone call that Mr. Seligmann was the right attorney for me. He took time to listen and explain what my options were. This was before we ever met face-to-face.

    From our first meeting up until the time the case was settled (in my favor, by the way!), Paul kept me notified of any motions or responses that were required. He was extremely responsive to me both via phone or email correspondence. The written materials were prepared expeditiously and with little need for corrections.

    I attended two court hearings with Mr. Seligmann. It was quite evident from the proceedings that Paul had prepared and rehearsed his arguments. On both occasions the hearings went smoothly and in our favor. Paul knows the law extremely well. He made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable setting (court)

    While many attorneys cannot guarantee what the court may decide, Mr. Seligmann made it very clear to me what the pros and cons of each decision were. His guidance along the way helped me make well informed and logical decisions. Paul provided clarity to the situation I was dealing with.
    Working with Paul Seligmann was a great experience. He is thoughtful, professional, confident, knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with child support, family law and divorce cases.

    Thank you, Paul!

  • Paul Seligmann Referral

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Karen

    There is nothing to say about Paul that is anything less than exceptional. I work in the legal field and it was easy to recognize Paul's abilities, skills, and knowledge of what was needed for me to achieve my needs. He is meticulous, objective, thorough and extremely thoughtful. Thanks to his wonderful and meticulous efforts, my kitties are both home with me safe, sound and very happy!

  • Compelled to Win

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eric

    Paul is completely full service, and was probably the most valuable decision i made in the months before and after the seperation. I sought him out based on personal reference. Paul immediately turned the tide. It went from the opposing party bullying me to one where things were able to be drawn to a close, avoiding trial which my Ex was pushing for.

    At no time was I surprised by a bill or an action. Paul is amazing in simplifying arguments to what matters and giving the courts needed insight. There was a previous review on here about his gravitas in and out of the courtroom. It is not to be underestimated.

    Reading his reviews, you'll see some trends and consistencies that are still relevant. some examples:
    - set and elegantly executed a powerful strategy.
    - collaboration on important documents is invaluable.
    - Acts appropriately for the situation. Can be aggressive when needed.
    - his negotiating skills top notch,
    - Is informative and objective, will not act without your being informed.
    - Was able to delegate tasks to me to save money

    The above are all true, and you'll read them again and again. What i haven't seen mentioned in his reviews is one of his most effective weapons - coaching clients through the roughest times of their lives.

    From writing letters, to what to disclose, to laser precise feedback in posture, tone, and wording, i came away with far better skills when dealing with adversarial people. He trained me to put more of my head and less of my heart in situations that cause powerful, emotional reactions in everyone, but can literally cost a person their estate if they do.

    Not just basic guidelines, but *every* facet of interaction. I watch acquaintances and friends go through divorces- even amicable ones, and make so many costly mistakes that i was personally trained not to make. That my ex didn't have this training literally let her bolster our cause.

    Although expensive, Paul is worth every dime. I would recommend in a heart-beat.

  • Excellent Attorney - Highly Recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by S.Dean

    Paul has been my family law attorney for the past 7 years, he handled my divorce for me and has handled all the post divorce issues that have come up since then. He is great at keeping me informed of all that is going on legally, he pays attention to detail, incredibly thorough, he was upfront and honest with me in every aspect. Paul is articulate in court and in all the documents he helps prepare. He would always walk me thru the pros and the cons of the situation i was in and would help me come up with the best cost effective course of action to handle the situation. He would listen to me and respect my opinion if it differed from his, but most importantly, i felt he always put the needs of my kids first and what was in their best interest.

  • Rating of Paul Seligmann

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    Paul is an amazing lawyer. He is extremely knowledgeable of the law. He is very detail oriented and thinks thru the case and the issues making sure the legal strategies and tactics are sound. He takes the time to understand the clients story, issues, etc. He goes out of his way to explain the legal aspects of the case and have the client understand the issues before decisions are made. Paul has excellent writing skills in preparing briefs. He is also very skilled at trial presenting our case while blunting the other side's case. Paul is the best i have dealt with and would unhesitatingly use him again.

  • Loved by his clients, feared by his adversaries.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Paul was recommended to me by my estate attorney to help me handle my divorce. It was a new and complex process with a large number of assets, a family business, and children involved. Paul helped me navigate it every step of the way and I was extremely happy with the results. Paul’s personal advice throughout the process was very helpful, and his legal advice was always sound. Over the past few years, I have called on Paul more than once to help me with continuing family law issues, and he has never let me down.

    Paul is personable and friendly, and I was impressed by how warmly he was greeted by judges and commissioners in the hallways of the King County Courthouse. Opposing counsel also greets Paul warmly, but with the kind of respect that indicates that they maintain a healthy fear of him. They know who he is, they know how competent he is, and they know that if they make a mistake that Paul won’t miss it. He’s the kind of attorney you hate to see sitting on the other side of the table.

    I am also impressed by Paul’s ethics. In my business dealings, I’ve encountered more than a few of the types of attorneys for whom “lawyer jokes” are made famous. Paul, however, is not one of them. He never has to bluff or play dirty to get a good result. He understands the law well enough that he doesn’t need tricks to excel at his job.

    In summary, I have no hesitation recommending Paul Seligmann to anyone who needs a competent, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and responsive attorney. If he’s on your side of the table, you should be happy. If he’s on the other side, you should be concerned.