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Alison Jean Warden

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  • the best money i ever spent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by pete

    I am very happy with the way Alison represents me in court. She fights hard for me in court everytime. I couldn't buy that kind of dedication and expertize if I wanted to. I am curently Alisons client and being represented by her in juvenile court. I'm going to my 2nd trial and I could not be happier,to have her on my side. I have had many lawyers representing me in courts,all over washinghton, but I never felt the need or desire to give them any credit for doing their job. I had good lawyers and I had bad lawyers, but all of them did what someone does when they just doing their job. Alison on the other hand has stayed after work hours, just to make sure that her client would have a best defense I could hope for. I'm impresed with Alison also because I'm not a easy client to have, some would even say that I'm trying to subotage my case. Alison maintained proffesional condact during times when I needed the most. My lawyer Alison Warden has not tryed to judge or make me feel bad for desisions I made during my trial and hearings, she gives me honest and thoughtfull advises that u could only expect from a close friend or a $500/hour lawyer. I'm in the middle of my trial,so I say what is and what was. I would absolutely recomend Alison Warden for anybody who has ever felt like their previous lawyers did not give them enough time, experience,and were just "doing their job". Alison, thank u for treating me like a person and not a case#, thank u for hard work, proffesional service-with a humane treatment and especially for not judging and never loosing your cool in the courtroom. That's all for now, but the fight in the court isn't over, I'm just glad I have a honest and knowladjable lawyer on my side. Thanks Alison. Your client Pete.