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Glen Allen St. Louis

Family Attorney at Kirkland, WA

5.0   22 reviews

also known as Glen St.Louis, Glen St. Louis

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About Glen

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Practice areas
  1. Family
    Family law includes dissolution (divorce) & Legal Separation, property settlements, custody issues, intra-state jurisdiction issues, adoption, and trials, including but not limited to civil unions, same-sex relationships, domestic partnerships,

    23 years

  2. Criminal defense
    Defending those charged with a crime.

    20 years

  3. International law
    Hague Convention Issues pertaining to family law and international jurisdiction disputes

    25 years

Licensed for 26 years
State WA
Status Active
Acquired 1999
Updated 01/31/2023
State CA
Status Inactive
Acquired 1996
Updated 12/04/2022

We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

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Law Office of Glen St Louis
9203 NE 142nd St
Kirkland, WA, 98034


5.0 / 5.0
  22 customer reviews
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Posted by Ma | July 25, 2022
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
A happy mother
My divorce in King County Superior Court is finally done and I am thankful to my attorney, Glen St.Louis as he managed to get me a parenting plan that protected my daughter and got me a lot more in property settlement proceeds than I ever could have imagined. Mr. St.Louis is a very cerebral long term planner, yet he was very tenacious when he had to be, and knows how to think outside of the box. I’m a mom with a daughter that is nearly a teen-ager and had no experience with the family law courts or the way the system works. Mr. St.Louis explained it every step of the way. I had all sorts of nasty and false accusations toward me, and Mr. St.Louis knew how to disarm the untruths and lies. He was very thorough and thoughtful and knows how to deal with challenges. He understands human behavior which is a big plus in dealing with family law issues. He could almost predict every one of my husbands or his lawyer’s dirty tricks and was always prepared for them. My former husband was a pain in the caboose nearly the entire case and threw three different attorneys at me, and each time they threw a curve ball at Mr. St.Louis he treated it as a form of exercise and never got thrown off his game. It didn’t matter what pitch they threw, he knew how to hit it right back at them with more zing and spin. Mr. St.Louis ”responds” rather than “reacts” to things and does not let his buttons get pushed. He’s calm and has a sense of humor which helps. It was apparent at each step in my case (including at hearings and mediation) that he was at least two steps ahead of my husband’s attorneys in knowing what had to be done to place the advantages in my favor. He did not charge me for every meeting and phone call like other attorneys do and for that I am thankful. Mr. St.Louis is talented and disciplined lawyer. If I needed an attorney ever again, he will be the one I want on my team. I enthusiastically recommend him. You will be served well. One Happy Mother
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Posted by Vance | July 22, 2022
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
I am forever grateful to Glen!! Thank you!
I make this well earned referral for my former attorney, Glen St.Louis and his law firm in my divorce. They obtained for me 50% time with my son and daughter. The fact that I do not have to pay child support is also a plus because I do financially provide for my kids, but the BIG thing for me is that I get to be a highly involved father with my children; something I was unsure of two years ago. Glen worked very hard, tirelessly and intelligently in representing me and turning around a situation for me. He gave me great advice and was always probing to come up with the best result he could get for me. He charged a reasonable rate and worked with me to be sure I’d weather the litigation storm. He knoew how to lean into the negative things and turn them positive. Glen is a planner and he and his staff were very helpful in guiding me with tips on how not to shoot myself in the foot which is easy to do in emotional situation like family law. He gave me tips on how to get along with my estranged spouse and to try to turn things positive in raising our children together. He’d politely challenge me on my thinking, and I learned a lot about myself in how I dealt with things. When I adjusted my attitude, my spouse seemed to notice and her attitude toward everything changed and it helped big time in getting a great parenting plan for our kids. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of understanding the human behavior aspect of divorce and feeling like you are losing your family, and all the fear it causes. Glen did much to give me a different perspective, and yet still stood up for me against my ex wife and her law firm with politeness, professionalism and determination. His law firm is interested in what is best for children and he does not play bulls*hit in that regard. He may be a little demanding of his clients, but it is because the law firm actually cares about children and doing the right thing to be sure that the client turns out to be the best parent they can be. I’ve never had a law firm before that goes the extra lengths. I could not be any more happy than I am right now to be a big part of my children’s lives. I highly recommend the services of attorney Glen St.Louis, and his law firm for any family law related legal matters a person may be experiencing. If I ever need help again, Glen St.Louis will be the attorney I turn to. Signed; A Very Happy Father 2022
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Posted by anonymous | February 4, 2022
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
A Very Happy Father
I’m the father of two girls and hired Glen St. Louis of The Law Office of Glen St.Louis to represent me during a difficult divorce to protect my girls and myself from a mother, and now former wife, who had a history or alcohol abuse and domestic violence toward not only me, but also hitting and beating one of our girls heads into the hard floor and also twisting their arms when I was at work. She would do this when she got drunk. My former wife tried to turn the facts on their head by claiming it was me who was the alcoholic and abuser. This was very upsetting, but Mr. St. Louis told me to stay calm and we worked together in developing the case and establishing the evidence to support my case against my former wife’s lies. And he managed to that that caused my former wife to finally have to undergo abuse and alcohol treatment. I surely hope it helps her so she can get on the good side of our daughter’s again. I was very impressed with Mr. St. Louis’s professionalism, and his keen sense of knowing what the other side was up to almost every step of the way. He had my ex read to the T and ultimately could convince the court to see through her false allegations about me. I had to go into court at least 4 or 5 times and every time Mr. St. Louis prevailed for me. Over the course of the nearly my year long case, my former wife threw several different attorneys and experts at me, as if that was going to change anything, and each time, Mr. St. Louis took the appropriate steps to dial in the appropriate responses and strategy. Mr. St. Louis told me I should treat this like a football game and while having a plan, always make sure I make the adjustments to the offensive and defense plays that are thrown at you. Even after the dissolution. Mr. St. Louis would be available to answer questions and help me sort out difficulties with my former wife when she caused problems; and he would not charge me for those extra services. He was financially very reasonable and did not spend money to spend money. I always knew what I was billed for and he gave me plenty of breaks. He is very conscientious about his work and how expensive having an attorney is for people. He really cares about children having a stable environment and avoiding craziness with the other parent. He knew how to focus in on the truth and getting to the facts through depositions that showed the mother was still not getting the help she needed or the about the lies she would tell at trial. I would highly recommend Glen St. Louis for anyone who has a family law divorce or dispute involving children. Signed, “ A very Happy Father.”
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Posted by anonymous | July 11, 2020
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Glen got my son back.
I’m a mother who almost got screwed by an unethical attorney and my former boyfriend last year as I was mourning the loss of a child. I was living in eastern Washington and my ex-boyfriend and his mother went into court in Everett to take my other son from me while I was in the hospital taking care of arrangements. When I went to get help no one wanted to help me because the attorney was from a big law firm. I found Mr. St. Louis by an accident and referral and when I was in an emergency, he met with me on a weeknight for 6 hours and charged me for one hour because I was totally broke at that point. He and his staff put a lot of time into my case and talked with others, organized and got all my witnesses together and gathered information on the other side of the state to show the Judge that my son was better off with me. Glen is like the Energizer Bunny when getting something done. Mr. St.Louis got my son back for me in about two weeks and my ex got a big lecture from the Judge for and doing what he did in trying to destroy the mother-child bond. My exes attorney then quit and then my ex went and got another one. I guess he did not get the message the first time. But then when my ex then threatened me with taking the child again, Mr. St. Louis put a stop to it and my ex could not see our son except through supervised visitation. That was round II and you would think the ex would get it. But he didn’t. It took about a year to get the case done and I was very happy with the result and even got attorney fees with interest. Mr. St. Louis’s legal fees were very reasonable. So, I have high regard for Mr. St. Louis’s knowledge of the law and his skill and ability and most of all his energy and dedication to my case even though I did not have a whole lot of money. He did not give up on me. I’m a very grateful mother and very highly recommend the legal services and skill of Glen St. Louis and his firm. Happy Mother from Spokane
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Posted by Dan | July 7, 2020
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Glenn did awesome job.
I highly recommend the legal services of attorney Glen St.Louis and his staff. I was very pleased and impressed from start to finish in how Glen St.Louis thought through my case, implemented and executed a plan and could make changes on a dime if circumstances changed without losing a step. I hired Glen St.Louis based on the recommendation of a colleague who hired Glen the year before and was very very pleased. In my case, when my wife learned I was going to file for divorce, she ran off and hid my son from me going to hotel to hotel, city to city, and state to state until Glen corralled her in California and then got her shipped back to the Snohomish County Jail in Washington while getting my son returned to my care. Glen was diligent, hardworking and thoughtful and wise in helping me. Almost every time I had an idea he would listen and then suggest an alternative I never would have thought of to make my case better. He returned my calls promptly to help me find my son. He was right on it and usually responded to me within hours. It took time and several visits to the Courthouse, but Glen was professional, prepared and understood the evidence and nuances of the law that no laymen would ever understand. He understood my case inside and out and his attention to detail and his memory of the very confusing facts in court were impressive. His memory was like a trap. He’d cut through the confusion and simplify relevant facts to the court. He devised a very straightforward plan, explained it to me and how it would work and be executed. It gave me hope and confidence when I almost had none. At a time I feared I would never ever see my son again. Glen and his staff worked with law enforcement and media in 2 states and forced the mother out into the open where she got caught. His knowledge of Washington and California law was a big plus . Glen did not shy away from difficulty. He did not fill me with false hope, but explained a plan in detail that gave me confidence and it worked!! He knew it was going to be costly and was up front about it, and tried to lay out the costs and fees clearly. He worked with me on the finances and gave me breaks on his time and did not nickel and dime me for every conversation or email like other attorneys I’ve hired. I got my son back and I was awarded nearly $17,000 in attorney fees; plus my ex wife has to post a $20,000 cash bond to even be in the same room with our son again. Glen St.Louis did everything possible to be sure my now former wife will not engage in any more shenanigans. If you have a complicated family law problem, I’d highly recommend you meet with Glen St.Louis before or even after you speak with anyone else. Glen St.Louis saved my family life and my son and I am eternally grateful. Dan L, a Fortunate Father.
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Posted by Darren | November 11, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
A huge win for my daughter and I
I cannot say enough good things about how Glen St.Louis of the Law Office of Glen St.Louis who represented myself and my 4 year old daughter's best interest against a mother who was almost nothing but difficult and misleading every chance she got. Glen took on the difficult challenge with a well thought out strategy so that my daughter is now with me 50% of the time. He's professional in court, and while my ex’s attorney tried to push his buttons, Glen would not bite. He 's very self disciplined. I got the impression the 5 or 6 times we were in court that the Judges and Commissioners respected his presence, preparedness, professionalism, and command of the law. He knew my case backward and forward and was never stumped by the Court's questions, or even the other attorney's attacks. He knew how to use the other side's arguments against them. A couple times he made the other attorney look like a ghost when he was done. An impressive and talented lawyer. I highly recommend his office for family law and other needs and representation. A very Happy Father!
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Posted by anonymous | May 13, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Great Attorney
A little over a year ago, I hired Glen St.Louis in Kirkland as my attorney in a complicated intrastate family law and parenting and divorce case in Washington and Tennessee. I was so thankful I hired him. The reason I am writing now is because after we completed the case and I recently picked up my file from him that I could reflect on what a truly great attorney he was. He knew what he was doing to address my needs in the case even though I mucked it up. He was referred to me by another attorney who saw me get my butt kicked in court and told me Glen St.Louis was "the Marine" and "lawyer" for me. The attorney who referred me to Glen St.Louis to represent me was so right on the spot. My wife was represented by the big name family law firm M-I, and I was intimidated and overwhelmed. I made some mistakes and really dug myself a hole before I hired Mr. St.Louis. I had no idea how I was going to get out of the situation I created, but Glen did. He sat down with me over two long sessions and after reviewing documents and asked a lot of questions and got a full background. He came up with several strategies that eventually undid the mess I got myself into with only one court hearing. He worked hard on my case and he worked intelligently and with firmness, civility, humility and care and doing what was right for my children. His rates were very reasonable considering what other law firms I talked to charged. He gave me tips on being a better parent and not being a victim of what the larger law firm was trying to do. Glen St.Louis focused on keeping the emotion out of the case and being sure I kept my emotion out of it which is one of the biggest things I learned. We settled the case at mediation and I got a great parenting plan and much better than what the court originally ordered. Glen seems to have a knack for understanding and predicting human behavior and then applying the law in the best interest of my children and the client's needs. While I hope to never have to hire another attorney, if I do, I will have no hesitation to hire his law firm again. Glen St.Louis is the greatest. Semper Fi, by a Happy Trucker Father.
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Posted by anonymous | February 13, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
One Of The 'Good Ones'
I was referred to Glen St.Louis over a difficult custody situation I was having with my ex-girlfriend who got involved with another guy and was refusing to let me see our daughter and then letting her boyfriend interfere. This was a very emotional issue for me and I was making mistakes trying to represent myself until Glen was referred to me. Until I got Glen I felt like I was being walked all over and being taken advantage of by the mother and her attorney. I was very pleased with how Glen got things under control without making things worse. One thing he did that was very helpful was to sit down with me several times and got me to see another perspective and how to deal with things so I was not pulled into the "emotional gamesmanship" my ex and her lawyer were trying to play. Glen taught me techniques to diffuse situations so I would not shoot myself in the foot and how to lessen the conflict while building a program so I could spend more time with my daughter. I was very pleased at how his technique worked and I was very pleased to see how he got the conflict reduced and more parenting time for me. His knowledge of the law and skill in mediation and court took on the big fancy Seattle and Bellevue law firm my ex hired to cause problems. Glen got me placed on an equal playing field to give me a good chance at sharing parenting. Eventually I got most of what I wanted, including not having to pay back child support for almost 5 years the mother was claiming that I did not think I owed. I got a pretty good parenting schedule and joint decision-making and vacations with my daughter, etc. I have learned when you have a family law problem you definitely need an attorney because this stuff gets pretty complicated. But when you have a family law problem that is difficult and emotionally trying, I would highly recommend Glen St.Louis, He is wise, hard-working and knows how to put your best case forward while dealing with the weaknesses of your case and making them appear to be strengths. While my case is now done if I ever need help again, I know where I am going to at the first hint of a problem -- Glen St.Louis. I highly recommend Glen St.Louis 'Happy Father Steven'
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Posted by JudyJo | March 10, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Mr. St. Louis will get the job done!
I had a 34 yr. marriage that came to an abrupt separation in early 2014. I tried to handle the divorce myself, but it became overwhelming after a several months. My advise, Don't even try. Then, I was fortunately led to Glen who took my case over and handled everything from then on. It all worked out fabulously and I got everything I wanted and more....including Life Time Maintenance, which isn't always successful. I am so appreciative of all the hard work he did on my case. And his fees are much more reasonable than most Attorneys. I am so much happier now and have Glen St. Louis to thank. Be sure to call him first! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
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Posted by anonymous | August 15, 2014
Glen is a Godsend!
I just got done with what I thought was going to be a costly nightmare of a legal case against me by a former boyfriend in a paternity case (he isn't the paternal father) who was angry and trying to hold on to me at all costs, so I hired Glen St.Louis as my attorney to put a stop to it and represent me. The result he got for me in was amazing and creative and cost me only about $750 in attorney fees. He developed and executed a strategy to get the guy off my back with honesty, integrity and intelligence. He saw exactly what the guy was doing, and had a good understanding of human behavior. If I ever have another legal problem Glen St.Louis would be the first attorney I'd go to for help. His fees were very reasonable and he was very thoughtful and creative and I highly recommend him. I'm a really happy Mother. Thank you Glen for all of your help!
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Posted by anonymous | March 3, 2014
divorce/ family lawyer
I'm the mother of a 3 1/2 year old little boy who went through a divorce this last year. Glen St.Louis was my attorney and I was very grateful and impressed at how he and his staff guided and represented me through the process step by step from beginning to end. I was very pleased with his services, his knowledge of the law, and his insight into human behavior. He coached me into how not to get caught in traps set by both of my former husband's attorneys. He spent almost two hours explaining every aspect of parenting plans and child support before going into court so I could understand why it was I was requesting something and so I could make well informed choices about mine, and my son's future. He is every strategic and tactical, and while planning a strategy is very good at thinking off the cuff to re-adjust the strategy when he has too.. The first time I went to court with Mr. St.Louis for temporary orders of support, parenting plan, spousal maintenance, attorney fees and other matters, Mr. St.Louis was very talented at showing my situation and maximizing my position to the Court. He shut the other attorney down with politeness, courtesy, knowledge of the law and the facts of my case. He was firm in his arguments and did not back down or flinch by the silly and false accusations my husband's attorney was making to try to get custody. He actually made the other attorney look a little silly in her approach. Mr. St.Louis did exceptionally well and my now former husband then fired his first attorney. As the case progressed with my (ex) husband's second attorney, Mr. St.Louis was steady, adept and creative with how to handle them too - a law firm known for representing just men.. He did not allow things to get out of hand or inflamed the situation. He knows what to argue about and what to not fight about. He likes to say "never miss an opportunity to be quiet." Mr. St.Louis was very knowledgable about selecting a mediator for our case. When the case was over, Mr. St.Louis spent 90 minutes with me going over every document and how to obey and understand it so I would not have any future problem. I am very grateful for that extra effort. He also gave me discounts on his legal bill. Several months later after my case ended, when I had some questions. Mr. St.Louis sat down with me again and did not even charge me!! His tips on parenting and how to deal with my husband were extremely helpful. He obtained for me $1,000 in monthly spousal maintenance from a nearly a 9 year marriage and $57% of the pension and other property values, as well as very good child support. While I hope I never have to hire another divorce lawyer, if I have to, I will immediately try to hire Mr. St.Louis and his staff for their services. . He is intelligent, hard-working, thoughtful, courteous and confident. His staff was well organized and thoughtful. While I don't know a lot of other attorneys, I could see how other attorneys treated and spoke to him at court and the respect they had for him. I have no hesitation in recommending his services. I am a very satisfied client and mother.
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Posted by Michael | February 28, 2014
Great Lawyer
Glen St.Louis has been my attorney since June 2013 in a child custody modification action. He was referred to me by another attorney. We just completed the case. I am very impressed with his skills and how he looked out for my interests, explained everything clearly, and didn’t waste time or money. He was thoughtful, realistic and transparent with me and followed through on everything he said he could do. He is very highly qualified and obviously put a lot of thought into my case. He advised me very well. And while he made a very good impression in Court, his skills go outside the courtroom to develop a good human and evidentiary strategy and reach out into the community to find the experts and witnesses needed to put together a solid case for his client. I would hire him again if I needed to. His fees were very reasonable.
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Posted by Jodi | September 12, 2013
Look No Farther! The BEST Legal Services are Here!
This is a recommendation in the highest regard for the legal services of attorney Mr. Glen St.Louis and his fine staff who tirelessly worked for me for almost 2 years with a very difficult ex-husband in a divorce case. Mr. St.Louis and his staff were outstanding. This is the second time I have used the services of Mr. St.Louis as he represented me in an earlier civil case around 8 years ago which also ended very favorably for me. We just recently completed the trial in my recent divorce case in Snohomish County, and Mr. St.Louis was talented, skilled and thoughtful in building a case that got a very good parenting plan, the best one for our children; obtained a property distribution for me that allowed me to keep my house and all of my retirement, plus an additional $10,000 on top of that! Mr. St.Louis was very well prepared and organized for court and made a presentation to the Judge that she appreciated and respected. My ex decided to settle the case on the first day of trial when Mr. St.Louis displayed the trial skills to slowly dismantle my ex’s case to shreds, not giving him an inch. By the time Mr. St.Louis was done, my ex was hanging his head in disbelief and despair. Mr. St.Louis handled all aspects of my divorce in a highly competent, professional and skilled manner. In court he has great attitude and smoothness with no hesitation with his lines of attack. His low key panache and command of the law and facts display his confidence and strength. Mr. St.Louis is very good at reading people and was aggressive only when needed, as to not increase the tension in my situation. My ex's attorney withdrew from the case when she discovered that Mr. St.Louis was representing me. His fees were reasonable and he even gave me a $1,000 discount at the end of trial in order to help provide a smooth economic transition for myself. I highly recommend Mr. St.Louis and his staff with no hesitation for the highest quality legal services.
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Posted by tevonne64 | August 10, 2013
Family Law-very knowledgable Thank you!
Last year I hired Kirkland attorney Glen St. Louis after my husband and his attorney got me to sign divorce papers saying that I would receive a 35k judgment on "distribution of property" in a divorce if I have up a claim for spousal maintenance. My husband had agreed to take all the credit card debt which accumulated over 17 years of marriage. after I signed the documents, I decided it was still best that I see an attorney to review what I thought was a good deal. I was shocked when Mr. St. Louis explained that it appeared my husband had tricked me into a "35K Judgment" because it was clear from all the paperwork and debt that he took, that my husband was going to declare bankruptcy when the divorce was final to get out of the credit card debt and to get out of paying the 35K judgment. Mr. St Louis also explained to me that it was practically impossible to pull my ex-husband into court for contempt of property distribution award because he explained the family law did not allow that. In other words I was about ready to lose everything I thought I was getting in the divorce, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. My ex-husband later admitted to me that this was indeed his intentions. I had to spend over 5K to Mr. St. Louis to get out of the agreement, and with hard work and ingenuity, Mr. St. Louis got everything tossed out of court and forced a settlement on my husband and his attorney in my favor to re-structure my 35K bankrupt able property award into spousal maintenance, plus attorney fees. I could not have been happier. My regret was that I did not consult with an attorney before I got myself into the problem, but I was very very happy and satisfied that Mr. St. Louis got the agreement thrown out and a whole new settlement that my ex-husband could not discharge himself out of in bankruptcy. He now has to pay me court ordered spousal maintenance until the total sum of 35K is paid in full. Mr. St. Louis is very good in court and knows how to weave the facts and tell the story of a client's case into the process of the law to the court and best represent the client very well in court. I now receive monthly installment of spousal maintenance I never would have received without Mr. St Louis help. I got the additional small bonus justice was done and my ex-husband is very angry with what Mr. St. Louis accomplished for me. I would hire Mr. St. Louis in an instant if I ever needed legal services. I highly recommend his skills and talent to anyone with family law problems.
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Posted by Fred | August 5, 2013
And God Sent Glen....
I think Glen St.Louis is the best, most responsible, creative and thoughtful attorney I have ever hired. He represented me in my King County parentage action where the mother had been very difficult for years and made many false allegations toward me and my wife of everything from sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse and anything she could think of in order to keep me away from my son. Mr. St.Louis worked very hard on my case for almost a year in a modification that finally resulted in 2013 of me being awarded custody of my son. Mr. St.Louis demonstrated through his highly organized talent of putting together and presenting evidence in court, knowledge of rules and law that every one of the mother’s accusations against me were false. Mr. St.Louis is a master as strategy in complex family law cases. He is not a quitter and worked very hard and smart for me and my child. Mr. St.Louis followed up on all his work and went beyond what I expected of an attorney. He won attorney fees awards against the mother and was very agile at dealing with the mother’s attorney in court. He was even available on some weekends to work with me because of my work schedule. Mr. St.Louis brought 5 or 6 motions in court over the year of the court case, on everything ranging from motions for adequate cause, motions for temporary orders, to contempt motions, to appointment of evaluating psychologists and trial continuances, and Mr. St. Louis won every motion in my favor that he brought. He practically embarrassed the other attorney because he was very well organized and made very good oral arguments. He also won for me attorney fees and costs on the motions. At one motion for compelling a psychological evaluation of the mother 45 days before trial, the Judge first was shaking his head “no” at the beginning of the argument , and it didn’t look good, but by the end of Mr. St.Louis’s argument , the Judge was shaking his head “yes” and we won the motion and the mother was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation. That psychological evaluation of the mother was the key to putting the final ding in the mother’s case and Mr. St.Louis was practically a genius for his timing, and his knowledge to win the motion right before trial. That motion and psychological evaluation of the mother eventually resulted in me getting custody of my son. I want to say that now that my son is with me, he is happy, thriving and has a stable home. Had it not been for Mr. St.Louis’s hard work, skill, presence in court, and knowledge, I would not have my son living with me today. I highly recommend Mr. Glen St.Louis as a selection for a family law attorney. In court he has presence and the Judges do listen to what he has to say.
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Posted by Ronnie | July 22, 2013
the best I ever have!!
  I hired family law attorney Glen St.Louis to represent me as a petitioner in a protection order hearing early in 2013 based on a recommendation of a friend.   I was very pleased with Mr St.Louis’s representation and his command of the facts and law in my case.  I’m a single mother of two young children from another country and had been harassed by several people who were friends of my former live-in boyfriend who is an attorney.  One of his friends kept telling me to “go back where you came from” and following me around.   I was very scared to go to court because I feared I would not be treated fairly (she was a therapist). Mr. St.Louis did an excellent job of presenting the facts and law to the Court to show I was being harassed and to make the link to my former live-in boyfriend and his friend who made the comments directed to annoy, embarass and humiliate me.  The Court found the comments by the woman to me to be “racist” and “unacceptable in Seattle” and gave me a protection order and attorney fees against this perso.  The Court complimented and agreed with Mr. St.Louis’s thoughtful analysis  to show the racism and discrimination toward me.  Mr. St.Louis gave me hope in a legal system where I’m a minority.  He was excellent in thinking on his feet to the Court’s questions and had a very good command of family law and discrimination law to show what happened to me was not to be tolerated.  He's very professional in and out of court.  His legal fee and cost was very reasonable and less expensive than other attorneys I talked with for advice.  I'd use Mr. St.Louis’s legal services again in a minute for any kind of a discrimination or family law matter.  He's an excellent attorney.
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Posted by anonymous | July 18, 2013
Mr. St Louis is a great attorney.
Glen St.Louis was my attorney from March 2011 until completion of trial a year ago in mid-summer 2012. He is one of the hardest, smartest working attorneys in court that I have ever hired. I trust his legal judgment without question. Before I hired Mr. St.Louis, I had lost my 19 month old son due to incompetence from a prior attorney, and another attorney making a misrepresentation in court. I spoke with 22 other attorneys to get my baby back before hiring Mr.St.Louis. Mr.St.Louis was the only attorney that gave me advice that was different than everyone else, and it was very creative, insightful and ultimately it allowed me to get my baby back. That was because he really studied the case and learned it from front to back The divorce process with my husband was very high conflict. I was misdiagnosed with psychological illnesses and my baby was taken from me though he was doing fine with me and had never had any psychological issues in my life. Mr. St.Louis reviewed all the professional reports and record of over 400 court filings and he brought a very good “motion to vacate” the first case, and won on 9 out of 10 reasons before the Chief Family Court Judge. He totally destroyed the parenting evaluator and psychologists reasons for taking my baby. He exposed how the corrupt recommendation happened and how the system made a big mistake. And got the facts and law wrong. The Judge agreed and I got my baby back after nearly a year separation from me. The Judge found Mr. St.Louis very well organized and in command of the facts and the law. The Judge agreed with Mr. St.Louis and wrote a 10 page opinion to withstand any appeal. Mr.St.Louis completely shut down the other experienced law firm in court. Then we had to go to trial six months later after he won the motion to vacate, and at trial he and fellow attorney, Stuart Brown, did a brilliant trial job of dismantling my husband’s, parenting evaluator and psychologist case all over again over a three week trial. Mr. St.Louis had over 535 exhibits prepared and all of them, except one, were admitted into evidence. He is very masterful with evidence rules in court and a natural at cross examination. Twice the Judge changed her rulings against my attorney on an evidence rule, after Mr. St.Louis politely educated her to the cases and the law. He knows how to catch people in their lies and destroy their credibility. Mr. St.Louis and Mr. Brown at trial were so prepared that we did not have to put on one witness because they completely destroyed and shut down my husband and his expert’s case. Eight witnesses against me and eight witnesses destroyed on the witness stand by my lawyer, repeatedly caught in lies and prejudice (I am from a foreign country) that gave me hope for justice when I had almost lost all hope. When my husband got done putting on his case, he wanted to settle and gave me permanent custody. That is how good Mr. St.Louis was at trial. He won by destroying the other sides case before it even got started. I still have my little boy, and I am in the process of suiting the psychologist and parenting evaluator for malpractice and negligence for all the economic and psychological damage it caused me and my son. I will always be grateful to both Mr. St.Louis for the preparation work and his expertise at trial. He is brilliant and a great personality in court. I highly recommend him.
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Posted by Dave | June 4, 2013
Excellent Counsel
Glen helped me with my visitation issue. He was aggressive when he needed to be. Kept me informed but also didnt fill me with false hope. He's straight forward, tells you what to expect good or bad. He also worked with me on payment. I can't begin to describe how that helped me since at the time I was unemployed. He definetely thinks out of the box. On all matters. Thanks Glen.
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Posted by Monte L. Wolff II | October 1, 2010
Glen StLouis
Glen is a very intelligent lawyer. He is a straight shooter and very honest. He has the ability to see 5 moves ahead, like a master chessman. I appreciate his candor and his integrity. You will not find a better lawyer in the courtroom. My opposition in my legal issue has been through 3 attorneys in 12 months. Glen is respectful but his knowledge of the law, and his ability to read people is intimidating to fellow attorneys. He is a moral man, he is a good person. He has helped me through the most frustrating time in my life. Glen is a consummate professional, my father was an attorney for many years, so I have known quite a few. Glen is hands down the best man I have ever had good fortune to deal with. His knowledge and his honesty are beyond reproach. You will not be disappointed should you find yourself needing legal representation.
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Posted by Jill and Jim | October 1, 2010
Review of Glen St. Louis
We would highly recommend Mr. St. Louis. In our opinion, he is an excellent attorney and has given us good advice. He uses very sound strategy, and our position in this case has improved tremendously since he began managing it. He is knowledeable about the law, works well with others in the family law field (GAL's, etc.) and has shown us to be a person of integrety.
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  • University of California - Berkeley
  • LL.M - Master of Laws
  • 1996
  • University of Oregon
  • BS - Bachelor of Science
  • 1985


  • Washington Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
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  • 2002 - Present
  • Washington State Bar Association
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  • 1999 - Present
  • State Bar of California
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  • 1996 - Present
  • King County Bar Association
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  • 2010 - 2011
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  • Pro Bono Service Commendation
  • Washington State Bar Association
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  • Pro Bono Service Commendation
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • 2009
  • Pro Bono Pubilco Service Award
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • 2008
  • Labor Law Writing Competition
  • Detroit College of Law
  • 1993
  • American Jurisprudence Scholar Evidence
  • American Jurisprudence
  • 1992
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  • Washington Supervised Visitation Network
  • Parenting Plans in Complex Cases
  • 2010

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Family Attorney | Jul 19
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer. Glen is a strong advocate for his clients with a sharp legal mind. He is creative when drafting settlements that fit the unique situations of the clients which is needed in the area of family law. I enjoy working with him as opposing cousnel as he works hard to advocate for his client AND reach a solution so that both parents can move forward in the best interest of their children."
Family Attorney | Oct 05
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I have known attorney Glen St.Louis for about ten years, having heard of his reputation before actually meeting him. His reputation is that of an aggressive strategically-thinking trial lawyer. Since then I have referred trusted friends and family members to him. He is as good as his reputation. That, plus he's pretty interesting."
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Kirkland Family Lawyer Glen Allen St. Louis
Glen Allen St. Louis
Family Attorney
Kirkland, WA
Licensed for 26 years