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Jay Herman Krulewitch

Jay Krulewitch’s reviews

     4.0 stars 3 total

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  • Outstanding Work

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andy

    Jay Krulewitch is an outstanding attorney. He has represented me three times. Mr. Krulewitch has handled two criminal defense cases and one case involving a late family member’s injury from an auto accident. All three legal matters were difficult and complicated. The two criminal defense cases were part of domestic disputes and required a great deal of careful attention. Mr. Krulewitch interacted with the parties involved in a professional and sensitive manner. In one instance, Mr. Krulewitch needed to be in contact with my family law attorney and communicated well whenever coordination was necessary. His interaction with law enforcement and the court demonstrated that he is highly skilled. All cases were handled efficiently, effectively and brought to a completely satisfactory conclusion. He has done the best possible job each time I have hired him. It is evident that Mr. Krulewitch cares genuinely about his client’s welfare.

  • Satisfied Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kim

    Jay Krulewitch in my opinion is an exceptional Attorney. I was referred to Jay by a friend who was represented by Jay in a major Civil Case in which the outcome was highly successful.
    Not only has he handled my case expeditely and professionally, but another family member has been represented by him and been handled in a similar consistent manner as well. Jay is very thorough in his investigation and research techniques, always taking into consideration of the cost effectiveness, I found Jay to work with and practice the highest standards of efficiency and ethics, yielding the highest settlement and positive outcome.

    I have reccomended my friends and associates to Jay Krulewitch in highest confidence.

    Some comments:
    > Knowledgable in Multidiciplines, no rock is left unturned!

  • Mixed Results

    2.0 stars

    Posted by John

    This attorney left me with the impression he was either taking on too heavy a case load or he was not terribly good with time management. He always seemed distracted and unorganized. Meetings at his office frequently seemed like he needed a refresher about the case from day one (on the clock of course) My case dragged when it might have gone much faster. Events related to the case also happened and further complicated the matter and necessitated still further legal expense to address them. Had the case been handled efficiently it might have gone to court swiftly before these complications had time to occur. After I ran up a hefty bill (in my estimation largely due to his inefficiencies) he declared he would not even file my case until the bill had been substantially paid to date. In fairness, he may be well intentioned but don't expect too much bang for your buck.

    Jay Herman Krulewitch’s response: “It is unfortunate that this person did not provide enough identifying information about his criminal matter for me to properly respond to his review and his criticisms. In response, I am very sorry that this person was unhappy with my services on his criminal defense matter. I wish that he had taken the time to talk to me about his concerns so I could have addressed them with him in a forthright, professional manner. While I endeavor to do my very best on each case, it is extremely difficult to please each and every criminal defense client. There are many factors which impinge or effect on how successful the attorney may be in handling a particular criminal matter. But, in fairness, I have been representing clients on a broad array of criminal cases for almost twenty five years, including charges ranging from misdemeanor charges, such as shoplifting charges, DV Assault charges, and Driving While Suspended charges, up to and including serious felony cases, such as drug charges, burglary charges, robbery charges, malicious mischief charges, felony assault charges (often called aggravated assault charges), homicide charges, and even three strike cases. In felony cases, the client is often facing severe consequences or penalties if they are convicted of the charge or charges in their particular case. Over the course of my legal career, I have successfully handled over several hundred criminal cases. In each case, I have tried to provide the very best representation to each and every client, attending to their matter with skill, savvy, compassion, and dignity. Even with misdemeanor cases, where the penalties are typically less than on felony cases, I view the case as important to me because it is important to the client. I believe that each and every criminal case should be handled with the utmost care, concern, and skill that I can muster for the client and their situation. On each and every criminal case that I am hired on, it is my professional goal to achieve the very best possible result!”